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I'll Be The Girl

I'll be that girl,
who hides her fears...
I'll be that girl,
who never shows she is in pain...
I'll be that girl,
that cries herself to sleep every night
I'll be that girl,
who everyone thinks is stupid...
I'll be that girl,
who is a hero to others, but never has one of her own...
I'll be that girl,
who never breaks hearts but has hers broken all the time...
I'll be that girl,
who will end her life, when no one is around...
I'll be that girl,
who hides from everyone...
I'll be that girl,
that wants to die deep down but won't say anything...
I'll be that girl because,
It's the only one people will accept me for... the only one they want to be around...so that's me.
kupkake kisses

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Little Girl

Little Girl
Running down a hillside
Arms open, spread wide
Chasing clouds to bigger skies
Rolling along the dandelions
Lost in a snowstorm of light
Until you fall, you'll never fly

Little Girl
Lost in sunrise

Little Girl
Afraid to cross the street
Without momma's hand to lead
The light is green
Trust your feet

Little girl
Cupping a butterfly
In your hands it will die
Holding tighter doesn't work, I've tried
Let it's wings feel flight
Don't cling to life

Litle Girl
Leaning over the edge of a bridge
Watching the river slip
Little Girl
Drop a stick into the stream
Let it carry your dream
Floating to a far off sea
The hardest part is watching it leave

Red cherry lips
Blow me a kiss good bye
Little Girl
Touch the roof of the sky

Little Girl
Your act is nearly through
and every face you ever know
Is here clapping for you
take a bow
As the confetti falls
Around you
Little Girl
Lost in a snowstorm of light
Little Girl
Lost in sunrise
Brie Carter

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The Kind of Girl I Am

I’m not the girl who’ll put out
I’m not the girl who’ll give in
I’m not the life-sized barbie doll, who’ll just let you have her & transform her as you wish
I’m not typical or “normal”
I’m not the girl who will only stay because she “loves” him
I’m not the girl who will cuss you out, no matter how much I might be tempted
I am the girl who will accept you for who you are
I’m the girl who will stay strong despite my challenges
I’m the girl who goes her own path, not the one he wants her to take
I’m the girl who walked away from the boy I loved, although that was something I never thought I could do
I’m the girl who has stood up to her father, who looked him in the eyes and didn’t hesitate
I’m the girl who is in charge of her life.
Alyssa Lynn

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Little Girls

Little girls, little girls,
when will you grow,
little girls, little girls,
you don't seem to know,
what is right,
what is wrong,
where you are,
where you belong.
Little girls, little girls,
you just want to be older,
though you're much too young,
to keep that on your shoulders.
You grow up too fast,
in this day and age,
trying to be adults,
and acting adult ways,
but you never mature,
you sell out to be 'cool',
and you think you're grown up,
when you're really just fools.
Dancing around,
as your bodies develop,
'look at me,
I'm all grown up',
but you're all little girls,
as you grow and fill out,
talking and talking,
but nothing about.
So you grow, and you grow,
and look like real women,
but you're still little girls,
by the lives that you're living.
You play follow the leader,
all over your life,
so you don't have to think,
about wrong and right,
lazy little girls,
who think they are women,
stay little girls,
lost little children.
Amouta Stardancer

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