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Poems On / About FUTURE  10/6/2015 1:34:11 PM
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Monster You So Call

You think im a monster

you think im no good

but under this monster is a creature

under this creature..there is a future

and that future had a past

and that past wasnt pleasent

my past made me into this monster

this monster is living the past

this creature is living the future
Bobby Butterfield

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A Million Voices From The Stars

i heard the voices loud and clear
they spoke of the future drawing near
in rags and sorrows, misery and anguish
the rage of a thousand volcanoes
its parentage is chaos and hate, carnage and greed
we've sown the seeds of our very own extermination
the peace of the land shall no more be at hand
the future is near with fangs of bears
the future will come to drown and tear
i heard the voices proclaim loud and clear
Awasum Terrence

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From 'The Gentleman With The Lapdog' V

People are funny. Germaine to their happiness is usually a conviction that the future will be better than the past. Once born, the wonders of childhood advance like a carpet, ahead. A child chafes under the bonds of adolescence. Adolescence anticipates the freedom of maturity. Adults entertain the prospect of healthy old age, the geriatric the prospect of the life-to-come. The future must be rosy and offer respite from the doldrum of the present, or a man is sad. And the past, no matter how dingy, morphs rosy in retrospect. Women, to this degree, seem the greatest optimists. Otherwise, no one would get born.

If Tanya seemed glum as we set off to collect Jack from the hospital the next morning, it can perhaps be understood by that- ahe'd lost faith in the future, based on events in the recent past- a past too recent to recall as anything but bad. As the cab clipped along, she took out a handkerchief from her purse and began to cry.

'What's the matter? ' I wondered, pretending ignorance.

'I don't know, ' she sobbed. I'm so worried about Jack. He's been acting so weird, lately- ever since that operation.'

I had similar misgivings. Would Jack become a permanent management problem? Would he bark in the lobby? Could he go to concerts and plays? Of what use is a man, if not.

'Aw, don't worry, ' I told her, 'I sort of like him as a lapdog. It's endearing.'

'Peter, that's not helpful! '

I laughed. What else could I do?

'I know, but...'
Morgan Michaels

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Where Sould I Go?

Where should i go?
Childhood is endling,
future is in front of me.
Which way should i take?

Where should i go?
I can't stop future.
Does i want to grow up?
Or want to stay a child?
Future is in front of me.
Which way should i take?
Amy Jill Riley

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