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Poems On / About GREED  3/6/2015 10:21:25 PM
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Chocolate and Wine

The arch of greed

Casts a shadow over my gentle mind

That transpires my drift full need

Into an uncontrollable find

The persuasion of the heretic

Shapes your decisive pleasure

That product, that thing you will find

You will happily find in your leisure

But the arch of greed

Casts a shadow over my indecisive mind

That transpires my begging need

Into an indescribable find

This is my cherished addiction of chocolate and wine...

From this I never wish to decline!

Copyright of Sara Tehrani
Sara Tehrani

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The birds visiting me
Now I don't feed.

Blame it on my cats' greed!

Doel, bulbul, myna
All having fallen prey to
These snoopy lurky hyena!

These petty filthy abductors
Prowling pouncing predators
Have everything that takes
To break my feathered friends' necks!

Now I know it does them no good
Birds coming in lure of my food
And be bitten and eaten!

I no more feed
The cats' greed.
Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Funny is my name

Funny is my name
As a child itself
I hated it like
Anything else
Even when i dont know
Nothing , hated it
More than anything else
Name alien to me always
Name which used to
Be success in everything
Played havoc in my life
When lions in den comes out
When greed meet with greed
When idiots met with idiots
When jealousy met with vice
I turned to mentally deceased
To a deceased one
To a person who is blindfolded
To a person who wants
Everyone to be in blinded world..
Nimmy Mary Leela Kurian Alilakuzhiyil

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We the people

We the people,
the citizens of this land
stand right here before you
brother, sisters hand in hand

To tell you that we've had enough
enough of all your greed
that helps you line your pockets
while ignoring those in need

To tell that we wont be scared
or frightened anymore
you can no longer use our fear
to justify your war

We're here to remind you
to listen to what we say
because you see you work for us
its not the other way

Look back upon our history
and you will clearly see
that when ruled by greed and tyranny
we'll fight to become free.
A Thomas Hawkins

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Poems On / About GREED