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What A Guy Wants

A guy wants the type of girl
That doesn't mind staying home
A guy wants a girl
He can call his own

He doesn't want a girl
Who will cheat
He doesn't want a girl
Who is cheap

He wants a girl
Who will be his best friend
He wants a girl
Who will love him to the very end

He wants a girl
Who he can depend on
He wants a girl
Who will tell him when he's wrong

A guy wants a girl
Who will never lie
Even if it means
One ends up crying

What a guy wants in a girl
Is passion and trust
But most of all
A guy wants to love and not to lust
Rudy Puentes

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Oh Girl Its You

hey you black girl give me a smack and Ill smack you back girl real big bold tall girl anit that your name ole girl? o put on a show girl oh no there she go girl see no one cares girl! look at her with her nappy hair girl people died in a family leaving her in a lonely world girl its sad that the only people here is no one girl stand up be yourself smile for everyone else girl shame to what everyone might think girl her blood is blue her eyes pink girl crying all night heavy breathing under the sheets girl being raped and molested who do you think girl tears in her eyes shame in her pride smacker down pass around giver a blunt she'll be fine its okay.
her mother is dying her brother is crying her sisters lying
looking into the mirror to a site that's just not appealing to her on I asking myself why why am i this girl why am I in this world and why am I still breathing
kaliaha hogue

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Flow with the words to those who speak
As i flow with the vibe to this beat
I am not a poet
Just a girl up the street
At once i couldn't even speak
Now i talk with a pep in my speech
A girl cannot be stupid
only she can be foolish
With acknowledge they call her stupid
But she tries to prove that she is not stupid
Just a little foolish
She tried to prove point with her body fluids
But yet she is still known as stupid
This girl is a school girl
She is a young girl
A young girl striding to be that one girl
This young girl stops
And she says i am the one girl
The one girl does her flow
The flow only known to heaven though
Can you believe that one girl became miss lady with a strong stride
The lady who tells young girls
I was once you girl
That lady known to the new girl
Miss lady flows to the beat
With a pep in her speech
Because i am that girl
Known as the one girl
Taylor Swan

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little girl

little girl i once was
little girl i wish i still was
little girl so sweet so innocent
little girl so pure
little girl i miss you so much
brandi reissig

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