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Poems On / About FUTURE  11/24/2015 10:11:52 PM
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As I sit on the moon lit hill, I stare at the moon and wonder how the dark could be so beautiful. I look down at the bleeding rose in my hand, it is simular to me, my heart. Its beautiful, but bleeds with pain. The rose was once beautiful but now its pettals fall to the ground when its reminded of the past. The past what a horid thing. But like the moon, the future looks so bright and beautiful. I can't take my eyes off the moon as time passes and and the moon disapears in the sky and dawn rises and the beautiful sunset apears. Time still passes and I watch as a beautiful sunset appears over the hill. I can feel the grip on the rose losen and it drops to the ground. It simbolizes my past so I forget about the tears I shed over it. There is nothing in my past but pain. I realize that as the sun slowly arises, so does my hope, and faith my hope, and my faith for a better future, a better me.
Jessica Elizondo

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To Jenna Rose...

Jenna - cancer = A beautiful future for everyone close to her
Jenna > cancer
Her future = Spent here with us

Don't worry Jenna, I excelled in math!
Michael Fischer

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Let Go Of The Past! ! !

Let go of the past it will always haunt you it never wants you to move on always wanting you to fell sad, hearbroken, guilty, mad. It's time to move on let go of the miserable past and move on to the wonderful future. Will it be easy No! ! ! But that's what makes it worth it. I want to fight for my future and when i get it i will appreciate it more than if it was just given to me... I had to realize it's time for me to move on let go and let god. I know it gets hard but my greatest fear is givening up. So here is where i take back control of my life my thoughts my feelings my mind, body and soul.
* I Let Go*
Johnnetta Bridges

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No Memories Nor No You.

No memories nor no you.
14 years of prayer,14 years of wishing.
My imagination is all I have, but that will never last forever, there's only so much I can see. So much I can imagine but these are nothing but dreams, dreams of what was supposed to be. Dreams of the future in the passed have ruined me, for I think of what its supposed to be. Here I am in the present and non of my dreams have helped me, high expectations of a life can ruin you, think of the present and let god dream of your future and that's what's supposed to be.
Mbali Ndlovu

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