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Poems On / About GREED  8/27/2014 8:15:51 PM
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Evil Robot

You think I'm crazy,
maybe I'm not,
maybe it was my evil robot.
Yes, he was programmed to do the deed,
he's filled with spite
he's filled with greed.
Greed to succeed,
to make me lead.
I programmed him I do confess,
he will do like all the rest.
Take over my plan that I do best.
controlling minds of humans
for I've experimented and I did test.
I will reign once again,
in this realm of fairy land.

Written by Sue Chevalier on September 12,2011

www.purplepoems.com www.puppetpoems.com

Sue Chevalier

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Break Free...

We start to speak,
But the consequences are bleak.

They say, you have the right,
But we can't even fight.

Society appears as good as gold.
But greed, corruption and terrorism rules the world.

They say race, religion, community, caste doesn't divide us.
But, the tension, we still feel in the air.

Masked men lead the unsuspecting mass,
Who aren't a scratch of what they seem to be.

We see happy citizens on pages of a magazine.
Don't you think it's another cooked up story?

When shall we break the chains?
Put innocent sufferers out of pain?

Lets pray for a place, free of greed and filled with love.
Where people live and let live.
Raihana Abdul Jabbar

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Transfiguration Transforms

if I could define life
as an indelible
human spirit

nobility of thought
battling leaven
greed in deceitful clay...

measures of grace
beauty amaze inspire
in vagabond days

transfiguration transforms
corruption purification
seize potential day...

compassion is humanities
restoration seed
encompasses fallen days

time exemplifies
mislead dictator societies
redeemed in mercy...

grace forgiveness
cleans purifies lives
seizing vision bright days

malice wickedness falls
on swords vindictive
truth all evil slays...

persecution comes
not from God but
religious political hypocrisy

secularism manipulates
religious for selfish
political purposes...

corruption greed
unchecked multiplies
prosperity shared slays lies
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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Let us live our lives in peace
With our daughters sons and wives

Burn your firewood to stay warm
We grow breadfruit and plantain
You grow corn

Life slows down here in the jungle
Where we were born
Your need is the greed for more and more

Sounds of paradise are with us
The birds and wildlife we feed and protect
To cull as we feed without the greed

Listen to your machines and chainsaws
Killing all that is left
Not right!
Eat some roadkill when that is all you have left

Life in the Amazon is odors and sounds of life
Not a midnight train sounding off
In a greedy American City.
John Shea

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