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Poems On / About GREED  11/20/2014 8:13:36 PM
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I do not think greed a natural thing
Though it makes the heart of many sing
And the blood of almost all runs faster
At finding a good deal.

But the thing that greed tries to fill
Is - despite the object's possession - oft with us still,
For years can carry wounds
That years alone will never heal.

There is a middle way
That requites us from the bitter climb
Upholds a vision of things sublime
Poetry and prayer and friedship's deep currents
The meaning of being whole
Perhaps even the intimation of a soul.
Bill Grace

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why does our mother sun rise everyday
even though
it is nurturing a ruined world
run by greed, evil, and hate

why does the earth not collapse in on itself
and try again
to do it right
to make a world where evil cannot stand up
and stays in a paralyzed state

why do we continue
to walk the undefined pathway
that is terrible and dark
the pathway that we can fall
and hurt ourselves on

there is more love than greed
to go around,
the world's imperfection
is what makes it perfect,
and there is a lesson
taught on the dangerous path
before the bright destination
Noah Rodriguez

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Sin and destruction for all the tears
Pain without regret, blood red new years
No justice or concern, no atonement
Pride overloading, wrath of omen
Lusty eyes, envy for revolution
Gluttony to power, sloth of solution
Greed the key for genocides
Sin spreading worldwide

No establishment for humanity
Justice is in the unity
Overloading the sanity
Violence with in community
Lusting for the greed
Envy planting the seeds
Wrath leads the deeds
Gluttony for all Sin

Justice is in the heart
Freedom at first glance
The world is apart
Salvation In the Romance
avery watts

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A thermometer,
Her glass shell packed with,
Material mercury,
And blank noble sentiment.

When greed has a fever,
Mercury keeps inflating,
And gradually occupy blank.

Greed keeps having a fever,
The thermometer will burst at the end,
Only the incomplete body left.
Zhijian Jiang

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Poems On / About GREED