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Poems On / About GRADUATION  9/2/2015 1:55:52 PM
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Best Poems About / On GRADUATION
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Love Is A Pretty Teacher

Love is a great teacher That graduated from the Universities of life deservedly And got its highest degrees and Other love certificates from its lovers. After graduation.It was appointed in The best schools of love To teach its lovers the true meaning Of the pretty love and its merits. It teaches all its students the Great meanings of love and its sublimity. It explains to all lovers to stick to Their love until the last day of their life. All students love their teacher and They learn from all they need in their life. Love is a great subject, so its teacher does Its best to explain it fully and greatly. The teacher is satisfied with all its Students, so they all love their teacher. It's love that occupies a great place in Our pretty hearts and in our pretty minds. Everyday the teacher has new points of view About love, so all students learn more and more. The empire of love rules greatly and its Kingdom is located in the pretty hearts. The students learn from their teacher everything And everyday they get more and more about it. The teacher does its best to continue giving Its students new subjects about the pretty love. Nobody knows exactly when will the students Graduate from the universities of love. It's the pretty love that never replenishes Our pretty needs nor it satisfies our thirst. The teacher starts and ends everyday with New subjects and new pretty horizons. Love is always a pretty teacher that teaches Everyone the great meanings of love in life.

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Ustaz Yaser

He wakes up early in the morning To perform the Dawn's prayer while Most of people are still in bed, After finishing the Dawn's prayer, He reads some verses of the Holy Koran, After finishing reading the Holy Koran, He makes his morning tea to read in his books, He keeps like this for a several hours, then He leaves the house to see his friends or To perform some duties he does everyday, He keeps like this until the Noon's prayer, so He goes to the nearest mosque to perform his prayer, When he finishes this Noon's prayer, he Walks all by himself until he meets so-and-so, It takes him several hours walking and talking To his friends or anyone he meets on his way, A call to prayer is heard by him for the Afternoon's Prayer, so he leaves everything behind to perform This prayer willingly and wonderfully, then When he finishes doing this, he comes back home To have his dinner ready for him by his house, After having his dinner, a call to prayer is Around, so he comes down to the nearest mosque to Fulfill it fully and willingly, then He comes back home towards the big room that was Designated by him to be his library and his visitors' Sitting room anytime, so another call to prayer is Heard by him for the Dinner's prayer which will be The last one to perform today with satisfaction, Ustaz Yaser retired a few years ago, but he keeps Performing all his normal duties as if he never retired, He is nice whose reputation makes him a prominent teacher, A well-known poet, and a reputable researcher in some Fields of literature and some linguistic fields, He has very great morality, so he is being loved By everyone who just hears his well-known Yaser, His poems are touching almost all notable subjects People know or they don't know, He was a very great teacher for many, many years, and All those are preparing for final graduations and theses Come to replenish their needs anytime, He is still doing his things like a young man although He hair got gray and he is now in his sixties, so He still alive helping all people who need him happily.

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What Kind Of Mother?

What kind of mother wants her child to fail so badly? What kind of mother would do more than an enemy to hurt me? Don't you know that I am your own flesh and blood? Do you even care or are you keeping your secrets under a rug? Why are you so evil and have so much resentment in your heart? Its not my fault that your life has fallen apart? What kind of mother spits horrible words upon her child? And at the same time wants recognition for that same child. Well guess what? ... I made it without you! And guess what else? ... I have no sympathy for you! And at my graduation my heart was empty because of you. And my first child won't have a real grandmother because of you! And at the start of my college life I fail off because of you. And now when people give me hugs I look at them strange.And now when people show me love I dont know how to maintain. Thanks mom, for giving me the worst up bringing ill ever see. Thanks mom, for showing me you never cared about me. Guess now you can kick your feet up and laugh at me. While I continue to be a motherless child struggling to be. What kind of mother? ..
Diamond Williams

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Scared To Death! !

Graduation is coming up fast
scared for what college brings
what life brings
I have a plan but they always get messed up
So scared for graduation
this last 3 months are going to fly
they are going to go so fast i might not be able to keep my feet on the ground
my grades are slipping
my life is slipping
i'm so scared to grow up
scared of what comes after high school
leaving everything i have ever known
Marissa Ford

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Poems On / About GRADUATION