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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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In Wake Of Our Growing Adolescence...

Has racial equality trigger what is happening to our youth of today? Has the teachings of cultural separation taught to these young children manifested into world hate. Why do some children have problems with multiple identities of gender, race, and culture, while others have overcome the separation barriers?

Once regarded as the world leaders of tomorrow, now known as the lost generation of the future. Some of our adolescence are lost within our world as they prey on the meek and weakness of those among them. They are diligent and intellectual human beings that crave for nothing more than to abuse and disrupt those within their environment and surroundings. They view the world as a place to inflict and contaminate those who is willing to give into their tribulation.

As they shed years of discipline, discarding their obedience to become caught in an entity in which they have lost hope of tomorrow. Their cause has no demands, just to end in disaster. They have embarrassed themselves and their parents for such foolish intentions.

Can anyone explain what is happening to the children of this generation? They have embarked upon a world of revenge. A war they have declared on the human race. These children do not visibly see the realm of our society as they continue to balance the world with destruction and violence. Is there a cure for these violent episodes that is ricocheting across this country? We as parents must become more involved and attentive to our children surroundings and environment. We must reform the upbringing of these children and regain the leadership roles in their lives.

Subsequently, they have shattered the essential quality of what this nation is trying to build. They see nothing more than the darkness within their own reality. While some thrive for preservation others have done nothing more than flirt with fatality. We have witnessed the vengeance within these children and the havoc of their beliefs. The present generation has started to influence the generation of the future. They continue to ignore the reflection of their own image, as they live within the corruption of their man-made delusions. How can we win this war when reform starts at home? We must discipline ourselves before we can discipline this generation.

Drugs continue to ruin homes across this country. Dictators, drug dealers, gangs and those who chose to take life in their own hands have become role models for our young generation. Our children are having babies at a very young age. Bracelets are worn in schools to proclaim their sexual discretion. They are getting their hands on handguns more now than ever before. AIDS is spreading throughout our young generation and they act as if it still doesn’t exist. Our children are killing themselves before they really have a chance to live.

So what is happening to this generation? A generation that will merely erase themselves from existence. Who would have ever thought that our young children would subject themselves to such unethical reasoning.

What waits ahead for the future generation to come? The reflection we constantly try to uphold, it has been erased by the generation that has forgotten the past. These children are an abomination to themselves and to others. We stand upon another disaster as others gear up to relinquish their rage among our city streets and schools. Why point fingers as we deter ourselves from the real situation. Parents of these young children must consume some of the blame before we may blame society. Many have resort to defeat before they have exhausted all measures. Our government made things worst where some discipline can be misconstrued as bad parenting.

These children refuse to be treated anything less than adults. They seem to want to test the waters of adulthood, yet lacking the responsibility that connects the two. In these growing times, our young children are unbearable more than ever before. Seduced by the evil that lurks within them, their ferocious attitudes demand respect as they stage fright in their parents, teachers, and neighbors. We never acknowledged the signs and now we are faced with the fact of how these children are killing and dying with no remorse or regret for anyone.

Our children are faced with more than just peer- pressure, now comes the next phase that will send us into the next millennium. Let these events be a reminder of what is happening to this generation. Those who said our children are a mirror image within our reflection aren’t living in these times. Some of our children choose to live in a world where paranoia has become their destiny.

Hopefully, we of all colors may be able to piece back this generation. It may be hard, but it can be done. Our children are our future. It is our job to set them on the right path in life. We can save the future by resolving our own differences and looking beyond our own color barriers. To visibly see what some of our children really need, a GOOD ASS WHIPPEN...
Monte Harris

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The Coastal Guard's Duty

(Stage Opens)

Official- With The Act Prevalent Future Is The Concern As War Is The Future Feature Much Evident.

Coastal Guard- Change In your Thinking has to be Quicker. As Had my Action been not in Existence Future Possibility of Destruction Would have been in Immense.

Official- Your Thinking has a Logic As Good as it is But Loss of Innocent Lives can also be
Part of Inclusion.

Coastal Guard- If Such Assumptions Prevail In Ascertaining Justice We will Fail.

Official- Your Action is nothing but War's Future Prediction. Efforts are Quickly needed
to Eradicate War's Deduction.

Coastal Guard- My Steps were Quick As a Possible Danger I Was Able to Avert.

Official- Your Step Indeed Was Worth Appreciation But In Future Always keep in Mind After
Such Action War will be the only Intention.

Coastal Guard- With their Strategical Plot as well as Timid Traps We were often Victimize
Quick Action was the Word as To Discriminate Criminals we failed to Categorize.

Official- Your Patriotism is Indeed Worth a pat in the back. Your Presence is Indeed a reason
to Felicitate.

Coastal Guard- As to Terrorists Terms Won't we Dictate.

rohan bendre

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What The Future.

Future centuries, images and thoughts
What in the future, a concern of future
The earth and its climate problems
The earth and its water scarcity
The earth and divided into so many nations
The will power of people that inhabits
Where they are deprived the kindness
The strict competition for a fair life
But to regain the confidence, somewhere lost
So to achieve the confident mind
To create a good world, here in this earth
What the future ambition of people
To wipe out the dreaded diseases and suffering
Enough to eat, drink, and accommodate
At least the generation seeks the solution
Future centuries, images and thoughts
Truly we can expect a happy world.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Past Opens Door To Present, Present Is Road To Future

Past opens door to present,
Present is road to future;
Door is always one,
With two way roads;
Deeds sow seeds of kismet,
Head to destined route;
Good deeds brighten,
way to blissful future;
Past opens door to present...
Present is road to future...
Happy moments you lived in past,
still live with you;
makes your mind and soul enchant;
memories of past freshens your present,
makes your future bright,
Past is teacher, Present is karma,
Future is destiny,
You reap only what you sow;

© Sadashivan Nair,
sadashivan nair

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