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Poems On / About FRIEND  10/19/2014 11:26:06 PM
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Best friends :)

Friends never tear apart
friends are like heart to heart
Friends always trend
But they always lend you a hand
Friends are thoughful
friends are TRUSTFUL
Friends never lie
sometimes they try
friends take you here to there
friends take you everywhere
friends stick together
friends make you better
but best friends care more about you
just like i do
we best friends love and share
we best friends care
we always make the game fair
so we all can care
i love my best friends
because we always trend
but mine are more
but i only have four
but i love them all
the same way they love the mall
I love my best friends
when i need a hand
My bestiees are important to me
i will never let my best friends leave
Mariah McCartney

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Friends are to play

Friends are good

Friends are helpful

Friends we can trust

Why we have friends
karen padilla

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River (Millie)

Flowing through my life like a river,
you provide that tranquility,
the ever constant path and rhythm.
You are all I could of asked for.

A friend I care for,
a friend I can't love more,
a friend so bright,
a friend sparkling my night.

A friend always there,
a friend who is always fair,
a friend who I respect,
a friend better than all the rest.

A friend I admire,
a friend who I can't tire,
I friend who I trust,
a friend which has no lust.

A friend who will last,
a friend who you can't cast,
a friend who is a treasure,
a friend forever for sure.

As I will try to keep you,
supporting you as I can,
standing by your side in decisions,
trusting you with my eyes closed.
Javier Falcon

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to readers that donno the meaning of true friends

i saw a girl sitting on the stair,
i walked near her to see her,
i saw her crying alone there,
so i asked what happened?
she said she wants to know the meaning of
true friends.....
i dont know whether i can help her or not,
but i try my best to help,
i started my speech....

friends will not talk bad abt u,
friends will not betray you,
friends will not lie to you,
friends will not encourage you to do bad thing
frends will not hate you
friends will not envy of you,
friends will always believe in you,
friends will always give u a good advise,
friends will alwaus support u in a right way,
true friends will not let you go easily
true friends will not go easily too,
true friends are like your own sister n mother,
true friends are hard to find....
tell your true friends your feeling towords them,
tell you friends whether u like their attitude or not,
if they get angry, they are not your true friends.....
winn teoh

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