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Young Girl

Young girl Abused and broken
Young girl Alone and Frightened
Young girl Worthless and Ugly
Young girl feels so alone
She has no one to hold her
Young girl's father to drunk to even care
The young girl gets beaten everyday
The young girl wanting to runaway
Young girl will not leave her father alone
Like he has done to her
This young girl's teacher has a note
She reads the note aloud to the class
This young girl was beaten to death

No one had the guts to save her
This young girl bruised and dead
This young girl buried in the cold ground
This young girl has no one to visit her grave
No one asked her how she got her bruises
No one even took a second chance
Goodbye young girl fly away into the arms of God
For He loved you and always will
This young girl happy again
Jasmine Kayleen

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I will never be...That Girl

there's this stereotype
of a guys type
a girl that every guy wants to sleep with
but never wants to be with
that girl

daddy's little girl
who never had a daddy in this world
who grew up all too fast
and did whatever to make up for lost past
that girl

the girl who wanted to be just like mommy
not knowing that mommy
would be the cause
of her insecurities
that girl

i will never be that girl
i refuse to be that girl
i feel sorry for that girl
Lachaunte Evans

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Gift for my love i offered

Gift for you is my beat
O girl
I Given you
All my beat
O girl

Offered I offered you my love
Of beat
in a small heart of my every beat
As a gift for you
I offered...

Gift for you
Is my love
I offered

love I worshiped
worshiped your love
O girl
the day
I offered my love to you
O girl
The day you accepted my heart
O girl

Gift for you is my beat
O girl
I Given you
All my beat
O girl
binod bastola

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That girl

That girl that sits alone
That girl that everyone stares at
That girl that nobudy likes
That girl is me

That girl that dresses in black
That girl that looks at you with the corner of her eye
That girl that has no friends
That girl is me

That girl that looks wierd
Isnt really what you think
If you get to know her better
You will get to know me

(January 2,2008 9: 00pm)
Alejandra Isabel Ocampo Alvarez

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