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Poems On / About GREED  12/20/2014 11:23:41 PM
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Best Poems About / On GREED
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Diminishing In Support And Interest

The business of greed,
Has disguised the starting of wars...
As missions to save humanity.

Such conflicts of hunger and homelessness exist,
Without threats associated to the terrorists.
And exposes those deeds achieved by the hypocrites...
That leaves the business of greed,
A clarifying representation of those using deceit.
With increased opportunities to feed their evils.

And advocating the belief a victory sought...
Will bring a people collectively to their feet to cheer.
Although these acts are diminishing in support and interest.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Song of Painful Plea 1

Who adulterated our kerosene?
Where are they? Where do they live?
Unimaginable pains I have seen
For their greed I live in grief
Broken hearts and scars
Fills every where like cars
Aftermath of deceptive greed

We did no wrong
We hurt no one,
As innocent as the babe
And fresher than the day

Your hearts are charcoals and
Your conscience as dead as Latin
Let thy evil pursue thee like a cat
After a mouse, thou shall experience
The pains you’ve inflicted as boomerang

Young ones kept captives of pricking pain,
Praying for freedom by the day
Old ones gnash fragile teeth and say;
“In all where’s the illusive gain?
We are your sisters, wives and mothers”

Who adulterated our kerosene?
Where are they? Where do they live?
Are they the visionless touts in the crowded street?
Or the greedy man
Standing at the podium, in black suit?
Ingibo Benson

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The World I Would Like

Into the world i would like does not exist many things that we face today
there is no nationality... we are all citizen of earth
there is no ethnic group... we are all of human race
there is no greed, money maybe. It's not the problem
there is no hunger, because as Gandhi said there are resources for all
may look like not enough only becasue of the greed of someone
there is no war... because one only very small army represents all the world
no more deaths from preventable diseases, because the treatment is
immediately available to everyone without having to wait for the
expiry of the patent to lower costs
no more parties, but every day everyone vote and discuss general
guidelines and policies on..
there are no longer selfishness, the good is only that of all.
We consider the universal good and was happy to serve, not to be served
Guido Martinelli

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What More Could You Want

Emasculated and beaten the shell withdraws to a corner.
Nothing left to give no will to survive.
Battered and pained no wish to be alive.
Slowly the torture continues as you sit by,
With outstretched hands you await your reward.
The rape of a soul was not enough,
Killing a spirit was your goal.
On a platter to you a heart was delivered,
In hopes it would be cherished not torn apart.
Another fatal wound and innocence dies.
Stabbing, ripping the heart from its cavity.
The lies cut deep as the last remnant of life,
Splatters red with pained agony…and you collect your reward.
A trail of despair you’ve left in your wake.
The stench of greed follows your corrupt mind.
Despair…sucking the life from a body trying to cope.
Death’s…waiting ‘cause there’s really no hope.
And greed becomes you.
Errol Anderson

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Poems On / About GREED