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By the creek

By the creek
Canoes are extinct and fishing net hung dry
On the mangrove, starved fishes initiate an exodus

By the creek
Idleness I saw in the abode of a young man
In search of oil greed in the wrong ways of the city

By the creek
The gliding seagulls no longer shower kisses on the waves
As gunboats threatens even the creatures underneath the aquatic ridges

By the creek
The night taunts me, of the horrors of the morrow
And the sorrow that lay await

By the creek
The crowd stood still, hungry in their eyes
And food monger, driven away by hostile wind

By the creek
I saw men living comfortably in squalor
Accompany by winds of mediocrity
And greed

By the creek
In addition, I saw the sea eating away farmlands
While the shore reclamation fund mound in politicians save

By the creek
I saw fleeing, vessels from foreign shores
And a deserted jetty a save heaven for militant
Regha Julius

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A time to live, a time to die
and finally we learn the reason why
we came to earth in the first place.
We came to love and learn to erase

anything negative that came our way.
Jealousy, greed,
hatred and lies,
bitterness, envy
and all things unwise.

So each of the days you get to live
be thankful for and be sensitive
to everything that comes to you
and accept all the things that have made you blue.

For a time to live is your gift from God
and a time to die is a promenade
to an adventure we have forgotten about.
It will undo all your fears and all of your doubt.

For we are souls and now we're away from
Jealousy, greed,
hatred and lies,
bitterness, envy
and all things unwise
Edwina Reizer

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Beware Profit.
For the Fifth Horse of Apocalypse is his steed,
His mission is greed
And money is his seed.

He’ll trade you your soul,
For a purse of fools gold.
He’ll show you where the money grows green,
Fed by the blood of innocents never seen.

He’ll deal in misery and deceit,
To give the cutting edge to your balance sheet.
He’ll save you expense on ‘profit and loss’
Just don’t ask where he’s hidden the cost.

Blinded or blinkered like the rest of our race
We let profit set the pace.
Never asking which path he will choose,
For us, the souls he will use.

So! Beware Profit.
The Fifth Horse of Apocalypse is his steed,
His mission is greed.
And money is his seed.

© Sean R Tyacke,1987
Sean Tyacke

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The sun dies with last honour and grace, blazing the skies with final fires before submitting to a blacken pearl scattered fields of dreams, casting black hollow shadows of doubt and loneliness upon my cold soul that not immaculate made was me that has forgotten beautiful me.

I steered upon street lights that resembled long and forgotten stars that glistened.

The moons pale dance across oceans of memories. I was lost in the stars upon glorious dunes of silver dreams.

What supreme magic of unknown bounds of emotions tangled with all sense that not immaculate made was me, yet still remains beautiful me.

What happened to my smile and the gentleness that forgotten innocence my cold cheek that bites the bitterness of winter, harsh judgement of cruel hate that punished the last warmth in my heart.

Frozen is my greed and jealousy forsaken by the misunderstanding of true passion, but I have my greed in the humbleness of forgetfulness of immaculate me that lost beautiful me.
Melvyn Mohan

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