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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/30/2016 3:19:15 PM
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A History Of The Future

Can you see what future's history will be
Is tomorrow something that you can see
What is it that the future can tell
Or is it only what will be is what will be

Is the future's history a mystery
Life extracted from future's distillery
Only time will tell the truth
If what will be will be dismal or glittery

Is there a crystal ball to help see
All that in the future will be
Or is the future hidden to all
Leaving only hope for what will be

Maybe if you strive to think well
If you learn your history well
A bit of tomorrow is no mystery
Maybe futures history you could tell

As Asimov has said about Psychohistory *
If you can know all of yesterday's mystery
As told by his character Hari Seldon
Then tomorrow will be like yesterday's history

Or if you're like a song of tomorrow
And you hope for rainbows with no sorrow
Que Sera, Sera - Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Then from tomorrow you need not borrow

Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be *
Darlene Walsh

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The Future

My eyes can only see now
Immersed together in their blindness
Enveloped by the thin filament of time
Standing between now and later
The mysterious future remains elusive
Concealed by the curtains of time
Keeping future visibility to zero

My eyes yearns for the future
Aroused at the thought of tomorrow
Inspired by the generous clock on the wall
That plough through time with ease
Erasing time in a matter of seconds
Pushing the curtains of time away
Ushering in the future
The future that drops dead in the nick of time
Giving way to the past
In an endless TUG OF WAR

My eyes searches for the future
Within the crevices of time
Layers and layers of seconds removed
Like a needle in a haystack
The future remains elusive
Forever imprisoned by time
In a solitary windowless cell
Called the future
Kenneth Maswabi

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A 13 Years Old Poem

your poem is building a future for itself.
should you be there to celebrate
the future,

your poem future,

or other people's poems future,
is not up to me
or up
to you;

because it
is simply
a future poem.
let it grow and be
the future.

do not stop.

with you or without
your poem can still
flourish and grow.
Atef Ayadi

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Who Knows What The Future Will Bring

Tis said of every individual that they can shape their own destiny
Though others will tell you quite differently and with such thinking would not agree
Who knows what will happen tomorrow who knows what your future will bring
Though at present you feel a bit ordinary and none other your praises do sing.

You may try to shape your own destiny without taking circumstance into account
And you may have great plans for the future and to little that too can amount
To if destiny does not point in that direction your destiny and circumstance
Does play a huge part in your future our gift of life came about by chance.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow you may feel sad and tearful today
Tonight you may win first division tattslotto and you can celebrate in a big way
Or tomorrow for you than today little different with your same set of worries and woes
As Shaw once said 'Life's Not Meant To Be Easy' but such is life one must suppose.

Who knows what the future will bring to you despite what some say it does seem to me
That we cannot look into the future such things are beyond us to see
Those things known as circumstance and destiny a huge part in our lives do play
And these two can make us or break us for in our future they have a big say.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About FUTURE