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Poems On / About FUTURE  7/26/2014 8:10:13 AM
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To the Past

When we look to the future and like not what's seen
We feel for the past and all that has been.
With a future chaotic, and shocking, and bold,
We yearn for the clearness of that which is old.

The past is our anchor for all that we are;
As we're lost in the future it's our guiding star.
We may not all know what should, or will be,
But looking behind shows all we need see.

We must look, with respect, upon those who once stood;
Our founders, and fathers and all who've done good.
Our path becomes clear as we see through their eyes,
For they made what they were, they lived their own lives.

As it happened for them, it will happen for you;
With help from the past, you'll make something new,
Though the past is now gone, as crumbling towers,
We'll build a new world, the future is ours.
Andrew D. Miller

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I Want to Be Everything to You

yesterday, i was think in rhythms
it's just like you and me to be that awesome

earth isn't a planet in the galaxy with a moon
it's where i live with you

my bed isn't where i lay
it's whenever we sleep, though night or day

songs that make me feel. good.
i like to relate them all to you

i can't wait to come home every night
to see you when i wake up is everything

i'm glad we both did things the way we did
so that things are the way they are

i want to be everything to you

in this realm, all is about the future
let's keep dreaming, so the future doesn't run out

but let's make the future the present
and your presence is the future of my past
Annie Cordelia Adams

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It Is Never Too Late

Wake up and go; go on,
don't think of the wrong you did,
realize yourself and hold on,
think of this moment and the future ahead.

It is not too late, wake up and leave,
stand alone, if you have nobody to lean on,
you can make it have strength and believe,
fight for the gold medal; fight to win.

Live in the present, not the past,
believe in the future and fight for it,
future can return what you had lost,
future brings twice of what you want.

Spirits of hardworking and determination,
together with prayers and strong desire,
hold them tight for your vission,
to accomplish the mission you admire.

Have inspiration within oneself,
this will act like an inclined plane,
when you fall shake off the dust and laugh,
if you can't then smile, ready to learn.

That is how great people came into winning,
giving up is for failures,
success come to those who fight, and
not to those who wait.
Grace Pantaleo

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How I wish the sky is not my limit
But wish it my beginning
How I wish I could change the world
Bringing the world into oneness
How I wish I could rule over life
And life not rule over me
Making things happen the way I want it
And not things running me
How I wish I could see the future
Studying and planning for it
Knowing how to fully prepare for it
And not desiring the future
That will break the ties of the past
Not really anxious about the future
But planting for the raining days
When all else is lost, the future still remains
Cos this are my desire
Knowing fully the reality of life
My desire of great things
My desire of great value
ogunleye kayode peter

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