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' New Girl '

'New Girl',
call 411,
she's here,
and she's being impressed,
by everyone.
Most girls are jealus.
Most boys just glare.
The 'New Girl',
is alone,
and has no one to talk with,
walk with,
share secrets with,
or have fun with.
The new girl,
is alone.
Let's talk,
let's walk,
lets share secrets with,
lets have fun.
She's the ' New Girl '.
Let's make her feel welcomed,
by laughing,
blocking her way,
let's make her get lost,
don't worry,
she'll find her way.
The ' New Girl '
is just a girl,
she's nothing more,
than a ' New Girl ',
nobody likes her,
nobody cares,
everyone just stares,
and the boys,
just glare.
She's the ' New Girl ',
we assume she's mean,
we assume she's naughty,
we assume she's clean.
We think she's snobby,
we think she's weird,
we think she's a nobody,
but that ' New Girl ',
was me.
Jasmine Aira

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The girl who used to..

The girl who used to look
in every mirror, window, glass...
to find a reflection of herself
to see if she still looked good
while laughing with her friends

The girl who used to stare
at guys
hoping one of them would notice her
while laughing with her friends

The girl who used to party
was seen
as the most perfect girl
while laughing with her friends

The girl who used to do this
can't look in any mirror anymore
she is afraid of the reflection
she is afraid to burst in tears in public
while walking alone

The girl who used to do this
doesn't look at boys anymore
because you can see the sadness in her lovely eyes
boys don't like sad girls
that's something you should know

The girl who used to do this
lost all her friends
she made herself believe that she is better off without them
but now she discovers her own lie

The girl who used to feel alive
is now dead inside
faking happiness
for over a year

The girl who used to be the best
now pretends like she's the best
Because she feels like the worst
did you know she was depressed?
Jessica Hastings

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My Girl.

My Girl.
My Girl, my princess, my gem,
It seems like yesterday when I held you in my hands as a tot,
The cries of new life, new arrival to the family,
Perfect creation, gentle, beautiful ebony,

My girl has grown too quickly,
When I watch what you do, what comes out of your mouth,
The articulation, the depth of knowledge, the thoughtful thoughts,
Your poise, your elegance, your carriage,
My girl, embodiment of brain and beauty, that is my girl,

The carbon-copy of mommy, that is my girl,
I look into future with hope, and apprehension,
Hope that the lucky guy would understand that he is entrusted with a difficult task,
To handle my girl with utmost tenderness, and affection, because she is my girl,
You will always be my girl, my little girl, my Nene, simply awesome.

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I'm Just a Girl

I'm just a girl.
A girl who needs somebody.
A girl who cries out for help.
A girl who looses her temper.
A girl who can't control herself.
A girl who tries to live.
A girl who can't achieve.
A girl who wants to die.
A girls who doesn't want to live.
But above all that,
I'm juts a girl.
Karina Lopez

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