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Poems On / About FUTURE  1/24/2015 9:47:21 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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Between dark past and future flight

Betwixt between, between betwixt,
interpretation's often mixed
by causal think links mankind tricked
from, in, through, to enigmatics
where black and white dream double clicked
incite imagination Styx'd
by time whose rhyme here writer sticks
on sixteen stanzas just for kicks
to highlight 'in between' verse picked.

Event horizon in between
today's tomorrow's might-have-been
lends voice to choice which hindsight scorns
although obliteration yawns.
Split 'hair divides false, true' foreseen
as test where East meets West on horns
of dread dilemma mortal mourns.

Life's double helix dynamics
between the lines small minds constrict.
Holistic overview rules strict
discard, appearences tock ticked
Time sees in time self-contradict
to open out inside font fixed
alternatives exploring ficts
and faction fractioous fiddlesticks
glue building blocks that clue life's bricks...

Between dark past and future flight
is cause/effect dream bark? theme bite
where sticks seem stones and stones deem sticks
two sides of coins time's teams rewrite,
line chance advance too few predict
as on life's raft we float contrite
in candle life-light's shortened wicks
before oblivion bubble pricks?

Between dark past and future flight
enlightenment from ammonite
'descended' or 'evolved' to taste
tree's quantum knowledge sap in haste.
Between 'choice' 'pre-determined' quite
a lot of ink's spilled, creeds replaced,
access retranslates base apace.

Between dark past and future flight
Effect and Cause we question quite,
rhyme time between midnight and noon
to read, mark, learn, digest this tune.
Soul travels far, ka’s second sight
scouts out from dune to blue lagoon,
with moral codes plays fey buffoon.

Between dark past and future flight
bright butterfly finds wings for flight
although, in silk spin knit cocoon,
it knows not dawn from afternoon.
Mind mirage magic may excite
confusing notions: far and soon
merge premonition’s present boon.

Between dark past and future flight
trace space, expansion, pace delight,
from morn till midnight one should learn
to seed born insight, harvest earn,
bend to contentment very soon
ends, means, all harmonies attune
heart, soul, stretch whole from parts' return.

Between dark past and future flight
now 'stalag_might' checks 'stalag tight'
mankind evolved from bear baboon
to trace his race pace picayune.
between stark darkness, brightest light
most squander chances opportune
dreams rose themed spurned, they haste to tomb.
Vague contexts blurred, restrictions fight
unshadowed vision full, shy moon
casts spell whose pull’s forgot by noon.

Between dark past and future flight
Will's weave wheel spins, ignores 'wrong', 'right'
As light, dark, rainbow’s ark all churn
fear not fall near, nor rise call spurn.
Sandman plays game outside luck, blight,
for more than intellect's harpoon.
Hope blooms so anguish, heartache, prune.

Between dark past and future flight
oft ‘Justice’ seems a notion quite
outside God’s scheme, 'on joue le clown'
play insecurity immune
while mocking empty social rite
inventing, changing Scheme and gods
to bury fears inspired by sods.

Between dark past and future flight
through silver starred aragonite,
December’s frost melts into June.
Some worries shrink while some balloon.
Concealed may be revealed despite
the veil few tear, invite, festoon
lass lonesome on her honeymoon.

Between dark past and future flight
Cupid, Apollo, Aphrodite,
injustice remedy, dragoon
Fate’s darts, spite filled, to build pontoon,
surprise to catalyse, excite,
scene set for future hid from sight
till pattern pieces knit in tune.

Between dark past and future flight
some role reversals reunite
checks, balances, inopportune
risks which too haughty silver spoon
takes, greedy, tides turn, pride indict.
Who, rich, Today would play and croon,
Tomorrow buries very soon.

Between dark past and future flight
sleep paints saint, social parasite,
in wavelengths rainbow may lampoon
for wage-slave, sage, or loon tycoon.
Blind bodies curled, bind whirl-swirled quite,
from youth uncouth, ungainly goon,
“to lean and slippered pantaloon.”

Between dark past and future flight
enchanting maid, heroic knight,
play out day’s doubt, though beer saloon
may spur the bleary eyed to swoon.
Einstein’s ignored for much which might
influence an inner tune
or fresh create, decode life's rune.

Between dark past and future flight
is vision sent meant to incite
destiny's spermatazoon
egged on by p[h]antomime cartoon?
Is insight drawn through second-sight,
though chance seems blind behind sin’s call
true dance dreams find combined in all.
Jonathan ROBIN

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Future, Future Before and Future From The Future: Journey:

O'er the hills,
hills on land,
o'er the land,
land on water,
o'er the water.
water on land,
land on water again.
And again, again...

And so it goes,
to infinity, i see.
: deep thinkers discern:
travelling in the soul,
i went,
muscle stonger than ever,
flying high into SEVENTH HEAVEN,
soaring like the eagle,
with mystery more than,
but in the body im weak.
Here i lie,
thinking of,
great things.

Was i a weak soul?

Gently in my couch,
i rest,
viewing the infinity,

I looked o'er the future,
over the infinity,
i passed hills,
then future.

But in soul not in body.

Was i the weak soul?

I saw what future awaits,
the poor soul.
Who has been living in future,
before time.
Now its the time,
he's doomed.
All things upside down.
I saw eyes red,
than the RED PARIS WINE.
I saw his eyes soured with tears,
tears to infinity.

Thoughts of great things,
keep flying all over his
working brain.
keeps being optimistic,
to lift of the heavy weight,
smiles so people,
not discern the truth,

People might say''he thinks''

But now is the future,
He has got a DEAD LIFE,
no light in him a again,
all is darkness.

Are you the thief,
that stole his dreams?

Oh! his precious dreams are gone,
went for it,
but failed the mission.

Who can help the poor soul?
His dreams has being stolen,
i needa help him restore it,
maybe before the future

Was i a poor soul?
ive also got dreams,
to make true.
Here i am thinking of,
helping another soul.

I tapped him gently,
but he'll never say a thing.
He is in melancholy.
I sat down gently beside him,
saying words of comfort,
to the man who needs help?

Here i am,
i also need help,
but no one to pacify me.

I go on saying,
all spirit directs me.
Spirit being in my soul.

Gentle breeze serves the message,
As it we sat down,
i heard the breeze,
whistling all i said,
into his glued ear.

He suddenly changed,
Looked at me with suprise,
told me he's going back.
To where?

Whats he saying?


That wrecked life,
this future suits our life.
We can think of a car,
and we see it,
house and we see,
not in reality,

He told me,
he wants to make things right,
he's going on a travel,
from the LAND OF DREAMS,
we are,

That land of no hope?
: sobs:
i want to stay here,
i like it here,
dont want to get weak again,
back there.

: rethinks:
Good gracious!
Ive just convinced a man,
who lives in future,
he'll be packing his loads,
to where he belongs.

then he comes back at appointed,

I dont want to live,
my cars here and go back.
My estate,
I cant pack them along,
i'll stay here.

Future before future,

: Knocks:
Its me Belinda,
your new neighbour.

: Jerks:
: yawns:
: Quick thought:
and ive got beautiful houses,
built in the land FUTURE,
fine cars in the garage,
now here is a new neighbour,
i have here.
Im going to share,
this apartment again.

Someday i'll migrate fully,
After i make thinks right,
by hardwork and love.
I'll laugh last

: knocks:
anybody home?

: Answer:
im sorry, im coming just stressed up from the journey i had.im on my way.

: thinks:


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I love loving you sweet Sweetie

I love loving you sweet Sweetie
Since I started loving you I always feel good
Stress is not for me because I smile more and am focused
Future is rosier because you'll be there to kiss me
I surely love your smile

I love loving you sweet Sweetie
Since I started loving you I feel your good influence
Bad company is not for me because I strive to be with you
Future is rosier because you'll be there to cuddle with
I surely love your good influence

I love loving you sweet Sweetie
Since I started loving you I feel your wise counsel
Bad decisions are not for me because I seek your opinion
Future is rosier because you'll be there to discuss with
I surely love your good wisdom

I love loving you sweet Sweetie
Since I started loving you I love better
Hatred is not for me because I am loved and I love
Future is rosier because you'll be there for loving family
I surely love your good love
Nyota Yasulwe

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Means you
are a slave
to thoughts,
of future dreads.

An apprehension,
a trepidation,
a feeling of dread,
a sword above your head.

No reason to fear,
do not tell your fortune,
the future is not here,
please do not to fear,
try not to be a seer.

But crimes are everyday,
tomorrow I could be
robbed, hijacked, raped,
of this I’m frightened.

It’s only thoughts,
that make you dread.
So leave the future,
you do not live there,
and you never will.

Life is now
So live right now,
and deal with
future moments,
as they come.

No need to agonize,
you’ll find you enjoy
a gift of peace
when you learn
to only live
in present time.

Bob Blackwell

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