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Poems On / About FUTURE  7/12/2014 12:13:29 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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In a future day

In a future day everything will be stoped.
Storm-broken branches of Nut trees, Blackberry tree's branches;
The letter written on the green leaf of beautiful forest …
Everything will be lost.

Golden sun shine, gentle south breeze in the month of September
Everything will be aside without love like a blank pot….
Favorite flute's sound will be stopped in a future day.

The mind of a young girl like a green leaf,
Unnatural air will flood on the body in blocked room in a future day.

Everything will be stopped in a future day ….

Gentle breeze of winter, happiness a festival,
The rainy like sadness of your absence,
Everything will be stopped.

Ink of my pen will be dried for long unused in a blocked room.

In a future day….

Full day will stay unused in my eye's front….
Ugly tooth of a Ghost like a workless day!
Knitted brows of the demon-laziness!
As an sharp sting of a high tempered mind!
Everything will be stopped in a future day…
Fear will capture mind by looking throne of a Rose
Blood color will be fed!
Face to face protest like a storm for the injustice,
In a future day it comes without protest like a rose petal.
Storm in the blood will be stopped in a future day!

In a future day!
Tapas Karmaker

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Answer Me That

just so,
just beyond
the shadow.

I saw it-
a single sprite-

Running quickly
I can just glimpse
it rounding
the enclosement
to break out
and be gone
to Futurement
from me here Now-

gone away
from my pursuit
Me to Me
and my meager light
in this Now..

Always the chase
always the escape
always the Sprite
hauls away to the Future
never being captured
in this,
the Now.

How my nourishment-
my Future be
if I am starved of it
in my current Now?

How born
is Dread
in this Now
because of this?

I cannot be
or become the Future Tense
if I have no Now.

Also, I can have no Future
if I had not been born.

My past then
is essential
to both my Future and
my Now-
all these
seem to be in the Mix.

Somebody tell me this:
If I am
or feel like nobody Now
how can there be a Future me?

Answer me that.

If I am severed from my past
how can there be my Now
or my Future state?

More pointedly
it becomes clear,
at least to me,
I have to borrow from my Future
to sooth my Now's despair
and to placate
my Past
which harbors sorrows there.
And if I can borrow from my future
then it must too be there.
So said Einstein.


I have answered me that.
Lonnie Hicks

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My Rights Go Hand In Hand with My Responsibilities

My rights go hand in hand with my responsibilities
My rights to having a perfect childhood
My responsibility to being a good child
A brighter and an excellent way to my adulthood
As a child it is not acceptable to be wild
My rights go hand in hand with my responsibilities
This is marvelous for my future
This is good for my future.

My rights go hand in hand with my responsibilities
My rights to quality education
My responsibility to study
A brighter future for our generation
This can be achieved by everybody
If we let our rights go hand in hand with our responsibilities
This is superb for our future
This is good for our future.

***The Book Of Hope
Young Church

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The Future Is Dark

Hear the voices
They call
Every instinct
To defend

Must resist
But cant for long
Toying with fate
Ice replaces blood

Trying to save
One that wants
to hurt
I know the future
It’s dark

Want to warn
but cant
Silent agony
Always mocking

Is one life worth another?
To kill to save?
To save the defenseless
that won’t be saved

If the future
was set in stone
it would be

But the future
can be changed
There are bands
of Diamond

Stone can be carved
But the cost
Too much

The dark future
Cold Obsidian
The Diamond bands

Were they imagined?
A hopeful fantasy?

The dark future
Timothy Kashorek

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