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My Friends

my friend is my life
my friend is my drama
my friend is my compeny (sp?)
But one day my friends laeve me
with another friends
but i think the she laeve me but she didn' t leave
she was only was meeting a nother friends
But in the end she away be my friends
my friend is my lov
A friend is here to make your feel batter
A realy friend tell away the trust and away be happy
not matter what happen a friend away is the for you
every boby away have a friend ever is you mun
trust friends for live :) we away have a good friend in the world

lov Angle of Death
angle death

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Friends.What are friends?
Friends are people you care about.
Friends are people you say hello to each day.
Friends are people you stand up for.

You laugh with friends.
You talk to friends.
You walk with friends.
You help your friends.

Friends are friends
whether they are fat, short, skinny, tall,
black, white, asian, arabian,
christian, jewish, islamic, or atheist.

Friends are beautiful.
Friends are in your memories.
Friends are important, so be nice to them
because they're the only ones you'll ever get.
Stephanie Wade

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A True Friend

A true friend is always there for you
no matter what is going on they are always get there 1st
they care about what goes on in your life
they are always there for you even if you lie or hurt them
a true friend doesn't mind talking all night
ven when they have to get up early
a true friend tells you what the right thing to do is
they are like your family not like your friends
your friends come and go
however it may seem as if they will be with you forever
but only true friends stay with you through the good and bad
you can tell secrets to a true friend and know people will not find out there are so many things what a true friend does
these are just some out of lots that a true friend is
so is your best friend a friend or a true friend?

Just felt to make a poem about what true friends are and what they should do. Big thanks for Heather Hall for always being there for me for 7 years now, and doing what true friends do. <3 12-28-09
Rebekah Russell

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Best Friends Forever

If when a friends love to show thanks, to be there when not needed, to be there in need when need is needed, when love is surrendered to thy self, a friend you have, with thy friend and thy to thee loving a friend will be for ever more your friend, with all the love may you my brother may you my sister
Robin Johnson

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