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Friends Are Like...

Friends are like butterflies, hard to catch, but easy to lose.
Friends are like dogs, loyal companions, but hard to choose.
Friends are like birds, they'll be with you until the end.
A friend is a friend.
B.M. Gidde

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A Friend

This is how I feel about true friends. Feel free to send this to the friends you feel the same way about.
A friend is someone whom you feel like you've known forever, no matter how long you really have known them.
A friend is someone whom you don't remember what your life was like without them, before you knew them.
A friend is someone whom you don't know how you could ever live without.
Aimee Nell

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I Love You

Remember all the things I said. The things that made you cry and made you want me more. What’s wrong? when I tell you that I love you, you look at me and laugh. I ask you what’s so funny and you ask me that why do I have to lie to you. That I don’t feel anything for you. You tell me your friends say to never trust someone like me, but why do you want to go through something like that? We’ve been together for a long time, are you going away just for what your friends think. think about the day when your heart got broken in two who was there to help you. If your friends really cared they would of been there but no I was there cuz we were best friends and you meant the world to me. If not think about when u were down u could of counted on me cuz your friends were never there. And know your going to choose the people that weren’t there and aren’t there for you instead of choosing the one person that always seem to be there. Whatever is your choice I just want you to know that I love you and that no one or nothing will make me stop loving you! ! ! !
olga hernandez

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Wounded Man

I am not a desolate man..nor a lonely man..I am not also a sea port.. where no ships land and shelter..I am not a lighthouse..isolated and left solitary near the sea bare sea rocks..I have enough number of friends...whose value I knew or have not known..forg otten or not forgetten...I have also a spouse...I found in my late years of life..I am just a wounded man...sometimes by you...sometimes by your words..or sometimes by spades or pick axes...at first...a needle had past through my tiny fingers...I do not remember when....when I was just beginning to walk...my sister told me once.... trying to give a sewing machine a caress...Then when I was attending to my boarding school...a pick axe fell on my feet... when we were hunting the locusts in the garden....with my new friends.....years later then...glass pı erced my wrist and lips....I lay in the infirmary for weeks....skipping my lessons...in fact I am not so naughty...just eager to see....be a friend be...just a wounded man...when ı retired as an old grown up man.... I was very stunned...break my left hip bone...falling on a pavement stone....I am not a man alone...when my friends lefty this boring world....one by one....I regret....being alive...living blind and lame...not knowing...where I am going...and destined to....That is what I am....I am not a man desolate and solitary....I am just a tired man...and wounded deeply...mostly the words wound me....especially the words of my friends and special ones hurt me...injure me...deeply and sadly....I) ha ve not chosen this life of mine....what a pity...I will leave it one day some day....wounded and feeling a bit guilty...
Metin Sahin

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