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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/22/2015 9:41:51 PM
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Future is expectation and imagination
The vision for a better life and nice future
Everyone's concern and real ambition in mind
But the real future might be different
Depends upon the services rendered to society

The best of abilities who spends for self
without hesitation and cause and concern of others
The future will be in bleak and in negatives
Those who will be in danger of forgotten tales
Their existence is no longer a case of concern

Our eye vision is indebted to the light
The real natural light from the mighty sun
Our eye vision is indebted to the moon
Whose glittering and pacifying light important
That makes the mind in good of emotional feeling.

The future is bright those who serves his brother
Those who sacrifices his earnings for society
Those who dedicates his service to the needy
Not whose doors are always shut before the begging bowl

The enlightened visionaries taught the humans
The valuable sermons and counselling but we forgets
The footsteps they passed have much importance
The love and affection they gave we forgets,
The cause of present day anarchy in society.

The future is the end result of the past we passed
So past and present have such a meaning with reason
For the future of this world and also the universe
Let us not forget the nature and environment we inherits.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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A Future So Bright

A future so bright lies before you and I,
one of sincere pride and happiness,
joy and contentment with a bond that is pure love.
You and I always going along fighting
together and for each other side by side.

A future so bright which we have earned
through trial and error learning from all
the experiences we've had both good and bad,
remaining true and loyal in our hearts to each other.
A bright future ahead which we deserve.

A future so bright with you and something
I've hoped and prayed for forever my love.
I've worked hard on improvements to be with my Angel,
to always give you the best and let you
know your truly beautiful and have unequaled meaning.
Eternity with you is true fulfillment.

A future so bright with my true love and Queen,
what more could I ask for my sweet love of true dreams?
You are the light of my life and love that I've prayed for,
I do not want more just the bright future before us.
I love you so much my sweet Angel dove I'm ready
to step through the door and bask in glory
with you in the future so bright eternity holds for us.
Michael P. McParland

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Little One

Little one, little one, I see you there dreaming
What do you see? What do you see within that dream of yours?
Do you see children dying? Pointless bloodshed and infants crying?
Little one, little one what do you see?
Darkness over lands and bodies in the seas?
Hungry people, starving like you and me?

Little one, little one what are you dreaming?
Is it the future and what you'll become?
Oh little one, don't you know, there is no future for you anymore?
Your future is stolen by the choices of man.
Mankind will end with you, there's nothing we could do.
We brought this on ourselves, thinking we were gods and nothing else.

There is no future for you. Oh little one, my heart goes out to you.
Man strived for power, the cost was lives of many; but you're too young to see.
Too young to understand what's the price for greed.
I envy you little one, with that little mind of yours:
always smiling, always cheerful; without a care in the world.
I envy you, with that little mind of yours, too young to comprehend what's going on.
The downward spiral, the tragedies caused by man.
The reason there is no future.

We live in a day where wars wages still and corruption is fed to the people.
We live in a day where love has no meaning and God is no longer welcome.
We live in a day, the Earth is crying out; the reason for all earthquakes and floods.

Oh little one, little one. There is no future for you here.
In the next few years the Lord will return, the Son of God will come.
You will join many of His children for a journey home,
and that little one, your future will begin.
Adam M. Snow

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The Continuum Of Time

If I could gaze into the future what would I see?
Would anyone be left to remember me?
Would there be any part of me that lives on?
Or would every last speck of my existence be gone?

If I could peep into the future, just take a quick look;
would there still be such a thing as the book?
Or would everything be seen on some sort of screen,
computers replacing everything, each book a has been.

If I could spy into the future what would I find?
Would Big Brother be watching over all mankind?
Would the thought police be inside everyone's head,
totally controlling with all freedoms eroded?

If I could glimpse the future, just a flick of the eyes;
would the world be at peace beneath blue skies?
Or would I find nothing had changed on that score
and that parts of the world would be fighting a war?

If I could travel into the future, go forward in time
what sort of transport would I find?
Would there be cars, trains, planes and the bicycle,
or would teleportation have replaced them all?

If we could visit the future, would we want to stay
or would we long to go back to our yesterday?
In the continuum of time we all have our place
and the future we create is in the now of that space.
Jacqueline C Nash

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