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Poems On / About FUNNY  7/24/2016 11:15:45 PM
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Consideration (Thought)

Its funny how people always tend to trip over there own feet.
Its funny how they can run into a sign, while walking down a street.
Its funny how putting mentos in your friends cola makes it foam.
Its funny how on Halloween you can go and T.P. someone's home.
Its funny how people jump when someone yells 'SURPRISE! '.
Its funny how many truths are backed upon lies.

There are a lot of 'funny' things people can do, but i bet they aren't as funny when people do them to you.

Care about others.
Think before you do.
And you will find out life,
will be much more fun, and enjoyable for you.
Poet of the River

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The Glue-Mer Of Being Famous....Issue Four....

why i have

to be funny? ?

stay funny? ? ?

wake up ((and i lack 3 hours of sleep)) funny? ?

meet with dad people socking death damped into earth alife...funny? ?

be funny and ((i have to write down some plans)) .....and stay awake funny? ? ...

Fact (ucked instead of act) ......I do not like to be famous....
Leave me alone....
Atef Ayadi

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It's Funny, Isn'T It?

It's funny how those who have sworn to protect us are the ones getting us killed.

It's funny how those who we would take a bullet for are too often the ones holding the gun.

It's funny how family blood has no meaning anymore, the only blood that matters is the blood on your hands.

It's funny how many have choose to end their own lives then live to see another day, and all because someone didn't like the way they looked.

It's funny, isn't it?
Liliana lopez

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It's funny how you said you loved me, then you left me for someone else.
It's funny how you would talk to me as often as possible, and now you completely ignore me.
It's Funny how whenever I was with you I always felt like I was special, But now I feel like a fool for wasting my time on you.
It's funny how I believed all your lies...

But the truth is it's not funny at all.

Tabatta Nunes

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Poems On / About FUNNY