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Poems On / About GREED  7/24/2014 3:01:00 PM
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Of Greed And Corruption

Of greed and corruption we are all too aware
It's happening in your suburb and the big World out there
Many in high places into corporate crime
And more honorable than them in jail serving time
On the scales of justice one must cast a doubt
Big time corporate crims seldom ever caught out
Money speaks every language some are known to say
In the twenty first century it does seem that way
Of greed and corruption the whispers abound
Amongst influential people criminals to be found
To buy their way out of trouble they seldom do fail
The power of their money can keep them from jail
And of greed and corruption we hear every day
Whoever did tell us that crime does not pay?
Francis Duggan

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As Bob Dylan Said

The times are a changing as Bob dylan said
And expect more changes in the days ahead
Though at the tip of the iceberg as change goes one might say
Major changes in our environment from us not far away
What with climate change and global warming the old prophecy
That 'The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth' may very well be
For in a world where human success cannot come about by material greed
The humble and compassionate are destined to succeed
With Nature's resources for human greed over utilized
At a great shift in power one should not feel surprised
In a World where for human success greed will not be good enough
Only the unmaterialistic will succeed when the going gets tough
Bob Dylan's song the times are a changing is quite relevant to today
And great change from us is not that far away.
Francis Duggan

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A Tired Single Parent Working Luxury

once upon a time since condemned...
in a less greedy materialistic world
when greed greed capitalism greed
had not plague infested an entire world...

a man went to work earned...
not a fair slice of the pie slaved
for! but at least a liveable wage paid!
while his wife at home the children raised!

twenty first century both parents are worked...
to the bone! but not enough money is made!
by both parents working for all bills to be paid?

without overtime couples are on a downward slide?
rundown depressed tired being tired extremely tired?
is a when it comes to children! luxury parents cannot afford?
Terence G. Craddock

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The Murder Of Humanity

Once there lived two friends,
human and humanity.
human was loving and caring,
while humanity spread peace and brotherhood.
under their friendship tree,
everyone was happy and merry.
in the same world lived Hate and Greed, full of sinister.
very different from all the other.
who were always jealous of human and humanity,
and they tried hard to part the friends
and throw them away in different ends.
the did succeed,
in the heart of human they planted hate-seed.
soon the seed started to rear,
and human was left with no love and care.
it turned furious towards humanity.
all their friendship woes turned into enmity.
hate and greed infected human one after the other.
and made human to commit the murder.
end of peace was marked with the murder of humanity,
in some lost corner is the grave of humanity,
now the world knows only hate, greed and enmity.
Arfa Iris

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Poems On / About GREED