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Poems On / About GREED  7/30/2014 10:09:17 AM
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Stop Funding (The Greed)

stop funding the greed!
failure to produce tax returns,
failure to pay taxes,
mistresses, deals done
behind closed doors,
votes bought and sold...

lies upon lies upon lies.
you have to be wealthy to lead?
you cant stand on your own works,
you have to stab someone else
in the back?
none of you have a clue...

what real life is like!
when a system becomes this corrupt,
you have to take it down to the core!
what you cant fix you destroy,
and start again!
stop trying to sell us freedom,
we choose to be free!

stop funding the greed!
Eric Cockrell

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Do you have Gods' heart?

Why do some people think only of themselves?
subserviant greed, they have their own shelves
Shelves they think they will fill in time
always drawing the proverbial line
The line that I speak of is in the sand
never forthcoming is the helping hand
The Lord gave all a heart and soul
will you ever fill a young kids' bowl?
Will it stay empty because you walked by
thinking of yourself, you never did try
It actually is; a meaningful task
or are you waiting for a young one to ask
Have you ever fed the birds in the park?
Mockingbird, Sparrow, or even a Lark?
Has there been a smile to any human being?
mouths are for talking, eyes are for seeing
Speak when you can, look if you will
The Lords' lost souls, you cannot kill
What will you do in your time of need?
first, get rid of your subserviant greed! ! !
Dwayne Banks

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Lifes' shelf

In this world we call life never forget
the blessings your given, or you will regret
Regret that you never helped someone in need
is what you possess, a subserviant greed?
Why must you think of only yourself?
The Lords' head is shaking, your on a shelf
The timbers are worn, metal decayed
do you regret? that you never prayed
Never said a prayer for a person in need
here's the word again; subserviant greed
Walk as you may, see as you might
please say a prayer, each and every night
Start with your loved ones, if you so may
knowing the Sun will light up thier day
Rain in the forecast, meaning times may be hard
hope does arise that you won't be barred
Barred from Heaven for what you have done
walking through life, clouds with no Sun
You now have a chance to correct all the wrongs
start doing whats right, no one needs a song

November 25,2011
Dwayne Banks

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**Completely Ludicruous**

Completely ludicrous......

Mountain aquifer the source for us to feed
and we are the author of greed
let the amnesty cry, yet
we are the master of greed....

The blocked resources are our weapon`s at sigh
and disturb the peace at Gaza is way of our life
beyond the seas and at faraway skies
let us bury the peace ever to dry.....

Let the wandering mother for scanty water
between the rubbles find thin flow of life
carrying the filled container in denied legal rights
aquifer first was discovered and got polite words
'Completely Ludicrous'.....
let the famous words spread on earth
where Nature too completely ludicruous.....

(These are the words used by Israli Govt. spoke person Mark Regev called Amnesty claim as Completely Ludicrous for depriving palestenian from water)
lily peace lago every by to ph

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