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Poems On / About GREED  12/22/2014 1:43:16 AM
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We Live In A Material World

We live in a material World though suppose it was always that way
And money does speak every language a wiser one than I did say
Still decency once stood for something though those values now in decay
And nowadays far more greed and corruption materialism is with us to stay.

Much wants more is alive and thriving with millions some are not satisfied
The Joneses next door have a new car and that put a dent in their pride
They must buy one bigger and better they must be the tops in the street
For greed and pride we sacrifice our values as for social status we compete.

I sort of admire the Grim Reaper although he is one that I fear
Since he cannot be bought with money he does have values 'twould appear
And he treats everybody as equal since he does not differentiate
Yet him we do not wish to know of and him we will not celebrate.

We live in a material World where to be poor in it's own way is a crime
Yet rich and poor have one thing in common they all lose out to old father time
Good values were once seen as important but to nothing now such things amount
Your worth is now valued in money and the size of your bank account
Francis Duggan

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It took me a billion years to come to my
present form and shape;
Distilled from space and time,
And blessed with His heavenly grace,
To reflect His glory and sing His praise!

But our selfish ways and divergent creeds,
Coupled with our insatible greed,
Instead of creating a harmonious fusion,
Suceeded in creating utter confusion!

May we now unite with a single thought,
Of peace and love and the all loving God,
Forgetting our hatred and greed,
Breeding the dove of peace within;
Embracing our world, and all as one,
Laced with the sprit of friendship and love,
And to live in peace under the sun.

- Raj Nandy
New Delhi
01 Jan 08

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The Thing That's Wrong With Christmas

The thing that's wrong with Christmas is
It's based on get not give.
And most who give but do not get
React with expletives.

There are a few who give and yet
Want nothing in return.
But they're a breed so rare that they've
A place in Glory earned.

The stores proclaim that Christmas is
'The giving time of year',
For when we give, the stores all get,
Then grin from ear to ear.

Their Christmas ads so feed our greed
And further twist our minds,
That most believe, by owning things,
That happiness we'll find.

But Christmas greed hurts kids the most.
They're taught how not to live.
They wake up eager Christmas morn
To get instead of give.

Bah Christmas!
Bah Humbug!
Lone Dog

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living off the land

remember how we planned, to just live off the land
just the love 4m each other was our only need
money was just an object for those full of greed
recalling the days of our youth.all we needed was love n truth
remember how we would just lay around and plan
how we could just live off the land
ly on the dirt, that covered the earth
beneath an old oak tree.......just us snuggled 2gether
so happily....planned on living like that 4ever
looking high into the sky
to the stars twinkling so bright..bathing in the river by moonlight
or taking a walk along a beach
hand in hand
looking into the never ending sea
walking barefoot in the crystal sand
or resting in a field
picking berries for a meal
running and playing through the rows
where the corn grows
money was an object meant.......for greed
love was the only thing spent....it was our only need
then we grew up....and faced reality
krissi b'williams

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