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Poems On / About GIRL  2/11/2016 5:19:40 PM
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I'm a girl that everyone expects to be perfect
I'm the girl that gets yelled out and called names if did something 'imperfect'
I'm the girl who is suppose to help out everyone before I help myself
I'm the girl who is expected to be nice all the times, and not state anything that could hurt another's feelings, regardless if it's the truth
I'm that kinda girl, that no one seems to believe, is imperfect

Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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Typical Emo Love Poem

Girl meets Boy
Girl falls in love
Boy falls in love with Girl's Friend
Friend goes out with Boy
Girl is left with only thoughts
Friend breaks up with Boy
Girl asks Boy out
Boy said yes!
Girl, Boy, and Friend are happy
Boy gets in trouble with Dad
Boy breaks up with Girl
Girl is left again with only thoughts
Two weeks past
Friend and Boy go out again
Girl ends life.
Brie Carter

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Daddy Died Mommy Cried The Little Girl Laughed

Daddy is dead
Mommy shakes her head
They say Mommy poisoned him
And all the little girl can do is laugh

The little girl wanted to shout joyfully
It was all the little girl's fault
The little girl poisoned Daddy
Finally the little girl's revenge

Mommy and Daddy used to beat the little girl all the time
Mommy would watch and laugh while the little girl screamed
Because Daddy was raping the little girl

hey people a girl i knew wrote this poem
creepy huh?
Ark Angel Of Shadows

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Calling you a bitch is just to hateful
And it's not who I am
Calling you my bestie would just be a lie
And I don't lie I tell the truth
Calling you dumb and stupid is what
Might put you in the same position as me
But calling you a Barbie is perfect.
When I cal you a Barbie you automatically think of yourself as this skinny, pretty, face full of makeup, rich girl.
While I think of you as someone fake, unrealistic, plastic, and just not qualified to be on this earth because all your doing is hurting others to make you feel better about yourself.
Why do girls have to be skinny, pretty, have a face full of makeup and rich, to be the right girl
Shouldn't girls be who they want to be
You can't tell girls have to look, how to act, how to be girls
Girls are all sizes
But all girls are perfect
Nothing can change girls from being themselves accept
Jenay Brown

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