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Friends, Not Friends

A friend will be a friend
comfort is comfort
borders don't exist
lines don't have to be drawn
lines were never drawn
lines were only placed

A friend will be a friend
Love is love
and feelings don't lie
lines come from the lies
creating borders to hide secrets

A kiss will be a kiss
magnified by a feeling
torn down by a lie
behind a line
over the border

Desensitizes Sensitivity
Raising relationship Toxicity
A kiss will be a kiss
A friend will be a friend
A girl will be a girl

A girl will be your friend
whether or not you kiss
Electric Tripp

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A Friend

A friend is there to call upon
A friend is there for the good and the bad
A friend is there for a shoulder to cry on
A friend there for the new place in your heart, And your heart belongs to that friend
Because that friend becomes your rock, Your everything
You would do anything for that friend.

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Consensus in me

No I am not alone
I have3 good friends
With me
1 good friend is me
The other very good friend
also is me
And the third
Is a great friend
and as well is me

Physiological me
Is my friend
As it keeps me
Relevant to me
at the earth

Spiritual me
Is my friend
And it keeps me
Irrelevant to me
to concentrate at the mission
Not me

And the third
the great friend
Is a conscious of me
The concerns of 2 in me
To consent me
In fully.
sallam yassin

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friend is someone who is my dear,
A friend is someone who dry my tear,
whom I trust without any fear,
To give me the comfort she's always there,
she touches my heart and see mee near,
A friend is a lover and sweet as pear,
Friendship is an unbreakable band,
the one with whom I share is a friend,
she is the one who falls in my heart,
and save from unhappiness act as a guard,
It is hard to find a true friend,
Who begin with us and live till end,
friendship is a snow easy to make hard to keep,
The relation between friends is very deep,
she tells me the position where to stand,
I love my friend she is my good right hand,
kaneez fatima

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