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Poems On / About FUTURE  7/28/2015 3:38:08 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Random Thought Xl

Look carefully!
Past is pregnant with future
Present is having labor pains
Lo and behold! Future is having twins!
Savita Tyagi

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I Dont Understand

i dont understand why i cant do anything rite. i feel as if i am just a mistake. and that anything i touch gets fucked up. i wish i was dead or that i would just fall off the face of the earth. i want to cry... but i cant... nothing comes out. i try to scream but all my screams are silenced. silenced by all the pain and hurt that i have inside me. i cant take all this confusion and crazyness inside my head. it feels like i am trapt in a dark scary cave and that there is no way out. i want to just close my eyes and never wake up. i try and try to make pple happy and proud of me but it always seems to turn into dissapointment. i cry myself to sleep at nite and hope the next day will be better but it always turns out to be ten times worse. idk i just want to make other pple happy. but it hurts me when i let pple down. i guess what the true part of this story is i guess i let myself down...... but i dont know any other way. maybe some time in the future ill be happy with myself if there is a future. but i guess rite now i just got to take it just one day at a time and i guess hope for the best...................
Brooke Makovicka

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My Is Name The Maniac

This city, Is a sewer, a maggot infested rat, let your guard down
and it will become a nightmare, death lol to easy here, suffring now thats the hard part, but now its time for justice, now its time for someone to stand up and fight the disease that feasts on the souls of this once wonderful city, and thats me, the guy who lost his wife kids and whole world to the beast, the man who was driven from his home by a greed that laughs like a drunk nazi, a man tossed from his job and pissed on by his freinds, but that is behind me, now all I have left is the future, the future who for some is going to be all so dark. I dont care anymore like the city that destroyed me, I am the city and god help the souls who get in my way. some one once said revenge is a dish best served cold, well winters coming and so is hell. so who am I, who is this mad man so torn with rage, I tell you who I am, I was family man and up standing citizen Larry Storch but now you can tell everyone that crazy has a new name and that name is the MANIAC. TO BE CONTINUED.
vincent armone

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Beyondness In Beyonsness

no limitation in limitation ni pain in pain no man in man no poetry in poetry no emation in emotion no pain in pain no world in world on white in white no shouts in shouts no fruits in fruits no future in future no history in history no concept in concept

remember this is your hand
remember this is your language
remember this is your poetry
Nyein Way

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Poems On / About FUTURE