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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/4/2016 1:06:53 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Her Past Is My Future

this Goddess well this is how i think, from head to toe, she is mine to please, to tease, to allow my life to be complete but her past is my defeat, its what separates luv and like, a friend and a man, the past can defeat even if u luv her from head to feet, she has a child and her childs father aka babys daddy is that which we flush, a quick way to define a man of such , Am I talkin about one no but many women i have incountered, talked to, conversated with and it makes me sick that a man could luv then walk out on a women with class, stlye and a face and body that would drive a blind man wild, when other brotha out there who don't even get notice but when they do her past become my future too, she my angle, she my boo, her son or daughter are as sweet as the honey dew, a blessin that is too true, so how does a man stand up to another man past, his fault, his lies, i can still see the pain he has caused in her eyes, but all i can do is allow this women past to be my future, and not allow my furture to be her past - one luv jay
thomas johnston

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Pure Wings

pure white wings that sore over the tantid skys he goes on with out stoping thinking of all the things she usto say to him he remembers the times when thay usto lahf and cry an the promis he made to her to never leave her behind he keeps on thinking and thinking about her the imiges of her face keep on thorw his mind never ending he puts his hands on his face to whipe the pure white tears of love he says to himself get out get out of my mind enouf no more the past is the past and the future is the future and now is now out out he dives in to the sea of death plunging holding his breath till he cant no more his eyes close and all he sees now is the tanted skys an the emptyness of his own mind
ri1125 rios

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The Days

The Day’s…. the Day’s are gone back in past, but I wish I could go back in time to the day’s O I wish I could…. I wish I could…. When the day was long and with full dreaming would rest of my life but I know isn’t true and I know that isn’t how this life works. I may try to think that those day still are here full with dreaming of what I would with rest of my life and how I would. But those days are in the past and they aren’t coming. I just have accepted the fact that they not coming back and I now look towards the days to toward coming to me and it is time to act, to think toward the future and not think back in the past. I will step toward the future and look back at the past. it is time to act and to achieve my goal of showing this world what I’m made of.
thomas tromblee

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Can We See The Future Today? [part 1]

Many say it is fairly possible to foresee the future
Others say, probabilities can be computed
Some say, it is all a guessing game
Few say, why bother – what will be, will surely be

From time immemorial, human beings have
wondered what the future has in stock
Many have used various methods to peep into the future
Some of these methods include astrology, oneiromancy,
chiromancy, numerology, geomancy, crystal gazing,
tarot cards, clairvoyance, oracles, necromancy,
I ching, feng shui, rune casting and many more

All these methods are known by several people as
divination, fortune-telling, soothsaying and prophesy

Numerous people today are still using astrology to
predict, foresee and to forecast the future
Based on the time, place and day of birth, astrology can be
used to explore who we are, our potentials and our strengths
How accurate is astrology as a tool to foresee the future?
Some say, it depends on the astrologer

Oneiromancy is another method that has been used
to peep and foresee the future on this earth
Oneiromancy is the use of dreams to interpret the future
The future can sometimes be revealed in dreams
We all remember the dreams Jacob, Joseph, Daniel,
Paul and many more in the Bible
How precise are dreams to foresee the future?
The accuracy of dreams depends on individuals

Some have peeped into the future through chiromancy
otherwise called palmistry, which in simplistic terms – means
the reading of the lines on our right and left palms
The lines on our palms are said to contain secrets
about us from our cradle to our grave
How exact are palm-lines in revealing
our future hopes and potentials
This depends on the professionalism of the palm-reader
[ To Be Continued in Part 2]
Julius Babarinsa

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