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Poems On / About FUTURE  5/25/2016 5:43:47 PM
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Past, Preasnt, Future

Someday in the future you will die
Someday in the future you will cry

Tomorrow you will live
Tomorrow you will be one with those around you

Today you will meet a new face
Today you will save somebodys life

Yesterday you watched someone die
Yesterday you watched a life begin

Everyday all the time you do the things you don't know you do
Everyday you show the world a new part of humanity

Past, preasnt, and future are always happening
Past, preasnt, and future will never stop comeing
Past, preasnt, future

Eternity your soul will live
Eternity you will be yourself
Bethany Maxwell

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Future Unwinding

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
All I know is that I can't be dead any longer
And so I try to be me,
But will I fall?
Can I set my mind free?
Will I ever stand tall?

I can only wait and see
Through the eyes in my head
But I can look forward and see
With the eye of my mind
So I just let the future unwind.
I let the future unwind in me.

I see the future unwinding
I feel the light is gonna be blinding
And I know that there's only one way of finding
And that is to search through the future unwinding,
Through the future unwinding in me.
Mark Hopwood

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Future Is Now

Your wonder is with pride, ties that hold you down
madness draws you in.
Future... it's now
sweet rapture draws you in.
Cold eyes that glare behind mock it's glow it's grin

Your chosen life so frail, Demon sees you now
sues you for your soul, driven closer now
played this game before
Visions call you dear

Future it's my silver home
A shadowbox lulls it sings... It's now.
lures you in
Light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

That feeling of completion through emptiness
past is dull
a warmth a shade a fuzz draws you in
beyond to push forward so on and on
My future's closer now.
What it holds a gone regret
Each future's past instantly
Jilly Ann

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The Coastal Guard's Duty

(Stage Opens)

Official- With The Act Prevalent Future Is The Concern As War Is The Future Feature Much Evident.

Coastal Guard- Change In your Thinking has to be Quicker. As Had my Action been not in Existence Future Possibility of Destruction Would have been in Immense.

Official- Your Thinking has a Logic As Good as it is But Loss of Innocent Lives can also be
Part of Inclusion.

Coastal Guard- If Such Assumptions Prevail In Ascertaining Justice We will Fail.

Official- Your Action is nothing but War's Future Prediction. Efforts are Quickly needed
to Eradicate War's Deduction.

Coastal Guard- My Steps were Quick As a Possible Danger I Was Able to Avert.

Official- Your Step Indeed Was Worth Appreciation But In Future Always keep in Mind After
Such Action War will be the only Intention.

Coastal Guard- With their Strategical Plot as well as Timid Traps We were often Victimize
Quick Action was the Word as To Discriminate Criminals we failed to Categorize.

Official- Your Patriotism is Indeed Worth a pat in the back. Your Presence is Indeed a reason
to Felicitate.

Coastal Guard- As to Terrorists Terms Won't we Dictate.

rohan bendre

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Poems On / About FUTURE