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Poems On / About FRIEND  7/25/2016 4:54:09 AM
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we are friends
friends we are
friends forever
forever friends
friend without a car

friends who laugh
friends who cry
friends who dont have to try

i am your friend
you are my friend
my friends you friend
your friends my friend
we are all friends

friends who share
friends who play
friends who tell you, you can stay

you trust friends
friends trust you
you show friends
friends show you
the friend who are true
brittany yard

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Cards Played By Friendship

friends are angels that come from above, sent by God for one to love, so when you are lonely and sad, remember i'll be there for you.

Friends are like stars.up in the sky, they shine bright, but you dont see them, but know they are there for you.

The heart of a friend is like a book, it depends on how one reads it, look in and discover.for one can be a true friend forever.

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place you can call home, a friend is precious, honest and kind.can you be such a friend?

Sweet fruits nice to eat, sweet words easy to say, sweet friend hard to find, it's a miracle to find a true friend.
vender leny

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Friends are someone that can help you when your stuck.
Friends are somebody that sticks up for you and doesn't let you down.
Their your not your friends if they call you namesand make fun of you.
You should be able to believe in your friends and mainly trust your friends.You can talk to your friends if you don't know who to talk to when your upset or really mad and that's what friends are for. If I didn't have any friends to talk to or to hang out with i'd be really really down in the dumps. Good thing I do have friends.

Kayla Nace

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True Vs. Best Friends

A true friend is a person you can tell everything to; a best friend is a person that has different friends then you and leaves you out

A true friend is a person that while talking to his/her other friends and they are talking to you too and you say something and you seem sad they will ignore the other people an dlisten to you; A best friend is a person that you can talk to but they will ignore you for other people.

A true friend is a person that when your around them you feel like sisters/brothers; A best friend is a person that when your around them you don't feel comfortable.

PLZ answer this question trufully... Are we true friends or best friends?
Kelsey Sescila

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