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Poems On / About GREED  2/10/2016 4:00:39 PM
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Vices To Be Wiped Out

You will be beset by ire
when you rent your mind to greed.
Pride will push you into mire
so to wise counsels pay heed.

Cremate your envy on pyre
and be honest in your deeds.
You will be beset by ire
when you rent your mind to greed.

Nothing will make you to tire
if you're off from lustful weed.
Do humans more advice need?
You will be beset by ire
when you rent your mind to greed.
rajendran muthiah

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Seven Sins

Seven sins reside within a human heart, seven sins made by the grip of Satan on our fragile human heart. But let me ask thou this my dear son: why are they considered so evil, so demonic, these seven sins?
Why must it be a sin to take pride in ones hard work?
Why consider it a sin to lose one self in anger when thy self loved one has been done so wrong that they couldn't bear the pain no more and breathe their last breath?
Why must envy seem so bad, to wish for what others have, to dream of a better life to wish for more?
How can the child of love named lust be considered so evil when love is considered so pure? May the reason be that love desires the soul and that lust desires the body yet Satan also desires the soul why is he considered evil when love is so pure?
Oh greed, a beast of great desires, why are you considered so evil when all you seem to be is a misunderstood child of humanity? Greed you're the fire that dwells within all great humans, all who have achieved some thing had the seed of greed planted within their hearts. How would our world look without these people? I fear to think. Oh dear misunderstood child of humanity, how we have changed your true nature from the fire that burns in our hearts to the beast who is blind to the earth and steps and crushes all in its path.
And my dear child what's so bad about losing all worries for a day or a year, not worrying about everyday life matters? Why must only Gods and Angels deserve a carefree life? Why can they bath in sloth and we humans fear it as a plague, even go as far as name it a sin?
Gluttony, well I'm sorry dear friend but no matter what you are still a sin since we humans simply deformed you, we take more then we give we made you and now we fear you. Oh gluttony, hated child of mankind but yet the most beloved of the seven children of humanity.
So now tell me son, why do you fear the beings you helped give life to it's a simple yet complex answer that goes like this: no man really wishes to be a man and no woman really wishes to be a woman. We all wish to be more than mere humans therefore we fear the most basic human actions and tag them with words such as sins.
What you lot consider the seven deadly sins of mankind, I consider the seven misunderstood children of humanity.
For in the end of the day it all depends on how you look at it.
Benjamin James Amiel

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What Made The Success Of The Swindler?

in the last analysis
it was not his gullibility
because it could have been so well learned
and the swindling avoided
as early as possible,
frankly speaking
it was his greed, and nothing but his greed,
which made the
swindlers have the last laugh

greed allows
everyone to come and
take everything

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Mahaveer Preaches

Anger, Pride, Deceit and Greed
Are the four flaws you denounce,
Said the saint Mahaveer,600 B.C.
Anger spurts when pride is at stake.
Pride reacts when deceit steps in.
Deceit lurks as greed sets in.

Greed is born of insecurity.
Faith in you can remove it.
Faith in God also removes it.
You can live serene, rich or poor.
28.04.2001, Pmdi
[Mahaveer is of Jain Religon,
Which flourished in India, ahead of Vedic Religion]
[e, m, c, i, n
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About GREED