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Poems On / About GREED  3/2/2015 5:08:18 PM
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living off the land

remember how we planned, to just live off the land
just the love 4m each other was our only need
money was just an object for those full of greed
recalling the days of our youth.all we needed was love n truth
remember how we would just lay around and plan
how we could just live off the land
ly on the dirt, that covered the earth
beneath an old oak tree.......just us snuggled 2gether
so happily....planned on living like that 4ever
looking high into the sky
to the stars twinkling so bright..bathing in the river by moonlight
or taking a walk along a beach
hand in hand
looking into the never ending sea
walking barefoot in the crystal sand
or resting in a field
picking berries for a meal
running and playing through the rows
where the corn grows
money was an object meant.......for greed
love was the only thing spent....it was our only need
then we grew up....and faced reality
krissi b'williams

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a search for death

off they went three foolish greedy men
in search of death to kill him before they die they mean
onward they went with neither food nor spleen
but for a bottle that soon dried up of wine
everywhere they went they asked of him
but all they heard as they searched in vain
was his name on everyones lip and mane

on the way an old sage they met
whom to a cave yonder directed this set
undearneath the cave, gold coins they met
oh! what a booty all three said and meant
no more looking for death
as momentarily they forget their quest
among themselves off they sent
one to find food for them at least

oh! how deep mens mind are led
for behind his back two in greed
decided to kill the other and share the gold
the other on his way, also in greed
decided to kill the two to have the gold

oh! foolish greedy men
in the end found death but not when they expected
for the other, the two killed
and ate the poisoned food he brought
oh! what a fate befell em all
as all three trussed up and very dead
found death when least expected
hamid kareem

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From A Verandah



O CITY lapped in sun and Sabbath rest,
With happy face of plenteous ease possessed,
Have you no doubts that whisper, dreams that moan
Disquietude, to stir your slumbering breast?
Think you the sins of other climes are gone?
The harlot's curse rings in your streets the groan
Of out-worn men, the stabbed and plundered slaves
Of ever-growing Greed, these are your own!
O'er you shall sweep the fiery hell that craves
For quenchment the bright blood of human waves:
For you, if you repent not, shall atone
For Greed's dark death-holes with War's swarming graves!
Francis William Lauderdale Adams

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We Live In A Material World

We live in a material World though suppose it was always that way
And money does speak every language a wiser one than I did say
Still decency once stood for something though those values now in decay
And nowadays far more greed and corruption materialism is with us to stay.

Much wants more is alive and thriving with millions some are not satisfied
The Joneses next door have a new car and that put a dent in their pride
They must buy one bigger and better they must be the tops in the street
For greed and pride we sacrifice our values as for social status we compete.

I sort of admire the Grim Reaper although he is one that I fear
Since he cannot be bought with money he does have values 'twould appear
And he treats everybody as equal since he does not differentiate
Yet him we do not wish to know of and him we will not celebrate.

We live in a material World where to be poor in it's own way is a crime
Yet rich and poor have one thing in common they all lose out to old father time
Good values were once seen as important but to nothing now such things amount
Your worth is now valued in money and the size of your bank account
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About GREED