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Poems On / About GREED  5/4/2016 11:50:45 PM
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Tomorrows World

Tomorrows World

So the world is a changing greed has failed,
Now we shall all work unselfishly for, and
Together heal the world, make financial rules
Based on trust, honesty and real democracy.

We will suffer together and prosper together,
But as usual the majority will suffer while
The minority will prosper, and when time is
Right greed will be back on the agenda.

This of course may sound pessimistic, but it
Is human nature, the will to survive; if there
Are no games to play, no wars to fight
Humans will simply sink into apathy and die
jan oskar hansen

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Senryu - A Few

Anger hath long life
Coming back time and again
Just to inflict pain

Stock markets bring gains
But with it comes lasting greed
And corruption breeds

Friends reunited
Old fires reignited
Leaves them delighted

Bring in the moolah
Be careful about how much
Greed is not a crutch
Sandra Martyres

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The Transitional Blight

Do you feel a crisis nowadays
yes, the one I didn't in my age
and at once comes the reply
resources have all gone dry
and I can feel the change indeed
this generation and its greed...

GOD gave them gifts abundant
yet short their needs, redundant
now love's no more the first emotion
as longing challenges the notion
So I condemn the change indeed
this generation and it's greed....
prashant shaurya

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Stars, shining in the sky....
Candles lit in the houses
Of the angels up above high
Giving hope to our senses.
Angels live in the minds
Of those who are in need
And tired of never lasting greed
Where men with a heart at last finds.
Stars..., the shining ray of hope
Will last long even after the flood
That takes all with a full stop
And all that remains is only the human greed.
cherassery damodaran binish

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Poems On / About GREED