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Best Friend

Best Friend known each other for for a very long time
Best Friend our bond is sweet soft like a wind chime
Best Friend swinging in the park early till late
Best Friend we were meant to be this is our fate
Best Friend hang out together after school
Best Friend now to the end this is so cool

dedicated to my best friend who i have known for a long time
hope you read this poem our bond will shine shine shine!
sassan cowan

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A True Friend

A Loyal friend is hard to find in this world full of betrayers

A Good friend is easy to hurt when you get the best of them

A Real friend is hard to keep cause of the intentional pain you cause them

A Loyal friend would stand by your side when the whole world turns against you

A Good friend would never turn away from you no matter what you do

A Real friend would tear down the walls of fears you built with your all of tears

A Memory Lasts Forever Never Does it Die
True Friends Stay Together and Never Say Goodbye
Tala Mando

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My Friends

My friends are like my sibling.
My friends are like my second family
My friends are all ways beside me.
My friends trust me and i trust them
My friends are what i have in life
My friends are my life
My friends mean everything to me
fahad khan

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Friends Are Friends

True freinds are the ones
That you can run too when you have tears running down you checks and cut's all over your wrists..
the true friends are the one that tell you thatsit's stupid and then tell you to stop..
and hopfully if that friend is a true friend she will listen and now know why her best friend has ran to her for her help and thought's
and hopfully that friend will listen to what she has to tell her whats happening in this world we call Earth
she's dieing in the atmosphere she is living in..
and that s why best friends.
Renee Zehnder

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Poems On / About FRIEND