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Poems On / About FUTURE  4/27/2015 5:11:57 PM
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From 'The Gentleman With The Lapdog' V

People are funny. Germaine to their happiness is usually a conviction that the future will be better than the past. Once born, the wonders of childhood advance like a carpet, ahead. A child chafes under the bonds of adolescence. Adolescence anticipates the freedom of maturity. Adults entertain the prospect of healthy old age, the geriatric the prospect of the life-to-come. The future must be rosy and offer respite from the doldrum of the present, or a man is sad. And the past, no matter how dingy, morphs rosy in retrospect. Women, to this degree, seem the greatest optimists. Otherwise, no one would get born.

If Tanya seemed glum as we set off to collect Jack from the hospital the next morning, it can perhaps be understood by that- ahe'd lost faith in the future, based on events in the recent past- a past too recent to recall as anything but bad. As the cab clipped along, she took out a handkerchief from her purse and began to cry.

'What's the matter? ' I wondered, pretending ignorance.

'I don't know, ' she sobbed. I'm so worried about Jack. He's been acting so weird, lately- ever since that operation.'

I had similar misgivings. Would Jack become a permanent management problem? Would he bark in the lobby? Could he go to concerts and plays? Of what use is a man, if not.

'Aw, don't worry, ' I told her, 'I sort of like him as a lapdog. It's endearing.'

'Peter, that's not helpful! '

I laughed. What else could I do?

'I know, but...'
Morgan Michaels

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Held In The Past Blind In The Future

our greatest desires are haunted by our past
hidden in our bellies as if sucking the juices that blars our vison as we step in our present
like a rolling stone influenced by wind to land on nothing but dust

the ugly truth that craples our legs is one left in the crust of the earth and one hoping to unlock the past while living in the present.

i am like a lost soul, hiding behind the wind, unseen. reliving my life through my memories, yorning for the pleasures of life
ignorant of the light of my next path for i am captured by my past, i have chained myself with every memory
i have caged myself with every emotion, am unaware of my present for am living my unknown, unreal future of what is not not.

i am held in the past blind in the future and absent in my present.

i refuse my birth right of my next life as i dwell upon the earthly things that some what feed my thrilled hunger. i seek to own my last moments to rectify every bad moment.am in search for gateways and maybe the path not taken might take me to the untaken journey of discovery what Einstien could not recover. reviced time.

i am held in the past blind in the future and absent in my present.
Mongezi Ngwenya

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Time And Transcendence

Past is left behind like a frozen piece of concrete;
Future ahead is spread out like a giant misty sheet.
The parted Past is of us a part; Future, still transcendent.

Invisible Future yanks us out of Past's grave-like sleep;
It pulls us to its infinite bosom of possibilities deep.
Death is a terror to those who have failed to be transcendent.

The flesh cleaves to the dust to return to the dust;
The spirit reaches upward to the starry sky:
Ego shall fade, so shall every pulsation of lust;
But, the wise shall shine like the stars of the sky.
Domenic Marbaniang

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From The Past To The Future

From the past to the future
From the future to the past
It is comforting to know,
That I am not alone.
For my God is there
To help me, to guide me.
He was there in the past
He will be there in the future
To all of those,
Who believe in Him.
Natasha Norville

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