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Poems On / About FUTURE  8/31/2015 8:14:32 AM
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Never Fear The Past By Bo-Edward Lawrence

'Never fear the future because the future will always change,
always fear the past because your past will never change. ' -Bo-Edward Lawrence
Bo Edward Lawrence

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Um Khammas (The Mother Of Khammas) ?? ????

Beauty, admiration, success, Love, folklore, colorful And laser lights operated by Computerized abilities to show The Um Khammas parade in the Heart of Almajaz in Sharjah. With my naked eyes I saw this Pretty parade on the Arabian Gulf. A wonderful parade shows the Greatness of the Gulf heritage And the pretty heritage of The people over there. The Um Khammas shows the past With the pretty present and The benefits for the future. In minutes the pretty parade Abbreviates the pretty past With the pretty present. I saw this wonderful parade Many times and I admired it. They're the pretty people who Loved their past and translated It to us in a pretty parade. If your past is pretty, then Your present is pretty, and Your future will be pretty. At ALMAJAZ everything done Accurately and everyone loved It wonderfully and greatly. Man's greatness can be shown In a pretty parade like this. It's at ALMAJAZ everything Is pretty and everyone is Happy.

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My Pretty Address

Everyone has a pretty address except me because I live in a tent near the remote rocks where I am a Neighbor the poisonous snakes and the ugly scorpions, I don't have a pretty GPS for my place to be located there For I look like the caveman in the stony age, I did not come by my choice or by a pretty trip, but My bad fate led to where I am dwelling now between these Scary places, bad mountains, and the ugly monsters, I am no more as I used to be, but I am a different Creature waiting for everything bad or good to come to me, I am like a piece of stone got cornered by itself Inside an ugly and dark tent near the missing life, I am with no future or what comes after and after future, But I am like anything in nature just still alive, I don't have a pretty hope anymore because this hope Will not come tomorrow with its pretty dawn to me, I am greatly half dead and half alive because I can not Do what I want to do anymore in my pretty and sweet life, I am just waiting for the worst to come to me because Nothing left from the good for me to take from now, and I can only say and with all satisfaction: ' Bye and a Thousand byes to our pretty world and everything in it.'

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Our Painful Sufferings

We feel painfully about Those pretty people who left their houses And everything behind them aimlessly... Those people's painful sufferings are ours Simply because they mean What they mean to us anytime... We feel painfully about All those who passed away without Finding their loved ones... Life tortures us with its painful pins And that adds more pains over our sufferings... Our sufferings are painful Simply because they are true and real anytime... Those who left for the unknown Are now residing anywhere and everywhere Including on the sidewalks... No solutions will be in the near future Simply because the ugly conspirators and Arm-dealers are working behind the curtains For more and more plots... Our painful sufferings are legitimate and They have real backgrounds in our life... We will wait until pretty solutions are Going to be the future's road maps to all sufferings... _______________________________________________________________________

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