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Poems On / About FUTURE  2/14/2016 6:37:33 AM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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The Future Belong To The Young

Frail old blokes may boast of their conquests and songs of war heroes are sung
But the future is really what matters and the future belong to the young,
Some men they grow old though not wiser and no fool like an old fool they say
Why bore me with stories of your past glories we'll drink to the men of today.

Frail old ladies may talk of their young years and use hair dyes to cover their gray
In their twenties when young and attractive young men to meet them went out of their way
On their lounge room wall framed photos of them in their young years for their friends to gaze on are hung
Cosmetics no substitute for natural beauty the future belongs to the young.

You almost bore me to tears with your stories about your marvellous grandson
The hero of the great Grand Final without him the game would not have been won
His two snap goals in the dying minutes decisive when the game in the balance hung
And though he may be the man of the moment the future belong to the young.

I too am a silly old bugger and I too am tied to the past
And the days and weeks seem to go quickly and time ever ticking so fast
Perhaps I have said too much already and I ought to give a rest to my tongue
And I'll finish by once more repeating that the future belong to the young.
Francis Duggan

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Poetry Of The Future

O the words of deeds! Come
To construct poetry of the future-

While the sun of thought dawns
Over the sea of mind
While the birds of desires fly
Over the earth of expectations

O the words of deeds! Come
To construct poetry of the future

Language of our living should be proper
Expression of our life should be finer

To have the flowers of delight
Flowing in our blood,
To have the breeze of peace
Prevailing over our hearts

O the words of deeds! Come
To construct poetry of the future

We must stay as sentences
In poetry of the future-
We must glitter as images
In poetry of the future-

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NOW sits with its head bent
Arms around its knees,
Like a petulant child gazing at the walls in the corner.
The shadow of the past, looms threateningly
Long images flash on the walls.
NOW longs to escape but where to go.
The future under the shadow of the past appears bleak and dreary.
NOW feels stifled, caught between the past and future.
The past that is gone and the future that is never there.
Both together somehow manage to squeeze
and stifle the life out of NOW.
How do I liberate myself? She wonders…
gathers courage..
stretches her arms to catch the shadow of the past
Afraid to be caught, the past slinks along
the walls as Now chases it.
Slowly as Now expands its space, the past retreats.
To tackle the future, why worry about what is not there yet or may not be there at all.
Live Now in joy and surrender, without looking back and forth.
The past will no longer haunt …
And the future has no say.
- -
Anita Sehgal

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Your journey starts here it starts now
Your future is in your hands and know one shows you how
To make it, unfold, and have it turn out what you want it to be
Not anybody, not me
Talk it a step at a time
Even if your plans are stopped on a dime
Be careful, and listen, learn from your mistakes
Because one day you'll advance on the choices you make
Your future is here, your future is now
But don't worry, you'll show yourself how
Mathew Miller

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