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A friend is a mother who belives in you
A friend is father whos strict with you
A friend is teacher who teaches you
A friend is son who loves you
A friend is someone who never leaves you lonely
A friend is faith which you have in love
A friend is love which makes you feel better
A friend is joke which makes you smile
A friend is a mirror which makes you see 'you' in 'you'
A friend is a tear who cares for you
A friend can also give tear
but that tear will later shine in your happiness
a friend is himself a tear
Which appears in both happiness and fear
A friend tells you something you don't know
A friend is a angel
A message of GOD! ! ! ! !
Aditi Yadav

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A Friend

... You want to know who I am? ....
I am a friend of yours back
In those shrinking days in your.....
A friend who looked black but was white
A friend who didn't fear the ridiculous eyes of the world he never really loved
A friend who was of the moldering leaves of neglected shrubs
A friend who suffered a pleasant comrade deceit but for trust
A friend who thirsts for happiness
A friend who loves the soft flow of musical notes more than men
A friend whose heart still pumps the acidic past
A friend who reminisces those days of back stabbing and soul piercing laughter
A friend you made happy-sad
A friend whose happiness faded away with time just as beauty rusts with age
A friend who came to see farther beyond your masked smiles
A friend who suffered the potent arrow of your provincial clandestine
A friend....
...... Yes that is me - William the poet.
Kobik William

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Best Friends

Best Friends Should be there for you,
Best Friends should care for you,
Best Friends should hold you when you cry,
Best Friends should be there when somene dies.

Best Friends shouldn't try to control your life,
Best Friends shouldn't try to get you into strife.
Best Friends shouldn't tease you about someone you like,
Best Friends shoudn't try to steal your bike.

Best Friends are the ones you trust,
Don't say a person is your Best Friend if they blow that trust.
Get to know the person first,
Then begin to trust.

This is dedicated to all the people out there that have had the secrets their dreams blown because of your so called friend.
I know how you feel.
You can Trust Me! !
Sav Wilde

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Your Friend

You feel the World's against you and your cross heavy to bear
And of future hopes of happiness you do live in despair
But your true friends will stand by you when hope from your life seems gone
And they will do the best they can to help you to keep keeping on,
Acquaintances are many but friends precious and rare
And when you are in trouble your true friends will be there
For to help you through your hard times on them you can depend
You cannot choose your family but you can choose your friend
Your friend accepts you for who you are and you will never judge
And if you have a falling out your friend won't bear a grudge
And the fall out will not last long you will make up again
True friendship survive many trials your friend as your friend remain
Until the reaper on your life will have the final say
Your friend will always be your friend and as your friend will stay.
Francis Duggan

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