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Poems On / About GREED  7/26/2016 9:06:54 AM
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Greed is the disastrous animal of man!
which obliges, cripples man to be immoral, selfish and cruel.
Wish, want, will, desires are the elements of greed.
From which man can never be free.
Greed is a vicious circle of life.
Without whose entrance man cannot survive.
Greed rises from the want of money or materialistic pleasures.
To destroy greed we have to limit our desires.
To drive greed from within we must perform
meditation and salvation.
The ultimate end thus leads to happiness
and pure satisfaction.
Green Peace

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One's Greed Leads To One's Ugly And Greedy Way

Greed is certainly a disease That is risky, absurd, and gloomy Simply because it makes someone on The wrong path all his life... It kills one's inner feelings and One's pretty emotions anytime... There is only that distrust between The greedy behavior of a sick person Who looks only for his selfish benefit anytime and others... Greed itself is the biggest evil ever Simply because it kills that pretty spirit Inside us anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. ______________________________________________________________________

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Greed And Money

Greed... Is half of humanity, the other is money. Could humans fix the corrupted senses of it's own soul, and heal the mental outer body of our full self? No we can't because that's what makes us human. Money will never buy one enternal happiness, but is money serving as a distraction to further intelligence or is it just all life is and will be. Greed and money will always be there, but it's up to us to control it.
Kailee Heckathorn

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Greed came to earth
along with first life
swayed by greed
opened was Pandora's box
cause of all chaos
greed ruined the mankind
Somanathan Iyer

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Poems On / About GREED