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Best Poems About / On GREED
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Painting In The Woods

We can never have enough

Tired of life getting me down
Looking lost was all I found
Everything around me gray
But I saw HOPE today

Walking down the street
Pavement kisses barefoot feet
Left with nothing to say
But I felt PEACE today

Didn't know where to begin
I knew I was full of sin
Somehow I was saved
I found FAITH today

I hugged my kids
And a goodbye kiss
Tomorrow will be a better day
But I held LOVE today

How do we stop this game

Saw a man on the news
Kids dying from abuse
Never nothing good to say
Too much FEAR today

The whole world is going nuts
Politics are all corrupt
Every man wants to have his way
So much GREED today

No jobs equals no work
Is this a cosmic joke?
Too many bills we can't pay
Everyone is in DEBT today

Too much excess all around
We need to reach a common ground
There has to be a better way
There's too much PAIN today

My son, Jason, came up with the concept and title for this one. Thank you my little genius!
Melissa Cambronero

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Benefits of 1995 Fish Trash Policy

policy no policy
policy of indifference
policy of stupidity

now reaps rewards

use “trash fish”
policy as animal feeds
and in fish farming means

is increasingly

attractive to fishers
fishers of world oceans
policy bad policy

1995 one study
showed 27 million tonnes
of fish being discarded

every year but
2005 an investigation found
figure had dropped

to recorded
only 7 million tones
good news

no amount
of bycatch
did dropp not

just deleted
from records
off hot books

policy of greed

a Bermuda Triangle mystery?
a mystery of 20 million tonnes
20 million tonnes of missing fish?

20 million tonnes
were being sold
but control without

what hope in fisheries
of achieving sustainability
if we don’t woe know what

is being caught?

time for television watch
sport big game fishing but
“an estimated 90 per cent

of all large predatory fish
are gone totally fished out
greed humanity gills caught”

partly because fish trash
part of food chain was never trash
what do you think big fish eat?

(Quotation is the poem ‘Where Did All Large Game Fish Go? ’ by Terence George Craddock)
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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The World I Would Like

Into the world i would like does not exist many things that we face today
there is no nationality... we are all citizen of earth
there is no ethnic group... we are all of human race
there is no greed, money maybe. It's not the problem
there is no hunger, because as Gandhi said there are resources for all
may look like not enough only becasue of the greed of someone
there is no war... because one only very small army represents all the world
no more deaths from preventable diseases, because the treatment is
immediately available to everyone without having to wait for the
expiry of the patent to lower costs
no more parties, but every day everyone vote and discuss general
guidelines and policies on..
there are no longer selfishness, the good is only that of all.
We consider the universal good and was happy to serve, not to be served
Guido Martinelli

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No Longer Free

angry people standing up,
marching, joining hands....
the taste of the lie,

gone bitter.
unholy wars,
corporate greed....

slavery rears its ugly head,
taking different forms.
greed takes the future,

and barters for oil.
the hands of the masses,
empty and hungry!

those who stood silent
and took it all without a whimper,
now have had enough!

while the barkers yell,
it's un-American, it's wrong!
counting back change

into the beggars cups.
the threat of the new wave
of Mccarthyism fear

beats protestors with billy clubs,
and gases young girls!
and the anger grows,

the anger grows....
the calloused hands of
working men and women,

clenched tight, preparing
for the fight... the last stand
of liberty in this land....

no longer free!
Eric Cockrell

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