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Poems On / About FRIEND  11/25/2015 2:18:25 PM
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A True Friend

A Loyal friend is hard to find in this world full of betrayers

A Good friend is easy to hurt when you get the best of them

A Real friend is hard to keep cause of the intentional pain you cause them

A Loyal friend would stand by your side when the whole world turns against you

A Good friend would never turn away from you no matter what you do

A Real friend would tear down the walls of fears you built with your all of tears

A Memory Lasts Forever Never Does it Die
True Friends Stay Together and Never Say Goodbye
Tala Mando

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My Friends

My friends are like my sibling.
My friends are like my second family
My friends are all ways beside me.
My friends trust me and i trust them
My friends are what i have in life
My friends are my life
My friends mean everything to me
fahad khan

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The moment you became my friend a touch a heart a lie inside me has changed. No mata what we said nothing wil come between our friendship, well at times lots of stuff did come between us most of it was my fault the moment we left school u became distant out of my life having ur own friends and me mine. Stories i was told by many cunts about my friend that i love so much but none went to heart. I met a girl that took my life and i thought she wil always be there 4 me. How wrong i was to think such a lie she only took me away from my true friend about a month ago you walkd me to the shop and opend your self towards me for the first time, i did knw what u were about to tell me but never wantd to believe until u tell me face to face, how glad i am u did and even though u think i come visit u so often is because of that girl. Which in away is true but not the true reason thanks to that girl im free again even if i lost her last night i still thank her alot for helping me upon the path, and now i have my true friend back truelly this is the best year of my life, i met great peopple and learned bout peopple who u presume they are, then find out they are the exact opposite. In this year i found love in my self 4 a girl that i lost and stil adore! You knw who u are! And just having fun with u my friend brings back all the great times we did have, life is hard 4 u i know but u wil get past this everything hapens 4 a reason
i just want to say thankyou for being here! !
Love u even if it sounds gay ur my best buddy no mata what
Romano Van Der Walt

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Friends Forever

friend are friends forever
if they never leave each other
friends are friends forever
if they stick up for one another
so if friends are friends forever
then why aren't we together?
Kayla Ruiz

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