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Poems On / About FUTURE  11/24/2015 6:11:23 PM
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I Honor You Tata

We named him the peace maker. Life sentence addition with two years was not a game. Robin island was not a crech. Being imprisoned in cell 46664 was not a drama. Hope was his life keepe. The peace maker is the real freedom fighter. He came an opened freedom doors. Peace builder was born to fear nothing. He was there to die for freedom Peace creator was there to die for freedom of fair life. He cleaned the path for us from massacre.Madiba risked his life for future generation. He may be old but not his name. He may die but not in our hearts. He may go in and out of hospital but shall not in our head offices. The peace maker will remain in the world. The peace provider chased away depression of apartheid.He will be the peace maker til come God. Freedom its a gift from today to future. Freedom fighters will remain the same. Glory to God open heavens for uTata. Tata Madiba ndiyabulela. Andiyi kulibala. Long live Tata long live. Your name will never be eliminated.
Bheki Patrik Nhlapo

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Brighter Future

Pressing ironly into my heart are saddened loneliness and abandonment.
Collating all that lies within and pasting them on pages of internal identity for the future lying before me.
Awaiting alterations that need to be made no matter what anyone else may think and not letting anyone stand in the way of a brighter future for everyone.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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I'm in love with a stranger. How ironic to the point of stupidity. I see him every night, and can not figure out his lonelyness.
Maybe, do you think, it's just the thought of blasphemy that polluted his mind. What else can it be to turn his angelic face to that of someone who is greiving? As he walks under the street lamp I see the shadow that follows him, even in the darkness. I think 'I love you, please don't look so sad, let your shadow of worries drift away into the past.' He turns his head, his shadow unwillingly moves with him, in my direction. His shadow fades. The clouds move to let the moon shine and create a new beautiful, flawless shadow. He walks to me thinking 'I love you, too. I'm looking into the eyes of my future, my life, my shadow.' I walk to him, my life, my future, my shadow.
Harley Halford

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Under The Emperor's Toes

Under the Emperor toes I discuss freedom
Wiggle at his feet I long for reform
Squashed as fallen leaves are my rights
Yet I still dream of a brighter future for the future
Phan Thanh gian

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