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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/26/2015 6:37:27 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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In Future Times

In future times there will not be war like people aggressive people will be of the past
the glorification of war which has gone on for centuries is something that is not destined to last
The peaceful people they will be the rulers and there will be a time of World harmony
Of the dark energy of those who divide and conquer some future generation will live free,
This war of us and they won't last forever for everything does have it's use by date
There will come a time in the not distant future when war men we will not celebrate
When only those for peace will be elected into the important possessions of power
And the rose of peace all but dead and forgotten will bloom again as the World's most lovely flower,
'The enemy' that is a well worn cliche that war men to the opposites apply
They sully the nice word of patriotism when their humanity of those who oppose them they deny
Time is running out for the war loving people they had their innings 'twould be fair to say
They had their chance to make the World a safer place to live in a chance that they seemed glad to throw away
But in future times there will not be war like people for those for peace will have the final say
As they are the people destined to be rulers and the rose of peace will bloom again one day.
Francis Duggan

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Mind That Counts

Is the earth still on the anchor of nature?
Does what makes a whole still makes parts?
thus says the sluggard
accomplishing no future dipicting success.

Time sprinting like a gazzle
In the eyes of that glutt...
just a risk of a moment
costing Him years.

Acheing to the call of time...
dancing to the tune of just...
striving towards the glare of freedom
raring to go for gold.

Your future is a member of the allegibly accursed criminal of time...
Your future is dipicted by the perciverance of making it in life...
so your acclimitisation towards success vindicates your future...
isaac taiwo afuye

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The D N A Is Changing

Some experts on D N A say that the D N A is changing especially in the children of today
That the more enlightened age is fast approaching and that peace amongst people it is on the way
I may not live to see such change occurring but even hearing such does fill my heart with joy
Just to imagine that the future may be better in a more peaceful World for every girl and boy
There is great hope for future generations and hope does spring eternal as some say
The descendants of the Warlords will think differently to them the war men who are getting old and gray
I imagine a class and war free World free of borders where every race does live in harmony
A World where all people are seen as equal a World free of hunger and of poverty
The war and terrorism and violence in the World has reached it's summit and intolerance amongst people near an end
The people of the future will not carry the ancestral grudges a child of the child of an ancestral enemy will become a friend
Some experts say that the D N A is changing and that can only be a blessed thing
The people of the World of the future the praises of war men will no longer sing
An end to rank and an end to class distinction an end to famine, violence, war and poverty
I want to believe that the D N A is changing it would be a great gift to humanity.
Francis Duggan

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A Claim

Some claim
that I am idealistic -Idιalisme (redirection depuis Idιaliste)
En philosophie, l' idιalisme est un courant de pensιe qui affirme la prιιminence des formes abstraites ou des reprιsentations mentales sur la rιalitι, qu'elle soit expιrimentιe ou inintelligible.-

If you want me to dig more for the sake of the argument I will state simply that

I am!
Being idealistic is overseeing simplicity as it is, then make it beautifully crafted and complex.

love means feeling someone, be that person - This is feasible not possible-
I dive and dwell into details;
I like to use all my neurons, the right side of my brain before the left one;
I do not think money -Sorry lady who wants to flirt on and with me.-
I like stress, pressure, cold, hot temperature, darkness, noise, ugliness, disorder, difficulties, dizziness, playing with words, paraphrasing, reading without sound, creativity, silliness, patterns, clouds, height, depth, the absence of colors, the non-sense that makes sens, ambiguity, awkwardness, conditions, future, future, future, future, and the concept of species and the basic need for evolution, what makes evolution evolution, wilderness, fire, water, the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter and my myth of Eileen.

What is wrong with that?
Atef Ayadi

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