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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Follow Your Heart

follow your heart let your senses guide you look up at yonder brightness of star from a far see darkness then give away to daylight treasure every moment every fresh breathe every lil bit o sunlight feel the goodness the greatness the light and warmth let your heart beat think not of future or past but of olden times in which made you the happiest of most think not of sad times for they are gone done and over headr to the future with arms wide open go north, east, south where u want do whatever u wish be whatever u want dream on and go let night fall descend upon all the land and shroud the world in darkness for tonight the stars shine brightly and twinkle like big blue diamonds far away they shine in time and space and wait for you to explore there wonders for what u wonder where you'll goto what you 'll do only you and destiny can await oneanother sumwhere down in the distant road in whcih you travel paths will com to you options of this or that what direction you will go what you'll do and what on ur journey will happen success is only measureed as much as you are willin to travel go far and do amazing things be a leader or lead yourself for only u can do what you'll do follow into darkness go through distant fields where blue and red poppies flow in the wind the soft cold breeze feels good on your face keeps you alert and on yer toes go far and succeed or dont succeed for only you'll do what you wanna or do it for sumoen esle but in the end the choice is always yours your own so whatever you do follow your heart do it for good or bad orwhatever for only you know your own limits so follow your hearts
dorian suchelle

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If I knew all the things that were going to happen, I think to myself would I done things differently? If I knew I was going to get to heart broken so many times, would I kept my mouth shut? If I knew I was going to get my fingers broke, would I have gone out that day? If I knew my Granddad was going to get cancer, would I have spent more time with him before it was too late? I guess I wouldn’t of said or done any different, or I wouldn’t be the person I am today. But seriously, I promise myself every time that I will never let any of my problems upset or ruin my life. There’s always something to come along and remind me the past, is there and I can’t let go. Because everything I’ve known and believed is in the past, and I still think what if I did things differently. I know I should concentrate on the future, but the future is a scary place and I’m scared that it’s going to be as bad as my past. I’ve been hurt so many times, there’s so much I can only take and I can see myself breaking and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I think its time to get myself better, before I start concentrating on life, tomorrow, love and money. I need to take time out and gather my thoughts, maybe in time. I will worry about everything soon, until then it’s time for me.
Lisa Harvey

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****** The Moon And The Star ******

That night on the lonely sky the star said to the moon'' what is this life.
Every day every night i have to shine there is no future, no end, its just life that is going on'.
The moon replied'this life will go on and we have to move on who goes on finds their future but who stops stays there so go on and dont stop.
laiba shafiq

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Einstein’s Future Contemplations

Einstein never wasted research time
contemplating civilization’s future
he said the future came soon enough.
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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