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Poems On / About FUTURE  4/25/2015 9:45:23 PM
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Monster You So Call

You think im a monster

you think im no good

but under this monster is a creature

under this creature..there is a future

and that future had a past

and that past wasnt pleasent

my past made me into this monster

this monster is living the past

this creature is living the future
Bobby Butterfield

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A Million Voices From The Stars

i heard the voices loud and clear
they spoke of the future drawing near
in rags and sorrows, misery and anguish
the rage of a thousand volcanoes
its parentage is chaos and hate, carnage and greed
we've sown the seeds of our very own extermination
the peace of the land shall no more be at hand
the future is near with fangs of bears
the future will come to drown and tear
i heard the voices proclaim loud and clear
Awasum Terrence

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Never Look Down On My Future

if i fail to be successful yesterday
doesn't mean i ain't planning
my tomorrow down today
failure might have denied me from taking
another steps towards my future
Yesterday might look painful
but my steps today towards my future would make
my tomorrow brings forth smiles into my heart
nobody knows what the future would look like
never look down on me
when you ain't my creator
Adewale Ajakanri

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Father Of Nature

King of the future
Originator of nature
Why do you have to take your leave?
Making nature an orphan.
Leaving the fools to fun
The caring to grieve
King of future, redeem
Redeem nature, the future
Though that may require eliminating of an animal
The wisest animal.
Gideon Arthur

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Poems On / About FUTURE