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Poems On / About FUTURE  3/5/2015 12:30:32 AM
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In my travels

To this day of brilliant bright lights, I reminisce of all the memories made in my travels warm and cold
I have never written these words scattered across the landscapes of my free hand of sweet verse and prose
In my travels I have paved ways to my future thoughts amiable, like the splendor melody from a sweet old rose
I have seen the future through the power of my free imagination, and a glimpse of my eternity in great fold
Sometimes I sit and wonder if one day I will become a person I dream of in my designs and in my own marvels
My reality born through this very cold experience and the warm future I see, in the shadows of my travels
Sicelo Sithole

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The Future

Afraid I have been
Of all that is unsure
Within wilderness
The future is unsure;
Fertile and deep
I see the future breathe
Into my eyes
I see the future for sure.
Anthony Anaxagorou

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The Important Acquisition

The Vital Acquisition Of The Important Aircraft Had a Story to tell
With Positive Progress Promising as Quicker as It Can
A Great Future Awaits Our Nation
What Equally Matters Is Your Vital Contribution
For Change is the Word
With Development the Futuristic Feature
Your Role is What You have to Ensure
Prolonged But What Matters is the Present
As By The Acquisition A Positive Future is Much Evident
Change Ensures to be the Future Picture
What Equally Needs is Your Participation at this Juncture

rohan bendre

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Future life

Future life
Future life
Who has seen it.

Who has seen it
One's own light
Who has declared a fight.

What is that fight
And what its purpose
That We know not.

It is the present
It is the future
That was in the past.

Certainly you can say
I am not ignorant.
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About FUTURE