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Poems On / About GREED  7/7/2015 7:05:50 PM
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Childrend Will Lead

Federal Reserve calls the shots,
printing fake money into our pots.
What this nation needs
is people to succeed,

Teach the knowledge of wealth
not print money backed by greed.
Teach children ideas on how to lead,
Lead our nation back to prosperity.

With the help of the Venus Project,
No one will be in neglect.
End all war, crime and greed,
rethink all living for humanity.
Written by Christina Sunrise on May 22,2011
www.puppetpoems.com www.suzae.info
Christina Sunrise

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The World I Would Like

Into the world i would like does not exist many things that we face today
there is no nationality... we are all citizen of earth
there is no ethnic group... we are all of human race
there is no greed, money maybe. It's not the problem
there is no hunger, because as Gandhi said there are resources for all
may look like not enough only becasue of the greed of someone
there is no war... because one only very small army represents all the world
no more deaths from preventable diseases, because the treatment is
immediately available to everyone without having to wait for the
expiry of the patent to lower costs
no more parties, but every day everyone vote and discuss general
guidelines and policies on..
there are no longer selfishness, the good is only that of all.
We consider the universal good and was happy to serve, not to be served
Guido Martinelli

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I do not think greed a natural thing
Though it makes the heart of many sing
And the blood of almost all runs faster
At finding a good deal.

But the thing that greed tries to fill
Is - despite the object's possession - oft with us still,
For years can carry wounds
That years alone will never heal.

There is a middle way
That requites us from the bitter climb
Upholds a vision of things sublime
Poetry and prayer and friedship's deep currents
The meaning of being whole
Perhaps even the intimation of a soul.
Bill Grace

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The End Of Times

Everyone is praying
While the rest of the world is preparing
The Soliders are dying
The Zombies are rising
All of this came from mans greed, Mans lust for power, mans Desire to play god
As the worlds armies rise up as one the heavans part
showing Gods army Rushing down
The ground splits open and all of mans nightmares are released onto a once majestic mother earth
All of this came from mans greed, Mans lust for power, mans Desire to play god
There's no where you can go, no where you can hide
For nothing escapes the lords sight
this is the end of mankind
This is the way the world dies
Andrew Evans

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Poems On / About GREED