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Poems On / About FUTURE  11/1/2014 12:59:13 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Financial analyst penned a life plan for me
where 20% must go to stocks and shares
I did it for good but lost when stock markets collapsed

Plan number two to invest 20% in real estate for future,
hold good as an asset, I ventured for future
but lost when government acquired my future for express way

Mega on magnum mutual funds another 20%
lost again on mutual effects of
inflation and fuel price hike

Wise again on plan 20% on gold as its glitter sure for long
again that smart thief tamed my shine
on a powerful mission

Not systematic,20% remained there
in saving bank accounts
and it is safe without any designed return

July 27,2008
Rema Prasanaa

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My Daughter Future

I have wonderfuly planned your future and filled your life with potential purpose. My prayer that you would look for your future. With as much pleasure and expectation as I do. My plans are foir you to succeed and bring into existence all you were. Destined for hope with earnest expectation for all I have you future is my hands. And it can happen as I have dreamed I love you. written and Posted 11/8/08
Susie Sunshine

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Thinking of our future

to gaze upon the night to come
thinking of our future, that has yet begun
to stare at the moon with a glance
thinking of our future, wherein we could dance
looking lifeless at the wooden door,
thinking of our future, what are we waiting for?
Dreaming of silence,
in the midst of a mental war
bleeding without guidance
to watch the Apocalypse from afar
Yannick Hermans

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My Foggy Crystal Ball

I look into my crystal ball
To predict my future
But why is my ball foggy?
Is it because my future
Will never be foretold?
Or is it because
I have no future
And this is my destination?
Shall I know?
Not until
My crystal ball
Is foggy no longer
Alyssa Ray

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Poems On / About FUTURE