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Poems On / About GREED  5/27/2015 4:41:04 AM
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Beggars And Poverty

Not every beggar is a poor man or A poor woman anytime... Not every poor man is a beggar Anytime... Beggars versus poor people... Poor people never beg for money or Anything anytime... Beggary is a bad deed that makes Someone behaves badly and unwisely... Poverty is not beggary and beggary Is not poverty anytime... Beggars are mostly greedy and liars Simply because they beg for their Greed and not for their poverty... Most poor people never beg for money And for anything else in life... Poverty is not a mistake, but beggary Is a grave, ugly, and bad mistake... Most of those who beg don't need To beg anytime simply because they Are greedy anywhere and everywhere...

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Blind the conscience of need
Oblivious our world of greed
monk frost

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The best things in life are given, wisdom, love and peace. The goal is bending without breaking, The answer is to refuse defeat. Imagine a world united, fighting the battles of hunger and greed, imagine a future of prosperity, imagine knowing the difference between want and need. I challenge myself daily, maybe you can do the same, be someone's miracle in secret, without being a hero on your facebook page.50 Likes for your good deed, you've already received your reward, nothing will work better tho, if only seen by the lord. Take a leap of faith, maybe stop and talk to a stranger, ask them who they are, maybe treat them like a neighbor. Too many times I catch myself praying, usually when I WANT something in return, Never do I stop just to be thankful, for every second I've had on this earth. The world is more than able, To help everyone in need, It's up to you to be a hero, Be the reason we believe.
Joshua Tipton

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The Truth

We are all pathetic in our own way we love yet we cry we strong yet we bleed we say we are intelligent yet we kill. We are savages not a animal just humans we are animals live by honor although our pack lives by ignorance greed and arrogance a lion protects his cub to the death a human protects it's cub to it's lost dime. We are nothing but a blunder a mishap a mistake a abomination that should be extinct not reasoned with. Reasoning only brought fat cats and scared elephants we the people protest but do nothing our bark is as loud as lions roar and our actions are that of a prey to a lion. They spit on me for telling them the truth but in times of desperation they call my name for aid and will out and out and point no! . This the consequences of the truth and this the rewards of a lie.
Saiko Funakoshi

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Poems On / About GREED