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Best Poems About / On GREED
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I cry

I cry, not because my hope is gone
I cry for those who can not cry for themselves
Whose strength is gone from hunger, and
Whose throats are dry with thirst

I cry, not because I am empty
I cry for those whose hearts are empty
Whose will to survive has been snatched away
Whose reason for living is no longer clear

I cry, but not because I am ungrateful
I cry for the poverty stricken
For the widows and orphans
I cry for the countries torn apart by war and greed

I cry, not because I cannot make a difference
I cry because of the suffering I see each day
I cry for the women who can’t nurse their babies
And the fathers who cannot feed their sons

I cry, not because the world has come to an end
I cry for those who’ve lost their way
For the youth who have turned to crime
Who have let greed rule their lives

I cry not because of what I see
I cry because of what I do not see
For the lack of equality and peace
The abundance of pain and disease
The death of a nation of lions reduced to a pile of bones
Tlholohelo Ramatlhape

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Unwanted Greed

Black orbs project the dead sea
The last remnants of the lost prophecy
Mercenaries seeking their claim to fame
Destroying the ashe's of a once good name
Greed is their lust, good intentions slowly rust
With each child born with evil's shame
Darkness engulfs the sky and the saved cry
As the reveled presence claims it prize
Hungry for eternity, tattoed with mortality
Their trust in nature deceiving
Not realizing their thoughts misleading
Anything to gain forever
The greed pushes with all its power
Its domain now belonging to the prowler
The leader places the crown atop his head
His veins swell and tears are shed
Screaming out in agony, he throws it the grown
But its far too late, his nature will lead to the grave
The crowns thorns have pricked his head
The bleeding intensifies his eyes turn red
Someone so bad wanted to be the christ
But when they felt his pain the weak soul quickly died
Generations from now will even seek the power
But the consequenes from the deed will not ponder
We are not put here to play god
As the many will find out
Their souls are lost
Lance Carthen

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One day I asked my mother
“Can anyone be immortal? ”
Mother laughed at me and said
“Child it’s only god who is immortal.”
“Why only god? ” when I asked
Mother said. “He creates”.

Then I was determined,
To create something one day and be immortal,
But, I hadn’t made my identity
So, I started first making my identity.

The day, I made my identity
The greed of immortalness evolved again
I started working for my creativity then
Worked, worked and worked all day and nights.

My struggle started yet again,
Then came the day when my songs for identity were not sold
At last the day of laughter came,
My song was recorded and was big hit at once.

Then came the day my dream came true
I realized the greed of immortality on me had been fulfilled,
My song was forever until the existance of human race is there.
Sambidhan Acharya

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The Manifold Sins

All possible hate that we should never bear
A cry for help that we hear, but won't hear,
The greed to have it all, the obsession to win
For greed's sake not pride, yes, that is a sin.

To see hungry people, knowing they've never enough
And you vain walk on by, you mock and you laugh,
If you've family, old folks and spread yourself thin
We all know it well -- that too is a sin.

To belittle simple folks' work or their strife
To think I need no one, I've got money for life,
If a heart is that cold or despising's the grin
Watch out for God's wrath for all this is sin.

If you steal, embezzle, to have riches on earth
God sees it and knows it, you've really no worth,
Betraying your mate - lust affairs you can win
But your true love will suffer and all is a sin.

If you torture a beast, a child or your spouse
God sees it, remembering you well and your house,
If you kill, have no heart and no mercy within
Can you bring back life? No, it's the ultimate sin.
Liselotte Reich

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