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Poems On / About FUTURE  2/14/2016 2:58:41 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Done With You For Now

I wont be there for you when you need some one to love.I wont be there to tell you everything is gonna be okay when things wont.I wont be there to hold your hand, for me to care.I wont be there to shed a tear for you when you are down.You have led my life to destruction.All the stuff I said about you and me in the future will never come to past.If we cant stay together now...Then it will never be in the future...I am sorry I had to leave you...And tell you this..But all the time you have been with me, you have pulled me away from my own life.You have lead my life to dangerous thoughts..And depression..Now its time to let you go...I will always remember you...But as the boy who took me off my tracks.I want to live my life in happiness, and with you in it....That would of never happened.I cant take the restless nights of crying and torching myself over something I have no control of anymore.I am done with you for now.You have turned my life around in the wrong way.I thought I could get something good out of it...But all I got was scars of pain...
aleah nieto

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I lay on the ground letting the wind blow in my face, i lay there thinking about my life, as i think if my life i hear the sound of my heart pounding, a million miles an hour it pounds. the ground shakes and i stand and look im all alone as i am allways. is this a dream that i can't wake up from, trees out in the distance they seem to lead to my future shall i walk the path to my future or should i walk the path to my past and look back or shall i just lay back down and listen slowly and just mayb i can hear ur heart pound too.
weston dugan

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Can We See The Future Today? [part 1]

Many say it is fairly possible to foresee the future
Others say, probabilities can be computed
Some say, it is all a guessing game
Few say, why bother what will be, will surely be

From time immemorial, human beings have
wondered what the future has in stock
Many have used various methods to peep into the future
Some of these methods include astrology, oneiromancy,
chiromancy, numerology, geomancy, crystal gazing,
tarot cards, clairvoyance, oracles, necromancy,
I ching, feng shui, rune casting and many more

All these methods are known by several people as
divination, fortune-telling, soothsaying and prophesy

Numerous people today are still using astrology to
predict, foresee and to forecast the future
Based on the time, place and day of birth, astrology can be
used to explore who we are, our potentials and our strengths
How accurate is astrology as a tool to foresee the future?
Some say, it depends on the astrologer

Oneiromancy is another method that has been used
to peep and foresee the future on this earth
Oneiromancy is the use of dreams to interpret the future
The future can sometimes be revealed in dreams
We all remember the dreams Jacob, Joseph, Daniel,
Paul and many more in the Bible
How precise are dreams to foresee the future?
The accuracy of dreams depends on individuals

Some have peeped into the future through chiromancy
otherwise called palmistry, which in simplistic terms means
the reading of the lines on our right and left palms
The lines on our palms are said to contain secrets
about us from our cradle to our grave
How exact are palm-lines in revealing
our future hopes and potentials
This depends on the professionalism of the palm-reader
[ To Be Continued in Part 2]
Julius Babarinsa

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Only A Cycle Of Doom

I have seen the future
Its only a cycle of doom
It is hard to explain
But simple and plain
I have seen the future
The truth is there for all to see
The truth is one and the same
But only true for those who want to know
I have seen the future
It has always been in this feature
That no empire last forever
Empire fall and new ones rise
I have see the future
The rain is now pouring in
The fload is sweeping across the nation
The umbrella is swept of by the broom
I have seen the future
A transition is near
How are the mighty falling
And babes rising
Cant you see?
Can you feel it?
I have seen the future
The young and old
They sing & dance in the streets
The giant has fallen and the child he stands
I have seen the future
But only for a while joy shall last
Cos even the child wil be corrupt
Even the child by infiltration and wil
Lik T2 bacteriophage infiltration wil corrupt
I have seen the future
Lik T2 bacteriophage infiltration wil...
Integrate into the childs DNA
The child bcoms corrupt lik the fallen
I have seen the future
A corrupt giant is born from the child
Another child wil be born
And the fight starts again
I have seen the future
Lik the matrix
It is only a cycle of DOOM
Ezediuno Louis Odinakaose

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Poems On / About FUTURE