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Poems On / About GRADUATION  3/5/2015 12:41:57 PM
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The Graduate.

Education, the great opportunity it gives
When a man gets his graduation
From such great Institution of repute
The great success follows him.

Graduating from such an younger age
Making a choice for education in real life
The world of knowledge is so wide
Where there is no an ending point to stop.

Continuous reading, understanding, writing
Also in research works, in Teaching,
A great individual useful for the world
To the society, as a human being of knowledge.

It is through the graduation, Post graduation
And also from the fellowships, and doctorate
The learned mind makes its own destiny
His immense contribution to the society immeasurable.

Luckiest are they, who gets valuable education
A graduation from a great university, college
A way to live in this world in the way of letters
Books, and creating his own books and enlightening
Just like a glittering moon light in darkness
Graduation a perfect tool for path finding,
To a man who seeks the way of knowledge.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Graduation 2013

Graduation is coming faster then you know
soon it will be may and we will all be alone
soon we will be crying and we will finally be free
adults you see
either going off to college or staying home
graduation is all we want to hear
there will be laughs
and i'm afraid more tears
as we honor those who wont be with us this year
they did to young
but hey it's life
graduation will be the worst
but the worst is yet to come
graduation is the bench mark
as you close your high school chapter
and open a knew one to life!
Marissa Ford

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Sitting here waiting
Watching the clock slowly tick
Tic toc Tic toc
The days go by slowly
It's April and May is nowhere in sight

It is getting harder to wake up in the morning
Pushing the snooze button once again
Trying to find reasons to stay home
The mind is elsewhere, floating in the clouds

May is finally here
Graduation is full speed ahead
Seinoritus is getting worse
The heart is set on graduation
The mind wants to sleep in 'til noon

Graduation is finally here
That was the cure needed all along
Kilee Burton

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Graduation Day

Graduation Day
sweat and mothballs
grass so green

where green banners wave
grass grows long

graduation night
the owl printed on a balloon
seems the wisest

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Wade Blade

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Poems On / About GRADUATION