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Poems On / About GOD  3/2/2015 10:29:51 AM
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Best Poems About / On GOD
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Poem: Will You Travel With Me To Heaven?

When you wake up in the morning
From a dream you think is okay
You see your spouse and family
Get ready for another day

The dream you saw, the things you see
The bed on which you soundly sleep
Your kids all grown up, your husband
And old memories that you keep

Who do you think created them?
Were they created from nothing?
If there is no god who made these
All, then what's the point of living?

D'you think we were made from nothing
Then from nothing we live for fun
To eat and drink, to love and hate
Then when we die, what comes is none?

The eyes with which your body sees
Those sockets that keep your eyeballs
The mouth you use for food and speech
The way you answer random calls

The languages you use to speak
And another –your mother tongue-
The way you carry yourself, and
How you breathe through your heart and lungs

The muscles that stretch when you smile
Your friends who often make you laugh
The words you try to understand
And how you sign your name so fast

Your kids who once stayed in your womb
The months you carried them in you
Your feelings when you saw their first
Walk and when they smile back at you

The food you eat and cook each day
The rainfalls that fall from above
The earth you walk on each night and
Day, and the things you've learned to love

The blood that flows 'neath your skin each
Hour, the foods you eat, sweet and sour
The clouds you see above your head
The scent of various plants and flowers

The many colors of people
You see, and many sounds you hear
All things in this universe make
You think that a God must be near

A God who is not in this world
But because of Lordship –Above-
Above the skies and on His Throne
Above anything you can think of

A God who is the Most Powerful
A God who does not eat or sleep
A God who is Above all things
A God who does not sweep the streets

A God who sees us all the time
A God who knows our hidden thoughts
A God who hears us all the time
A God who gives us lots and lots

A God who made this universe
A God who is the King of all
A God who knows the good and bad
A God who causes rain to fall

A God who made all kinds of colors
A God who rotates day and night
A God who knows all languages
A God who gave the moon its light

A God who knows the past and present
A God who sees the future of all
A God who gave all kinds of sounds
A God who gave all forms –short and tall

A God who is not a human
Not a soul or created thing
A God who always hears and sees
Yet we cannot hear or see Him

A God who tests us, hence we cannot
See Him, a God who never lies
A God without human weakness
-Not Born- A God who does not die

A God who made us with a purpose
To worship Him, worship Him alone
A God who wants us to be Muslims
And Heaven our Eternal Home

By worshiping only One God
And following God's Rules and Laws
Allah is He. God is Allah.
Allah: The God who has no flaws

Allah is not the God of Arabs
Not all Arabs believe in Him
Allah is the God of all of us
Who made everyone and everything

If you ask 'why the name Allah? '
I ask you, why's your name your name?
Imagine your teacher says 'I'm Jane'
If you disbelieve you could be 'lame'

She says, 'Class, I'm Jane; I'm your teacher'
You say, 'I don't want a teacher 'Jane''
Your teacher says, 'my name is Jane'
You say, 'Don't teach, unless your name is changed'

If one has done that, they have rebelled
They're arrogant; they want attention
If you're a troublesome student
Then all you get is detention

So if Allah says that He is God,
That Allah is God, and God Allah
Then believe in God, worship Allah
To avoid Hell and its boiling lava

Allah is One, the Only True God
Allah created you and I
Allah has no children nor wife
Allah needs no bodyguard nor spy

Allah is One, God is Just One
I said 'One God', not 'God in Three'
One God who rules the whole universe
'More than many gods'? How can that be?

If there were many gods as some claim
The whole world would be upside down
False gods would vie with one another
As kings would fight for the same crown

God has no son. God has no daughter.
God has no wife, God did not marry
God is too Powerful and Perfect
God does not weaken nor get lonely

God is Allah, Allah the True God
If you now believe, please testify
That there is no god but Allah
And God was never crucified

Once you have recognized Allah
Remember that Allah has Rules
Rules that must be followed by all
All of God's servants, including you

God commanded us to pray to Him
To Pray to Him each day and each night
To worship Him our Creator Allah
Is the reason why God gave us life

Imagine a king who has many
Servants staying at his palace
It would make no sense at all if those
Servants do not fulfill their purpose

Those servants were ordered to work
And to respect that king at all times
While the king gives them a place to stay
They should always make his palace shine

Any slave who does not work may
Eventually be kicked out soon
Any slave who works improperly
May likewise end up without a room

That king has a right to command
His slaves to sing lovely songs of him
To choose the number of times to wash
A staircase, because he is 'king'

That king has a right to command his
Slaves to do well to his family
To treat his close friends with respect
And welcome his guests cheerfully

To tell them not to touch this and that
To disallow them from certain rooms
To do what he commands them to do
As he is the owner who rules

So when Allah gives a command
A command that must be obeyed
You must obey Allah's Commandments
Or else you might get yourself astray

So if Allah commands you to pray
To Him, five prayers everyday
Don't ask 'why? ' Don't ask 'why five salahs? '
Just listen to God, and obey

God lets you walk on the earth He made
God gives you fresh air for you to breathe
God keeps the clouds above you floating
And gives you drink and food to eat

God gave you a brain with which to think
And still you ask 'why should you pray? '
We pray to Allah, the Mighty King
Who lets us live each night and day

When you're awake, when you're asleep
The air you breathe each night and day
What you inhale and what you exhale
Are some things from God which you don't pay

The ability to taste is a
Gift from God which many just ignore
Imagine if you could not taste the
Food you eat, eating would be a bore

You eat fruits and vegetables that God
Created, from plants that Allah made
You drink water which belongs to God
And yet you ask 'why must we pray? '

We pray to Allah, not because He
Needs us, but because we need Him so
God is the One who keeps us alive
God is the One who helps us grow

How dare you walk on earth as though
You own it, when earth is owned by Him
Allah who owns the whole universe
Who owns everyone and everything

How dare you speak when God gave you speech
How dare you sleep when God made the night
How dare you eat and drink what God
Bestowed, and you ask 'does God have rights? '

Yes, God's Right is that He be worshiped
Worshiped Alone with no other
And that His commands be followed
While we know Him as God and Ruler

Allah: The Ruler of those on earth
The Ruler of those that live beneath
The Ruler of humans, animals,
And jinns, and those that live in the seas

Allah: The God and Owner of
Everything and everyone He made
Even the oxygen we breathe
And the night and day are Allah's slaves

So please do not ask 'why must we pray? '
We pray because we are Allah's slaves
Slaves of God who created us all
And gave us a place –this earth- to stay

Because God is God, and the True King
God has every right to command
He can choose the number of prayers
And how we should worship with our hands,

What we should say in our salaahs,
Which prayers should be said aloud
How we should mention Allah's Names and
How (when we pray) we must look down

God has a right to order us to
Abstain from the food and drink He gave
He has a right to make Ramadan
A month of fasting during the day

God has a right to prevent us
From committing sins and evil deeds
From food and drink that He forbade
To test us if we truly believe

God tests us not because He knows not
But because He wants to be sure
To ensure that those who are with Him
In Heaven are the good and very pure

If you ask 'Who was before Allah? '
I ask, 'what was before number one? '
If you say 'zero' or 'nothing'
Then what is before Allah is 'none'

Allah is the First, the Only One,
The One True God whom we should pray to
The Only One who knows everyone
Who knows what all His slaves will go through

Allah is God who will question us
On the Day of Resurrection
Allah is the One to question us
It is not right that God is questioned

So do not question 'why should we pray? '
'Why should we pray five times a day? '
God is the King who must command
While we were born to be God's slaves

There is no job on earth that is more
Noble than being Allah's servant
There is no home more spacious than earth
But the homes in eternal heaven

Embrace Islam for it means Peace
Peaceful submission to your Creator
Accept the key from God Allah
Or you may regret it later

Islam is the religion of all
Prophets, the faith of Jesus too
As He peacefully believed in God
And did what he was ordered to do

He called his people to Islam
And here I am inviting you
Islam to Heaven? Or lies to Hell?
As God's slave, it is your job to choose.
Miriam Mababaya

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Muito obrigado my God
For the last days of summer
That were full of sunshine
They were enough to take my breath away
Muito obrigado my God
For giving me the time to be on my own
Muito obrigado my God
For keeping your eyes on me
Muito obrigado my God
For giving me back the energy that I needed
To live every summer
Muito obrigado my God
For the beautiful sky that you created
So that birds and men, like snow birds, can fly
In the air
Muito obrigado my God
For the bible that you wrote
Many years ago
Muito obrigado my God
For allowing me to be your poet
Muito obrigado my God
For the oceans that you created
So that boats could travel all over the world
To deliver food and other goods
Muito obrigado my God
For trusting me
Because you know by now
That I trust you
Muito obrigado my God
For allowing me to see a clear picture of the city
That I live in
And some areas that I walk on don't look that great
I had never seen so many homeless
Sleeping on the streets
- I understand that my case is different from them
Muito obrigado my God
For being there for me
When I am feeling down
And you give me a boost - right away
Just like lightning over my body
Then it takes time for me to realize that I am fine
And alive again
Muito obrigado my God
For the days that are coming
I understand that I have to be prepared for them
Muito obrigado my God
For the singers that are available in the world
Because I know that without music
It would be impossibe to live
Also I feel that I need music to relieve my daily stress
Muito obrigado my God
For giving me the moon that shines every night in the sky
Muito obrigado my God
For understanding that I have fears
They scare me
And then I am panicked again
Also I wonder if it is normal for me to have fears
What do you think God?
Muito obrigado my God
For allowing me to walk free on the streets of downtown
In the city that I live in
Muito obrigado my God
For creating all the beautifull parks that are in my city full of trees and Flowers
That I can see with my eyes
Muito obrigado my God
For allowing me to see far away with my eyes
Also my eyes are like a digital camera
That paint a digital image inside of my mind
Muito obrigado my God
For loving me
And I love you also
Muito obrigado my God
For giving me that empty cup
So that I could fill it with things that bring me luck, each day
Muito obrigado my God
For keeping me warm during the winter that I hate so much
Why do I hate winter?
Because the winter is always hard and cold
Also I don't get to see the sun
Like in the summer months
Muito obrigado my God
Because if I need something tomorrow or any day
I can just give you a shout
I remember my promise to you
Muito obrigado my God
Because I know that tonight I will rest in peace
And I feel that right now all I need is peace
Muito obrigado my God
For allowing the church bells to ring loud and clear
I can hear them from far away
Those bells are amazing
It is almost like a symphony that is being played over and over again.
Aldo Kraas

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With All My Heart, God, Let Me… (A Song)

With all my heart, God, let me praise you;
With all my heart, God, let me thank you;
With all my heart, God, let me serve you;
With all my heart, God, let me love you.

With all my heart, God, let me seek you;
With all my heart, God, let me trust you;
With all my heart, God, let me call you;
With all my heart, God, let me reach you.

With all my heart, God, let me rejoice;
With all my heart, God, let me obey;
With all my heart, God, let me repent;
With all my heart, God, let me be glad.

With all my heart, God, let me be pure;
With all my heart, God, let me await;
With all my heart, God, let me sing songs;
With all my heart, God, let me not sin.

With all my heart, let me abide in Him;
With all my heart, let me be righteous;
With all my heart, let me not go astray;
With all my heart, let me keep your Words.

God knows all secrets of the human heart;
He forms all hearts and considers all that they do;
The Lord moves hearts of Kings to make decrees;
Only fools say in hearts, ‘There is no God! '
Dr John Celes

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My God and Your God

Maybe you're curious
If I have no religions
So who is my Lord?
Because in your mind one can only be good and have morality
If they are strict adherents to a righteous religion

I tell you
Maybe my god is different from your God
Because my god is very compassionate
My god loves all its creation
God the almighty is very understanding, not easy to give punishment
My god is much different from what you ever think

What is the name of your God, you asked
My god's name is god
But I can also call it with another name
Indeed, my god does not care how I call it
But I do not call it with any names you ever heard
Because you have claimed that name belongs to your God
And you will arrogantly say
All who wear that name
Must follow the same rules as ours
That is the purest, the most righteous, and the holiest

Every religion has its own rules
Without rules everything will not be in an order, you said
That's why I do not like to join your religion
Because I'm not a blind devotee of the rules and religion
Because my god has blessed me and the entire human
With brain, heart and conscience
Let me humbly make it function
To choose the best of all the teachings
That might be from some parts of your holy book but certainly not all of them
Because my god is almighty but simple

I use the word 'my'
Because I know better about me myself than any other human being
Where and how I put my god inside my heart and mind
'My' does not always mean mine
Not like how you often claim and behave as if you were the owner of your religion and God
Treating it as an untouchable thing
Defending it as a matter of life and death with many tools
Creating a lot reasons to kill and die for
You make your religion above all
Humanity, peace, and justice is often nothing compared with your religion and God
So you see
Maybe my god is different from your GOD
Nur Meiyati

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