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Poems On / About GREED  8/28/2015 12:28:48 AM
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Nothing Is...

If nothing had is nothing needed,
why is something wanted seen as greed?
Do we deceive our minds to avoid getting hurt
because we know the relationship will never work?
Is someone we need an example of greed,
because my acceptance to let you go fills me with need.
I don't quite understand how you once healed me,
but now it hurts like before, filling me with heat.
This hot-headed embarrassment I've once overcome,
this repetitive life where I wish I was done.
I go through this every day, gaining a scar on my heart,
If nothing is need and greed... then tell me where to start.
Jalyn Jones

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Love Trumps Loneliness

The power of sex has taken away the power of love.
This is clearly a piece of evidence that supports
how we are living in a world of sin.
Lust is sexual greed after all and
sexual greed is the killer of love.
Sexual greed is not bad to have
when you are young and
have time on your side.
When one matures, one usually
thinks about how they do not
want to be alone for the rest of their lives.
Love trumps loneliness because love takes
you out of yourself and puts you into someone else.
Once two make one, you will never be alone.
Theorem The Truth Serum

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Graven Greediness

A child when born is without vice,
But he or she falls in greed when takes rice.
Among vices greediness is one like vice,
It does dilate everywhere like mice.

Greed plays a vital role in the society,
Greedy becomes grievous greed is mighty.
Cupidity fixates in fitments and humdinger,
Fixated persons dance in the greed's finger.

Avarice grows in the greedy's mind,
He or she imagines earning having no kind.
We see for wealth many people do harm,
Their inhuman acts fed people's charm.

Beauty of things or persons attracts some,
Mignonette brings the eyes of bees with hum.
Attracted creatures are trapped in greed,
Like a fish of cupidity is trapped in feed.

We can away from greediness if we want,
We should be labourious and brave like ant.
We ought to know that matters are extinct,
Righteous qualities are eternal and also distinct.

Let's have values always in our lives,
No harm can do Graven Greediness-knives.
Meditate to God brings peace in mind,
We will get love, happiness, we will be kind.
Kumarmani Mahakul

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Contentment Is Happiness.

Contentment leads to your satisfaction.
Satisfaction leads to your happiness.
Contentment is a neuro-hormonal
Complex in the brain that controls your greed.

Greed is a primal desire regulated
By a neurological centre
Formed of neurons in the ventral portion
Of the hypothalamus in the brain.

These neurons set programme that determines
The quantum for gratification.
The programme is set with input drawn
From the database of the past memories.

How greedy you are is governed by brain.
You are the victim of the programme set.
Unbridled lust and insatiable hunger
Can be the resultant factors for creed.

Memories of the past provide input
To the programme operative in the brain.
It determines the level of ones greed
In accordance to the unfulfilled desires.

Contentment is opposite to greed.
Greed must come down to attain happiness.
Programme must be reset with new input
Powered by the will and the discretion.

Contentment is an interaction
Between the consumer and the consumed.
Bliss is the realization effects
From interaction of subject and object.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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