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Poems On / About GREED  9/4/2015 5:20:23 AM
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The World I Would Like

Into the world i would like does not exist many things that we face today
there is no nationality... we are all citizen of earth
there is no ethnic group... we are all of human race
there is no greed, money maybe. It's not the problem
there is no hunger, because as Gandhi said there are resources for all
may look like not enough only becasue of the greed of someone
there is no war... because one only very small army represents all the world
no more deaths from preventable diseases, because the treatment is
immediately available to everyone without having to wait for the
expiry of the patent to lower costs
no more parties, but every day everyone vote and discuss general
guidelines and policies on..
there are no longer selfishness, the good is only that of all.
We consider the universal good and was happy to serve, not to be served
Guido Martinelli

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Enter Greed

A progressive society,
Is one in which its people are productive.
And all aspects of their deeds done,
Is towards the uplifting of the entire society.
Not one selected segment but for everyone.


A people focused on greed in a decadent society,
Develop selfish interests in deceit and evilness.
Create divisions within themselves.
And seek to punish others without limits.
Resulting in their own ignorance accepted.
With a repetition of it kept inflicted to digest.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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With The Copenhagen Climate Summit Flop

With the Copenhagen Climate Summit flop it cannot be denied
That the last hope of survival for many oceanic islands has died
Doomed to be swallowed by the rising sea
The politics of greed through nationalism the bane of humanity,
For the inhabitants of small ocean islands the future seems bleak indeed
Forsaken by the leaders of the World's most powerful Nations in their time of need
The painful reality they have come to realize
That they have to leave their islands as the sea levels rise
The so called Copenhagen agreement just an idle boast
Those who have contributed least to carbon emissions are those who will suffer most
The millions living in Third World Countries and the inhabitants of Oceanic Islands will sadly lose out
Of a bleak future for millions of poor people there can be little doubt
And all due to the politics of human greed
Of our own demise we may be sowing the seed.
Francis Duggan

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Leave Behind

take me by the hand,
don't you be afraid.
come away with me,
we can live for a day.
leave behind,
all you will not need.
fear, and pain,
jealousy, greed.
come away with me,
don't you be afraid.
take me by the hand,
we can live for a day.
leave behind, all you will not need.
fear and pain,
jealousy, greed.
mariah DM

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