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Poems On / About FUTURE  8/20/2014 5:44:34 AM
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What is Hope?

Hope is having ambitions about your future life.
Hope is being optimistic whenever there is strife.
Hope is having power over one's ambitions.
Hope is being rational in the face of superstitions.

Hope is being happy about your future plans.
Hope is looking to a future that's a happy land.
Hope is being faithful to your future self.
Hope is when you realise that your ego has true wealth.
Andrew Hamm

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My future

My future sounds like it so far away
but it gets closer to me each and every day
Im not sure on what I truly want to be
Everyone around is just confusing me

I promise my family and friends;
I will pursue a career.
But im always getting distracted by my peers.
The things that say seem to always get to me.
But in the future they will eventually see.

They'll see that my hardwork will pay off
They'll be begging my for help on my paid days off
Im smart but at times I refrain to use my brain
If I dont decide to now; Ill go insane.

As Im writing Im thinking about my future life
Whether someday the man of my dreams will call me his wife
So I'd better make up my mind
And prepare for my future! .
Rashidah Writs

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My Scrawny Corpulent Republic

There was a country
When birdies chirped like birdies
When vermin bawled like vermin
When human hibernated
When food besought for visit
When water chilled for man's throat
When war was love...
There was a country
When we were worth it
When autonomy subsisted
Even without sovereignty
Freedom decreed
There was indeed a country
When only the present was fashioned
When the future was relished
When the future absconded from the future
Right in front of the present
There is a country
Where we always articulate 'it will be better'
There is a country
Where the future guzzlers live to scoff more
My country is starving
With much cuisine in her creel
She is parched with ocean surging in her patio
She is howling with much resources she's stashing
Nai Ji Ri Ya
A moniker that adversely effects on its denizens
Olumodi John Tope

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An Expectant Mother

(Who knows about the importance of the present time more than an expectant mother does?)

She's not just expecting a baby,

But the future with no more of hers.

She's not just giving birth to a baby,

But the future, Wow! full of wonders.

She eats not just for herself,

Nor for her pleasant pleasure;

She sleeps not just for her health,

Nor for her physical power;

She lives not just for her future,

Nor for her present hours;

But for all the best she could give to the world,

She eats, sleeps and lives with great care;

'Cause she knows with all her heart

The present is pregnant with the future!
KnowledgeSincerityWisdom KSW

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