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Poems On / About FRIEND  2/13/2016 6:52:06 AM
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Live In Peace

I am your friend not your foe
Friends play together at heart
Foes play apart in minds
Friends are foes pending
Foes are friends in liability.

Never love a friend like foes
Mind the foes as friends
Play the fool but never be a fool
Friends minds is at free will
As fire and water so there are.

Nature friend no foes
The spirits know no bound in foes
The friend never cease in life
Life inhabit foes and friends
If you got one either live in peace.
kingsley femi

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Helping Others.....

I wish I were different so you would recognize me....Just to see who I really am would amaze you....I'm not the laid back guy....Im not just another guy who wants you for your body or for your money....I want friends.... I want you all to trust me and love me for who I am.....Weather your guy or girl, find it in you to show how much you appritiate me.....Not just me but everyone in your life.....Everyone gets sad......Everyone gets down on themselves....I do...If you are a true friend you are there for them.... You push to find out whats wrong...... Don't let things slide, love and care for everyone friend or foe.....And show that love don't be scared or afraid....Because you know what is right....And people will know and care for you because you do the right thing.....Its hard to help someone when you aren't ok yourself.....Ask for help....Find the courage to make it ok....I get sad.....Ive needed help.....Ive needed someone like you...Someone to just listen to what I say to make it this far just listening....You are an amazing person.....Your one of a kind......There are friends for you......There are people who love you...People like me.......People that live to care for other people........
Justin Darner

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Friend Ship

Friend ship is a great thing to have
When you're in trouble
Call on a friend
When you have friend ship
You always have a friend
Friend ship is wonderful
Friend ship is amazing
Friend ship is being a pal
Right back at your friend
Kathryn Thompson

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True Friends

True friends are like diamonds, special but rare
False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere
True friends are always there to help you out
False Friends will put you in trouble without a doubt
True friend are real they will tell you how it is
False friends are gone as fast as you money is
All around me I have true friends,
No false ones to keep me down
Tell me do you have true friends
Page Davis

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