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Poems On / About FUTURE  11/30/2015 4:26:55 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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When Is The Time To Say Goodbye

when is the time to say good bye, to all the love i have known, when is the time to end your pain, n leave all me alone,.i have watched you on your good days when i felt your strength renewed, but shortly after little ups, the down days then ensure..we ride this rollarcoaster of emotions as we try,, to make it through another day and yet i cant deny........that as i look into your face on dayz that hav een bad, i see a look that beckon's me it'stired, and hurtd and sad.....the little spark i used to see, behind those loving eyes, is growing evr clouded by life's cruel inhumane side, i try to see beyond the pain you feel with evary step, and softly whisper in myself that, this may get better yet.if i can bear to watch you, just another day or two,, i justify my reasons to ensure, i cling to you..for letting you go is harder for the person left behind, it means that i'll let you go, i cannot turn back time.back to the days dey long for now, wyou were full of life; and every day held promise, for our future to be clear and bright,...but now the lights are darkening...we take it daily now, i cannot see our future clear, henor think beyond this cloud.I think the harrdest part in this, is never knowing why, i have to be courageous and have to say good bye...for it i let myself admit that itz the time to let you go, i'd have to face the reality without you.....but i know......that soon i hve to face the final outcome that i dreamed, and holding on the will only, only serve to hurt you in the end.you hav given such unselfish love forall our time in life, but if i hold too tightly, won't let you towards the dark..on to a better life, where you can once again be free, of all the pain and discomfort that holds you hare too....so if i find the courage just to say this last farewell,, i hope you will forgive me for the time it took me...still....i'll hold with me,, the memories tha in my heart remain..pray one day, down the road always,, THAY WILL lesson me,, my own pain
Namita D Kaushik(flora goddess of flowers)

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Mini Quotes

You have created my past, screwed up my present, but you have no control over my future.

Learn from the past, Move to the present, and believe in the future.

When life comes to an end, think of all the good times.

When trouble is near only courage can make it leave.
Innocent Angel

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Baby, You Could Draw Hearts On My Life With Your Paintbrush Words (Prose)

Baby, you could draw hearts on my life with your paintbrush words, and you could light minds, and I don’t have to be dead/ my life of blue/ “You can’t forget this sky kiss” (I want you to paint hearts of life) / you’re the wind/ “You girl are sunshine- oxygen- life, and heaven could watch us and be jealous and dead/ I’m into you, and you could be life hearts and star beauty and a muse/ Still longing for those words/ “You’re the gold night... shout beauty stars to light silver hearts that could be pure/ “you, gold... colorful... I’ll crawl on stars to watch you shine... to watch you glisten- from your black twisting purple velvet dream that is your life baby”/ beautiful sky- I’m sad but you could say: “you’re my summer heart... stay light heaven”/ deep into my grave/ “you’re to be sky that becomes hearts and all Your beauty creating tears of sad blue sea/ I’m into you, blue/ shine eyes under the mirror of the water and I can see your image projected in the sky/ “So you’re drawing gold paradise”/ a heart dying above black colorful hearts/ “down mad summer graves- I don’t need oxygen. I’m looking for you to take the world”/ glowing you/ “ancient experience of beautiful light”/ from sky to sky, the rains mind/ stars alive floating like a lily on the blue sea/ strawberries with some juicy shade- your beauty projects the sky so I can breathe. Make me breathe girl and move your words as a paintbrush and make neon forget your dreams”/ be rains of life and grow paradise. You’re colorful/ Your creating sad deep blue seas madly as I get through You and I’m under sky... understand you need to shine baby/ “you’re stars girl”/ soothe me and be my grave- be pure hearts with me and we‘ll see in a while, light/ breathe the shine of our future/ “Baby, you could light silver hearts with your dreams”/ be my grave/ “you’re my life and a source of gold summer-light/ you’re stars... you could light minds and you can take the world/ down mad summer heart... shout beauty that projects the gold- I can see it shine... you can paint hearts in the sky... I understand you could light our future/ I love you silver heart, but I’m sad- but you can kiss me and I’ll crawl all over my grave and be alive/ Baby, you glisten in my dreams... rain light on me... star, you shine colorful... I can see/ you could paint hearts with words/“I love you... I can’t help it... I got heart”/
J Knight

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Better Not Knowing

The future never speaks aloud
to tell you what's in store.
And when the future's upon you,
you forget what was before.
Edwina Reizer

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