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Poems On / About GREED  5/29/2015 9:12:58 AM
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God Of The Planet

Sometimes I feel God myself
And I create a new world for me
Full of desires lust and greed.
I claim loudly that I am the God of
Insanity immorality and unjust
And you see this world now full of
Greed lust and desires.

Oh people of this planet
Listen me and follow me
I do not claim that I am a prophet
But I am a God of
War and destruction.

Do not cry for peace and virtue
They have disappeared
Because I am here to rule this planet.

10/07/2010 Morning, Dhaka
Ershad Mazumder

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Facts Of Life Can Be Hard

'Tis a fact of life and facts of life can be hard
You give some people and inch and they will take a yard
They always do take far more than they are due
That greed begets greed happens for to be true
With their type it is never live and let live
They always do take far more than they do give
You give some people a yard and they do take a mile
They know how to cover deception by guile
Their three special people are me, myself and I
And that's how they will be 'til the day that they die
They leave others to live in financial hell
But karma it surely will not serve them well
Yet sad to say some even their praises do sing
But not everyone is like them which is a good thing.
Francis Duggan

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We Need More Love And Understanding Of Others

We need more love and understanding of others in the World we live in today
Materialism and greed for money is the cause of spiritual decay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps widening and too many live in poverty
How can you feel love if you are hungry and homeless love doesn't bloom amongst penury
There are millions of angry people in the bigger World out there
And who can blame them for feeling unloved and of hope living in despair
They become poorer whilst a minority grow wealthier life on them is not very fair
Without food the body does not survive one cannot live entirely on air
The wealthy keep on getting wealthier money makes more money as some do say
The greed of some gives rise to poverty for others it does seem for to be this way
Some waste food the bounty of Nature whilst many don't have food to eat
The great gifts of love and understanding of others are strangers to poverty street
And the wealthy as ever growing wealthier in their case it is much wants more
In a World where millions are growing poorer the people we tend to ignore.
Francis Duggan

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The One And Only Immortal

Those who do love Nature are blessed indeed
For all of her friends our Earth Mother does need
The one every life form on Planet Earth does feed
Has been made to suffer due to human greed
The greedy for financial gain her beauty try to destroy
A beauty that is meant for all to enjoy
For their crimes humanity may have to pay
That does seem a sad thing for to have to say
The beauty of Nature is an amazing thing
And her praises one ought to feel happy to sing
The one who will be here long after to nothingness we've gone
The only immortal will be living on
And we who abuse her for our financial greed
Are not very clever and self destructive indeed.
Francis Duggan

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