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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/25/2015 2:13:05 AM
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Our Painful Sufferings

We feel painfully about Those pretty people who left their houses And everything behind them aimlessly... Those people's painful sufferings are ours Simply because they mean What they mean to us anytime... We feel painfully about All those who passed away without Finding their loved ones... Life tortures us with its painful pins And that adds more pains over our sufferings... Our sufferings are painful Simply because they are true and real anytime... Those who left for the unknown Are now residing anywhere and everywhere Including on the sidewalks... No solutions will be in the near future Simply because the ugly conspirators and Arm-dealers are working behind the curtains For more and more plots... Our painful sufferings are legitimate and They have real backgrounds in our life... We will wait until pretty solutions are Going to be the future's road maps to all sufferings... _______________________________________________________________________

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Circumtances And Hard Time ?????? ? ????? ??????

We never ever blame ourselves Because we're weaker than anything else, By blaming ourselves, It means we're guilty or arrogant, Everyone has circumstances in life, but That does not mean that he or she Is overburdened with loads of life's weights Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, The blame-game is working to individuals, To nations, and to everything else, Circumstances are clear everywhere, but Sometimes are exaggerated by anyone, A circumstance is a stumbling-block to Anyone or to anything anytime, We can not go forward with circumstances Because they hinder our future and our progress and Because they make us overburdened with hard time And with a lot disturbances in life, We must be stronger than our circumstances Because if we kneel down to them, It means that we will stay weaker and backward In looking for a brilliant future, Life is great and worthy to be lived by us If we we overcome all these bad circumstances In life, Circumstances are the worst because they are The real hard time we see in our life, so Our life will be better without these ugly Circumstances because they're behind our hard time.

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These Ugly Wars

Arms-dealers and all those bad people Are behind every war globally Simply because this is their ugly job, Ugly wars lead to ruins Anywhere and everywhere, People have not learned from Previous wars because They forgot their miseries and Theirs pains they caused to our humanity, Pretty countries have turned into Destroyed and devastated countries, A lot of people have died for no pretty reasons Simply because of sick minds that caused these ugly wars, Wars are ugly fields for testing All kinds of banned weapons, All ugly wars lead to permanent miseries and to Big losses on all levels, Hopes fade away with these ugly wars Simply because they carry ugly futures to humanity, At wars, all losers are losers and All winners are the biggest losers Simply because wars wipe that pretty image of Any hope or any future... These are the ugly wars and their ugly consequences Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. ______________________________________________________________________

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Let's Run Off Together

Come on, grab my hand, and we will leave this hell hole, don't let go, hold on tight, i won't let you fall, kiss me, let me know your ready to do this, with me, give me a sign to know your ready, i'll be there waiting for you, no matter how long you take, i'll walk a great distance to see your face, your my better half, let's make love, let's have children, let's get married, let's spend our life together, i wish i could hear these words from my future true love, let's run away baby, show me your real side sweetie, don't be shy, i won't bite, i want to find you, if your not looking for me then i'll look for you, i dream about you day and night, i know your here some where, but godly i must be super blind, i'll know if your the one, the words you will say to me will make my heart beat crazy, i won't give up on you my future love, and once i find you let's run away together, and make history in this world, just you and me baby.
Julietta Isla

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Poems On / About FUTURE