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A Friend

A friend is there to call upon
A friend is there for the good and the bad
A friend is there for a shoulder to cry on
A friend there for the new place in your heart, And your heart belongs to that friend
Because that friend becomes your rock, Your everything
You would do anything for that friend.

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Friends Hard to come by
They leave you
They come right back
Those are real friends
We fly like a flock
We buzz like bee`s
Friends are fleas they dont leave
Real friends are hard to come by
Treat every friend like family
Love, Life
Live, Life
Good friends Love friends
Aynton Clemmons

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Friends are always there for you
In happy moments and sad moments too
You can play and run all day
But be careful on what you say

Friends can hurt others too
They can leave you and that is true
Some friends are not always there for you
But others may be open to you

Friends, friends, I wish I had
'Cause my old friends were so bad
Although I still have good and kind friends
Because they're still here until the end
Geneen Alyssa Meyers

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Friends are great,
friends are cool,
friends remind you if you're late.
friends are there,
when you're sad,
they're even there,
when you're glad.
friends are forgiving,
friends are sweet,
do you have a friend,
that you can keep.
Marvina Stedge

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