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Poems On / About FUTURE  4/27/2015 5:29:32 AM
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Me Myself, An I

as i sit and think life plays its roll in each and everyones life, it is an adventure staring me, myself, and, I. my life is the cast, my role to live and who better to play this than me, myself, and I, what does the future hold for your own personal movie role death and lots of regets or life with alot friends, chicks and checks, i choose C live my life under God's eye untill i die being the best i can as me, myself, and I. compared to most i luv life till my bones hurt, just thinkin its me, myself and I, how would I make myself any better than me, i know me to the tee, what most dont relizes is that they are there own personal key, to God, to life, to kids, to wife, so your door is already open just turn the key, just thinkin about me myself and I and what the future holds for me, and what does your future hold for thee, i don't know but pray and God is there 9 out of 10 holding the key
thomas johnston

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I Have Wonderfully Planned Your Future

I have woderfully planned your future. And I have filled your life with potential and purpose. My prayer is that would look to your future with as much pleasure and expectations. As I do my plans are for you. To succeed and bring into existence all you were destined for hope with earnesr expectations for all. I have for you your future is in my hands and it can happen as I have dreamed. I love you God written and 12/1/08
Susie Sunshine

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Live Today

Live today not as yesterday, or as if there's no tomorow, but live today as today. Because yesterday was the past which you shall not dwell in, and tomorrow is the future which we have no control over. but live today as today, I say at this very moment. So we won't make the same mistakes we made yesterday, And that we won't let today or yesterday jeopardize our future. So I say live today as today, cause it is just another lesson learned. That we won't let our past harm us today, and not let our future be damage by our today's
Shonta Mckoy

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The Future

You are building a ladder that reaches to the bottom of everything. It goes so deep that it reaches the future & there you find all the people who loved you & you gather them in one room & you ask them questions like What had I hoped to live? & Where could I have walked? In the future all the ladders arrive from the past & the people step off of them, tired & dirty from their long journeys down, rubbing their eyes with their wrists. In the future all the people who loved you are growing larger & larger, too large to remember you, too true to remain in the past.
Mathias Svalina

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Poems On / About FUTURE