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Poems On / About FUTURE  9/1/2014 3:59:08 PM
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Best Poems About / On FUTURE
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There is a philosophy
That when you compete you must get a trophy
And if you don’t you are compared to a puppy
I have some mind bulging questions, do we all got to have that money?

The future is bright
That’s another philosophy
Indeed it is bright but the leaders never provide followers light
Gunshot every night
Is this bright, is this right

Tomorrow they say, shall be better
But they forget that “today was yesterday’s tomorrow”
If this is the future then we will live on shield and arrows
Don’t just sit there and watch me talk
They are using your future for pork
And unnecessary expensive cloths

Tomorrow will never be better
If you wait for bread for you have butter
Tomorrow will be better if you strive harder
We are our own tomorrow

We are not alone so look into the sky and dry a tear
Make sure you use love to pass through fear

“These are words my ears attracted when walking pass an old man advising his grandson”
Kumi William Dubois Yaw Sakyi

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Past, Present, Future

Our past has had all the elements that have caused us to pass the test of time.

Life is good! We may have our challenges and we have obstacles to overcome, but all in all we have a great life, the blessing of
wonderful children and the opportunity to grow older, happier, and in love together.

Our future is bright because we have the ability to set our destiny, achieve our goals, and together move forward into that future with confidence and the reassurance that together we can make it the best we can.
Our children are our future and the elements that will be presented to us through them is what we have to live for.
Javier Granda

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My Scrawny Corpulent Republic

There was a country
When birdies chirped like birdies
When vermin bawled like vermin
When human hibernated
When food besought for visit
When water chilled for man's throat
When war was love...
There was a country
When we were worth it
When autonomy subsisted
Even without sovereignty
Freedom decreed
There was indeed a country
When only the present was fashioned
When the future was relished
When the future absconded from the future
Right in front of the present
There is a country
Where we always articulate 'it will be better'
There is a country
Where the future guzzlers live to scoff more
My country is starving
With much cuisine in her creel
She is parched with ocean surging in her patio
She is howling with much resources she's stashing
Nai Ji Ri Ya
A moniker that adversely effects on its denizens
Olumodi John Tope

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The Red past and the Green future

The story of red past is a tragedy full of nobility
It’s the history of eternal faces
The history of an unfair war
That now happens due to tar

Red past is a symbol for defending
A symbol for all the people who needs to stay strong
It gives a lesson to all of us,
That we have enough power with no loss

Red past is a book, a book consists of several lessons
And it's important one is to protect our beliefs
We should respect all the humans' ideas and their way of living
And we should protect our ideas and our spiritual being

And the green future is a warm faith
A powerful one that gives us the real feeling of being seen
Green future teaches us that the justice is not dead yet,
And I look for the green future with my eyes those are wet

Wait. Let the time to pass its way
Time passing is a gift from God if we think more
The green future will shine a day soon
And that day the justice will shine as the moon
Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

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