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Poems On / About FUTURE  2/10/2016 12:42:04 AM
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I Met My Future

I met my future;

stared in his face once upon a time.

kindred spirit of sorts

drawn to the music from his lips, moth to flame

the depth of his soul ripped mine apart

everytime he turned to me

flowered warm fuzzy vapours in the pit of my stomach

I beheld the face of my future

gray colours flavoured to dark shades of red

His intensity awakened longings,

and his inquisitive nature mine

But my future rejected me

I met my future one moment in time

And he left me there, encased in the freezer of endless


and there I remain, no longer certain of my future
Anitah Muwanguzi

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In The Heart Of Darkness

In the darkest tunnels of darkness I see an image that reflects brilliant Rays like those of the pretty sun when it Rises in the pretty and clear morning anytime, That image is as great as the the pretty light Itself and from behind it I see a pretty dawn breaking Beautifully bringing all that is good and pretty to myself, I feel good because a new thing is going to come like hidden Things appear suddenly from behind pretty passing clouds, Anything might come anytime to tell about a pretty thing Bringing a new future to a dead land or a waste land anytime, Any future things come surprisingly with pretty things because We're waiting for a brilliant light to light a dark tunnel of life, A pretty candle can light the heart of darkness of a dead heart and Can restore life to a heart that needed something to refresh it, Though the dark tunnel of life is too long, but a pretty light can Show the right way in it instead of taking zigzag ways here and there In life we look for pretty things to spice our life with pretty Flavors to make it prettier and better anytime and anywhere, so In the heart of darkness we find ourselves looking for any light Just to see the invisible which we lost for some time.

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I Understand

I understood

I understood, I never denied, I thought deeply about, worked on, worked on the future as if it was with in grasp, I saw it pass my mind shifting my reasoning, it came like a fierce wind, blew away my thoughts, I understood, never denied, it came like a fierce wind blew me away but I stood like never before for I understood, never denied I was greater than it was, thought deeply about, worked on, worked on the future until it was in grasp of hand. This time it never blew me away for I understood what it did not understand, now I stand firm
Thandolwethu Ntshintshi

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Never Fear The Past By Bo-Edward Lawrence

'Never fear the future because the future will always change,
always fear the past because your past will never change. ' -Bo-Edward Lawrence
Bo Edward Lawrence

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Poems On / About FUTURE