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With out a Friend

With out of friend
Is like having no mind and soul
With out a friend
life feels to short
With out a friend
you fell empty inside
With out a friend
you wont feel the love
When you fall you don't have
that friend to catch you
With out him
I'm nothing
With out his faith
faith means nothing
With out his love
Love doesn't mean nothing
With out his Friendship
What is Friendship
With out a friend
A friend is with out him
Kathy Azanon

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Best Friend

Best Friend known each other for for a very long time
Best Friend our bond is sweet soft like a wind chime
Best Friend swinging in the park early till late
Best Friend we were meant to be this is our fate
Best Friend hang out together after school
Best Friend now to the end this is so cool

dedicated to my best friend who i have known for a long time
hope you read this poem our bond will shine shine shine!
sassan cowan

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Your Side

I know that am not the easiest person to love
I am the kind of person who complicates things

Yet you are there
You chose to right by my side
Just on my side

Am easily dicouraged
Often shy
I always see the cruelness of the world
I worry too much
Yet you are still there
Just on my side

Everyone needs a friend
A friend to care for
A friend to hold on to

Friends are there to protect you from the cold
Friends serve as the shoulder to cry on
Sometimes nobody cares about you
But there is always a friend
With you till the end
A friend
That is
Just on your side
Karima Puzon

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My friend the chauffeur

My friend,
hes a chauffeur.

He drives his family around,

He dosent like his new job,
hes not meant to be a chauffeur.

My friend,
hes a chauffeur.

Hes a driver for his family,
my friend the chauffeur

He hates his new job,
it makes him sleepy

my friend the chauffeur,
He dosent talk to me much anymore,

My friend the chauffeur,
I miss him.

My friend,
hes a chauffeur

My friend,
he is gone
Jess Terry

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