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Poems On / About FUTURE  7/29/2015 6:29:24 AM
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The Thought Of...

I've been here before I have seen these things before.
I look back on these memories and its all of you the happiness of me, the thought of you.
it was with in me, with in us to change what was then and now is different, I find my self confused and unable to grasp on to my future.
but to get close enough to reach and finally grasp it,...it was the thought of you that gave me strength to finally change or future and keep the past the way it was. with in the thought of you found myself in the sky, flying high and getting higher.
hazel jackson

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Through The Desert

Through the desert he walked, after the portraits he painted were lost, after all the dreams he dreamt were gone, dreams of happiness and of peace, dreams of freedom and of ease. For days and days on end he trod with everything gone but his faithful gun. With all as history he had no present and therefore could fathom no future so he walked across the big broad road just as he had done before, but now with no hope, no noble quest, no life left in his bones only a faithful gun about its host, all hope was lost and all chance was gone but then a hopeful glimmer shone.
His past was only but a pun and his future a great taste of glory
Every man has to go through a desert but no man can walk out on his story.
Olasanoye Charles

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Brighter Future

Pressing ironly into my heart are saddened loneliness and abandonment.
Collating all that lies within and pasting them on pages of internal identity for the future lying before me.
Awaiting alterations that need to be made no matter what anyone else may think and not letting anyone stand in the way of a brighter future for everyone.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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No Memories Nor No You.

No memories nor no you.
14 years of prayer,14 years of wishing.
My imagination is all I have, but that will never last forever, there's only so much I can see. So much I can imagine but these are nothing but dreams, dreams of what was supposed to be. Dreams of the future in the passed have ruined me, for I think of what its supposed to be. Here I am in the present and non of my dreams have helped me, high expectations of a life can ruin you, think of the present and let god dream of your future and that's what's supposed to be.
Mbali Ndlovu

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Poems On / About FUTURE