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Poems On / About GREED  10/9/2015 10:42:13 PM
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Beautiful Bees

Bees be a buzzin a buzzin be the bee
but the only problem is there not buzzin in the fields.

Greed is the seed, the seed of which is greed
We've hurt the bees to meet our needs and treated them unfairly.

Money is the honey and the honey is the money.
They are slowly disappearing from all our interfering.

Stalling with the Pollen, the pollen that is stalling.
Please stop the pesticides and let it rest awhile.

Bees keep on buzzin, Keep on buzzin bees.
We need them for our future to build our family trees.
Aine Carroll

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It's A Weed

Greed is like a weed once planted it can forever grow without a single seed needed to be sewn.
It kills all the beautiful flowers and vegetables and takes their stead.
About impossible to kill.
Then when it comes to the great harvest theirs nothing left.
A barren waste land is all that seen for miles.
A sight completely surreal.
Defiled by this grotesque entity that bares no use to us as human beings.
Ace Of Black Hearts

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Im Sick

im sick of many things in many different ways, im sick of the pain and depression that people have to go through, im sick of death and war that over differences that divide the world, sick over love hurting and betrayal hurting others, bullying and violence of any kind that kills people, im sick of loneliness and brokenness that destroys people, many can just ignore all of this in a predatory sense of life, im sick of never being good enough and ignored, this feeling never seems to completely dissaper only reaper from time to time, im sick of hatred and racism plus ignorance, arrogance and greed show many faults, im sick of being jealous plus having that wanting feel always staying and being prolonged, im sick of being sick, being broody and deep sinks in a way that displays the values of growing older, im sick of being tired, i want to always be free and optimistic, are others sick and angry they can't be perfect? so many flaws, is there any change in a degree, the shadows encase me until i make a shinning change but im sick, im sick of haunting realizations, im tired of tears, im sick of fakeness, tired of failureness, im sick of lies that delay me, im sick of everything, im just sick of it all.
Timothy Long

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Beggars And Poverty

Not every beggar is a poor man or A poor woman anytime... Not every poor man is a beggar Anytime... Beggars versus poor people... Poor people never beg for money or Anything anytime... Beggary is a bad deed that makes Someone behaves badly and unwisely... Poverty is not beggary and beggary Is not poverty anytime... Beggars are mostly greedy and liars Simply because they beg for their Greed and not for their poverty... Most poor people never beg for money And for anything else in life... Poverty is not a mistake, but beggary Is a grave, ugly, and bad mistake... Most of those who beg don't need To beg anytime simply because they Are greedy anywhere and everywhere...

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