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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/24/2016 4:33:18 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Only the future may know

a poet

without a future!
Pradip Chattopadhyay

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What Do I Want

My head sometimes hurt Laying in this bed Mornings ache Nights break on the sight of dreams Thought bubbles puzzled about my future Now I often wondered if I had a future at all Love divided into three near by ghostly figures But i sometimes stumble over this difficult question that criples my mind I catch craps in my throat at the thought of 'Who do I want' Do i want this beauty This goddess in my life Long flowy black hair That extense down her back Kissing her waist line Brown eye's with twinkles that match those of stars I loved her gaze Heart felt smile She's a county girl Or This mistress A jar of life That's never been open Exposure to the the things that floated by I can show you so much more She's never seen a frown in her life Because she understands the beauty of a smile a day Features of that match the first But different in her on way Brown eye's Milkyway skin complection I liked the teast of her Her voice treaded softly She was a singer Whispering silent sweet notes from across the room The sound of my name lingering off her lips I was forever hers Or A force of nature This breath of new air She came to me like a hurricane Twister of raw talent In and out the bedroom Her legs went this way my heart went out the window Lust made its way between the sheets And we made the most amazing sex I mean love of our lives Smooth creamy skin that comploments her curves Ocean tides that lay dorment in her eyes Golden long hair Constucted from freedom She was born of dance and was longing for a partner
Ardimus Caldwell

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When Is The Time To Say Goodbye

when is the time to say good bye, to all the love i have known, when is the time to end your pain, n leave all me alone,.i have watched you on your good days when i felt your strength renewed, but shortly after little ups, the down days then ensure..we ride this rollarcoaster of emotions as we try,, to make it through another day and yet i cant deny........that as i look into your face on dayz that hav een bad, i see a look that beckon's me it'stired, and hurtd and sad.....the little spark i used to see, behind those loving eyes, is growing evr clouded by life's cruel inhumane side, i try to see beyond the pain you feel with evary step, and softly whisper in myself that, this may get better yet.if i can bear to watch you, just another day or two,, i justify my reasons to ensure, i cling to you..for letting you go is harder for the person left behind, it means that i'll let you go, i cannot turn back time.back to the days dey long for now, wyou were full of life; and every day held promise, for our future to be clear and bright,...but now the lights are darkening...we take it daily now, i cannot see our future clear, henor think beyond this cloud.I think the harrdest part in this, is never knowing why, i have to be courageous and have to say good bye...for it i let myself admit that itz the time to let you go, i'd have to face the reality without you.....but i know......that soon i hve to face the final outcome that i dreamed, and holding on the will only, only serve to hurt you in the end.you hav given such unselfish love forall our time in life, but if i hold too tightly, won't let you towards the dark..on to a better life, where you can once again be free, of all the pain and discomfort that holds you hare too....so if i find the courage just to say this last farewell,, i hope you will forgive me for the time it took me...still....i'll hold with me,, the memories tha in my heart remain..pray one day, down the road always,, THAY WILL lesson me,, my own pain
Namita D Kaushik(flora goddess of flowers)

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My Future, How To Predict It?

My future, how to predict it,
Everything is but in the dark,
My future, very uncertain it is?
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Poems On / About FUTURE