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Poems On / About GREED  11/27/2015 9:24:51 AM
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The Wind

The wind that carries the golden leaves,
Afar from this land of autumn greed,
Pray! It carries away my wild heart,
Or bring wilderness into parched dreams.
Moz Rauf

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Shattered Love

I can remember nights when I saw your pain, even when you tried to camofluage them I still traced each one through the rain couldn't see or never understood I was the blame. A woman is someone who should receive soft kisses across the outer layers of her skin.Never treated like a sex toy, but a friend.Never question where shes going or where shes been. But, I never thought pass my own selfish greed, always complain about your wants and never saw your needs, cell phone, voice mails.I heard your pleased.How could I not understand it was cause of me. Pride sheltered my ability to be a man, late night beach walks across the midnight sand.Truly I never had a plan, or took the time to understand. So forgive me for each teardropp I've forced down your face, at times I just lost my place.Now I'll do whatever it takes, hoping that somehow, I'm not to late. Now that my only escape is through mental memories of your tender touch.I realize that I miss you so much, I guess you can say I feel it in my gut, like a broken heart or a deep skin cut. I've shattered our love in more ways then one, leaving my sight blurry like a eclipse cross the sun.What ever damage is here has already been done, finally realizing you're second to none.
wallace eaton

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Sleeping Gas *not Done

green gas spawns from idols of greed and lust
its moves like a growing weed as the world begins to rust

leaves fall, dying corpses
as flesh booms from iron horses
Wandering Scarlet

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I'M Sorry

your warning i did not heed.

all i could think about was my greed.

i lost what i thought i needed.& for that u were missed-treated.
paul shupert

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Poems On / About GREED