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Poems On / About GIRL  2/6/2016 5:27:06 AM
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The Checklist

Meet girl,
Talk to girl,
Connect with girl,
Make girl laugh,
Make girl like you,
Like girl back,
Hang out with girl,
Become inseparable with girl,
Kiss girl,
Make girl love you,
Love girl back,
Live with girl,
Have children with girl,
Grow old with girl,
Regret nothing.
Jeremy Rascon

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Gorgeous girl, who is it to blame
Anonymous girl, who knows her name
Saddened girl, who makes her cry
Blind girl, who can't love anymore
Lonely girl, who wants to touch her
Speechless girl, who kissed her
Gossip girl, who talks about her
Baby girl, who gave birth to her
Pretty girl, who broke your heart
Promiscious girl, who's promise got broken
Girlie girl, why you're wearing pants
Ugly girl, who can change her
Party girl, who will drink tonight
I don't even want to be an idiot pretty girl....
Joy O' Pateng

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A Girl...

A girl.
I met this girl with a beautiful personality, but had a lot to hide.
A girl with compassion.
A girl with sorrow hidden deep into her heart, that only a key can open it.
A girl that hasn't found her full potential, but yet knows where she wants to be and what to do with her heart.
A girl who wants to explore the world.
A girl who loves and hates.
A girl who is awake, yet she sleeps.
She's just an ordinary girl who does ordinary things.
A girl who gets mistreated because she's in a residential facility.
A girl who has no one to love her and care for her.
A girl who has to deal with teasing and bullying everyday of her life,
as long as she can remember.
She's just a girl...
And that girl is me!
Shannon Monroe

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A Little Girl Who Crys

I am the little girl...Who crys all day long I am the little girl...Who trys to be pretty by putting on make up...Which makes me look like a clown I am the little girl...Who eats all day long just because im lonely I am the little girl...Who continue to love he/she hates me BUT MOST OF ALL! I am the little girl...Who is a angel on the inside and outside! <3 Princess Domo
Princess Domo

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