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Poems On / About GOD  4/17/2015 11:52:03 PM
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Best Poems About / On GOD
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My Retreat

In the Lord I find my comfort
He is just, He is true, He is holy
The Lord is who gives me all
He gives me patience, He gives me love
He gives me pain, He gives me my discomfort.

My all in all, He who gives all
Can also take all.
All in all God is love.
Love is in everything-
God is in everything, living or not

God was in the attempts that have failed
God was in each breathe you inhaled
God was in not only what did fail but also what prevailed

God is where I go when I rejoice
God is who speaks for those without voice
God is in each decision and each choice

God will bring laughter to your face
God will forever be in this place (my retreat)
God will always hold me in a loving embrace

God is in you and me
And I am sure you'd agree
That God is in, a guarantee
Amanda May Moore

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God’s Chief Mountain

Soon the Chief of mountains will be, Mount Zion, through all Eternity,
And in the Chief of every mountain, God will put a cleansing fountain,
To cleanse David’s Clan from sin, so they can minister to all for Him,
And to Jerusalem all men will go, from where all God’s Laws will flow.

God’s Eternal City was renown, for all the bloodshed that was found,
Will become God’s City of Peace, once established, it will not cease.
As Messiah will reign from that Hill, as God’s promise He does fulfill,
Promised to Abraham, God’s friend; in Christ’s Rule that will not end.

This Mount will be raised over all, over every mountain, big and small,
Upon this Mount will reign just one, God’s Eternal, only begotten Son.
Reigning from King David’s Throne, over all the world and God’s Own,
And this Mountain, God has raised, by all the nations shall be praised.

Nations shall learn war no more, under the guidance of Christ our Lord,
And weapons of war will be turned into, utensils of life for me and you,
As God installs His Righteous King, who will justly rule over everything.
All from Jerusalem, not The Holy See, where Christ shall reign eternally.

The only Prophet, Priest and King, with lasting peace only He can bring,
God’s Peace, which will be Millennial, from God’s established Holy Hill,
The very Mountain chosen by God, from all those upon this earthly sod,
To establish the Throne of our Lord, from where He’ll reign forevermore.
Bob Gotti

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The Mystery Of Israel

This is the mystery of Israel, and how they fit into God’s will.
God met with this man Abram, when this man had not a son.
He told him to leave his kin, and go to a place He’d show him.
His name changed to Abraham, for he’d be given many lands.

God told him he’d have a son, when he and Sarah had no one.
Then Abraham simply gasped, while his wife Sarah laughed.
So Sarah decided to use Hagar, although God played no part.
Hagar and Abraham had a son, but he wasn’t the chosen one.

Abraham’s first son was Ishmael, but he was of a human deal.
For Abraham’s other son Isaac, was the one God would pick.
And it was Isaac’s son Jacob, who was the one that God loved.
Jacob wrestled with God’s will, and his named became Israel.

And this is the name of the land, that God promised Abraham.
God said He’d bless each nation, through Abraham’s situation.
Then the Jews entered the land, under Joshua and God’s Hand.
But they would anger The Lord, when His decrees they ignored.

God for a time turned from them, with His Covenant for all men.
Israel’s been hardened for awhile, as God includes the Gentile.
The Jew and Gentile are now one, under the Blood of God’s Son.
And Israel will receive her land, under the rule of The Son of Man.
Bob Gotti

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Circular Expression

God of one and the God for each
Only to you can we humans beseech.

God of two
One is the Christian and the other from the Hebrew.

God of three
The Holy Spirit Entwines the Arab unity

God of four
To open more than one door.

God of five
Giver of gifts so earth may survive

God of six and onward in time
Seeds of the universe and eternal vine.

God of seven and therein we dwell
The promise that ascended from out of hell.

God of eight
Abundant giver and keeper, of the holy gate.

God of nine
Singular yet yours and also mine.

God of ten far greater than a third
Life can be observed among the holy birds.

God of each bird seen in flight
God of both day and God of night

God of wind, air and sound
To this earth are we to be forever bound?

God of I Am before our time
I am what I Am, part of the vine.

God of vision and also dreams
Because of you there are beautiful earthly scenes.

12-27-05 Aho Speaks
AHO Speaks

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