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Best Poems About / On GREED
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Computer Age Awash With Knowledge Not Wisdom

in an electronic age
abundant knowledge
at fingertip strokes
we are awash in facts...

a flood glut abundance
flows a plenitude of facts
plentiful facts historical pacts
but we learn no lessons...

but we learn nothing from war monger rats
creating next wars out of industrial greed hats
wisdom is what cannon fodder masses must learn
it is our sacrifice victim bodies which war raging burn...

learn wisdom but knowledge is not wisdom
wisdom is applied ability applying knowledge
with necessary facts preferably all facts needed
wake up realize peace harmony not war is what we need...

solve political problems justifying war profit greed
disempower war monger rats power greed fat cats
don't swallow any good wars old lie rhetoric lines
don't swallow war on terror billions budget arms sales

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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The Rumour Spread Thus

The rumour spread that he is dead
the talks were excited with passionate greed

anxious souls rushed to the site
eager for morsels of material food

(to pacify momentary greed
though not satiate the need for more)

as he lay he heard the commotion
quickly he came to the conclusion

and the poor unloved soul
thought it fit to kill what was left
of the dying life in him

the rushing crowd of wards and worse
saw the father writhing in pain

his slit hand spoke volumes
of the hurt that loved ones gave

did realisation dawn, better sense prevail
did greed subside? truth and love prevail?

in hushed tones the neighbours spoke
of heartless sons and cruel daughters

who having had their due
would only turn back to scrounge for more.
sreelekha premjit

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Economic Storm Clouds

Darkness in the country looms, as others see economic booms,
Prospering far above our pace, as this country slips from grace.
Many hearts gripped with fears, as an economic darkness nears,
Indifferent to a growing trend, of what may be this county’s end.

But, knowing something’s wrong, in a land thought to be strong,
Prices go up, as our morals slide, facts which cannot be denied.
Fear along with anxiety grows, as seeds of greed a nation sows,
Not concerned where it will lead, unleashing a tide of utter greed.

What they sow, we must reap, and now that climb is awful steep,
As the cost of living far exceeds, man’s ability to care for needs,
Forget that thought of prosperity, a dream most of us won’t see,
As we head for that slippery slope, most will find it hard to cope,

For as a nation we pushed aside, the Truth in which we did abide.
Now with God’s Grace far behind, many men are spiritually blind,
Forgetting all our former days, as God received a nation’s praise,
When building the nation on integrity, across the land, sea to sea.

Now the nation begins to quake, as The Lord God, many forsake,
As the storms begins to rumble, our foundation starts to crumble,
Brought on from greed and lust, another foundation turns to dust,
As a land many now call home, becomes in history another Rome.

(Copyright ©06/2008)
Bob Gotti

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These Corporate Crims

These corporate crims are no longer quite rare
And plenty of them in the big World out there
But of the Universal Consciousness so little we know
In karma 'tis true that we reap what we sow.

These super rich crims to themselves may drink a toast
But for their crimes 'tis the have nots who do suffer the most
The more money they have the more they seem to need
And many must grow poorer because of their greed.

They do not spare one thought for those in poverty
And they lack in compassion and in empathy
Their greed for more money it leads them to crime
And far better than them are in jail serving time.

To the laws of fair trade respect they do not pay
But we reap what we sow that is the karmic way
Their great lust for money to crime them does lead
But others must suffer because of their greed.
Francis Duggan

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