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Poems On / About FUTURE  7/25/2014 8:40:01 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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What the Future Holds

What does the future hold within me?
Wish I was God for one moment so I didn’t have a blind eye so I could see
Some wish they wasn’t human some wish they couldn’t bleed
All I wish is what the future holds for me
Am I ahead of my time?
Am I ahead of my prime?
Am I the definition of what hate brings inside?
Wish I could press rewind
Feels like I’m stuck in the fight
Because the future isn’t looking so bright
And the hate is building and brewing so it’s dimming my light
Wish life didn’t come in a blur so I had control of my sight
In the end all I can do is give the world all of me
I only have perceptions and visions of what the eye can see
Just want to know the truth and what the future brings within me
Leland Wright

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The Span

I stand at the center of my span
And watch the river below
It's water's constant moving
Like time it never slows

And as I stand and reflect
Of what lies on either side
On one shore lies what is past
The other what the future hides

If I step back into the past
Could it ever be the same
Can dreams of yesterday
Somehow be maintained

And if I step onto future's shore
Will I be able to find my way
A path unknown to travel
Leading us ever forward into the unseen day

Chained here like a prisoner
Between the two shores I stand
Trapped between past and future
Will I forever stay here on my  span

So now the time has come to leave  
To future's shore I go
Time always moves forward
Like the waters endless flow
But where this path will lead me
One day I'm sure to  know
William Calvert

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There is a philosophy
That when you compete you must get a trophy
And if you don’t you are compared to a puppy
I have some mind bulging questions, do we all got to have that money?

The future is bright
That’s another philosophy
Indeed it is bright but the leaders never provide followers light
Gunshot every night
Is this bright, is this right

Tomorrow they say, shall be better
But they forget that “today was yesterday’s tomorrow”
If this is the future then we will live on shield and arrows
Don’t just sit there and watch me talk
They are using your future for pork
And unnecessary expensive cloths

Tomorrow will never be better
If you wait for bread for you have butter
Tomorrow will be better if you strive harder
We are our own tomorrow

We are not alone so look into the sky and dry a tear
Make sure you use love to pass through fear

“These are words my ears attracted when walking pass an old man advising his grandson”
Kumi William Dubois Yaw Sakyi

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time is life value,
time creates the man in our souls,
time never ends,
time is immutable,
killing a man's time is unforgetable crime,
even if i die now, however you wasted my time never to forget,
we forgive but the past affects the future,
from away back is future for the foward,
if a man wasted your time now,
in the future too will he waste your time,
if he loved you now in the future too,
for God can never die,
His timing makes the earth volition,
His breath makes you know your enemies and friends,
His timing makes you the man you are,
Since He died, He ressurected,
His ressurection made Him control planet earth under His authoriy,
now you either serve Him or a man finite timer, better Him infinite timer.
Better Him He became a victim so that you can be a victor,
Better Die for Him than mortal man,
Im not trying to preach but to reveal.
Maxim Muyu

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