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With The Copenhagen Climate Summit Flop

With the Copenhagen Climate Summit flop it cannot be denied
That the last hope of survival for many oceanic islands has died
Doomed to be swallowed by the rising sea
The politics of greed through nationalism the bane of humanity,
For the inhabitants of small ocean islands the future seems bleak indeed
Forsaken by the leaders of the World's most powerful Nations in their time of need
The painful reality they have come to realize
That they have to leave their islands as the sea levels rise
The so called Copenhagen agreement just an idle boast
Those who have contributed least to carbon emissions are those who will suffer most
The millions living in Third World Countries and the inhabitants of Oceanic Islands will sadly lose out
Of a bleak future for millions of poor people there can be little doubt
And all due to the politics of human greed
Of our own demise we may be sowing the seed.
Francis Duggan

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A world of Hate

In a world of constant conflict;
it seems war is the only key,
dying for a country you've never know;
for someone's twisted policies.

Why should it be so?
We lose our sons and daughters,
and all it seems for a country;
that would sooner see us slaughtered!

They say that we must;
train and help those in need,
but the one's we're actually helping;
know nothing but greed.

A greed unlike most;
not money, don't waste your breath,
for these people seem to have;
an unquenchable thirst for death.

There is no honor in murder;
will they ever learn?
Or must we for eternity;
in their hatred burn?
Peri Morgan

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Beware Profit.
For the Fifth Horse of Apocalypse is his steed,
His mission is greed
And money is his seed.

He’ll trade you your soul,
For a purse of fools gold.
He’ll show you where the money grows green,
Fed by the blood of innocents never seen.

He’ll deal in misery and deceit,
To give the cutting edge to your balance sheet.
He’ll save you expense on ‘profit and loss’
Just don’t ask where he’s hidden the cost.

Blinded or blinkered like the rest of our race
We let profit set the pace.
Never asking which path he will choose,
For us, the souls he will use.

So! Beware Profit.
The Fifth Horse of Apocalypse is his steed,
His mission is greed.
And money is his seed.

© Sean R Tyacke,1987
Sean Tyacke

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We invest in re-cycling
yet, fail to recycle hate for luv,
can't even undo our evil deeds

we pride ourselves as consumers but the converse is true
we are consumed by greed
the more we want
the more energy we waste
then we die, our energy lay to waste

the world consumes us, like we do to food
it breeds greed and plants hatred,
it takes from us and never give back
like loyal servants in bondage, we oblige
nothing we accumulate permanently belongs to us

as we travel for success we forget to be human
we erase creation and become creators
we are consumed by what to be than the love we should share
in our race to be consumed
we striped naked our being and sold God's love

swabi mnisi

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