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Poems On / About FUTURE  3/4/2015 10:05:15 PM
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Father Of Nature

King of the future
Originator of nature
Why do you have to take your leave?
Making nature an orphan.
Leaving the fools to fun
The caring to grieve
King of future, redeem
Redeem nature, the future
Though that may require eliminating of an animal
The wisest animal.
Gideon Arthur

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My Future

My Future
Hello, my future,

Nice to hear from you again,

Tomorrow, I'll carry my heart home to you,

Our hearts will never be apart again,

My days covered with dark clouds, smothering me with pouring tears,

Will end,

Hello, my future,
Nice to see you today, In the bright sunshine,
So quiet, As I step off the plane,
It feels like the Universe has stopped time,
No one is saying a word,

Kneeling down I touch my Seoul,
Forgetting my memories of being alone.
Ronald Chapman

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This is my life, the only thing that I know
Trying to prepare for my future
Miserable as can be doing all work, being lonely
Even though tomorrow is unsure.

The future looks better and better each day
As the present becomes dimmer and dimmer
I'm hoping my life ends up being worth the wait
Lonely is waiting for the future
Melissa Mary

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They Never Left: Stanza 3

As a teenager
I became unsure
hanging onto the past
grasping the future.
the past was sure-footed,
the future was clumsy
My playground became
the real
where one had to put aside the
encompass the uncertainty
of the future,
facing it
like a man.
gordon francis

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Poems On / About FUTURE