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Poems On / About GREED  2/1/2015 3:11:32 PM
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Best Poems About / On GREED
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The Sun That Has Come To Set

To say that greed and the affect of it,
Is not the main ingredient...
That is the reason,
Causing people the world over...
To express an increase of unrest that upsets,
Can be likened to someone noticing the Sunset...
For the very first time!
To have ignored it and its process!
As if those feeding themselves to greed believe,
With pretentious and 'conscious' naοvetι...
Their actions will be forever condoned.
And the Sun that has come to set on the horizon...
Is a creation of their own!

Who else has been able to witness this? '
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Figments Of Creative Imagination

One fed to greed should be,
The least of those selected...
To be qualified to referee.
Without a bias shown as expected...
Between those who have,
And those who have not...
Been historically known,
To keep what is theirs...
Which rightfully they own!
Since others clearly do not!

Declarations of entitlement...
In these cases,
Are mostly always left...
To figments of creative imagination.
And philosophies based...
With a marination done to bake,
In a treasured and safely protected delusion...
Has been what it takes,
To keep the 'gift' of greed...
Alive and well in the pockets of those who thrive.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Polluted waters with stench unclean
are created by men that don't see the scene
in their mind's eye,
as they gaze at the green of money.

Factory emissions and sludge that runs
into the purest of waters that come
takes its toll
as it stagnates unclear and unfunny.

Polluted brains with unbridled greed
create these horrors that unjustifiably breed
dying fish and dying men
as the result of creating wealth.

Tiny streams that turn into lakes
and into rivers is all it takes
for the end result to occur,
the ruination of peoples' health.

How do we stop these megalomaniacs
from all the uncaring that really smacks
at the decency and moral obligation
to care for all of God's creation?

We must all strive to take them down
in every city and every town
that's affected by greed in this terrible way,
so our waters can sparkle again someday.
Edwina Reizer

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The sun dies with last honour and grace, blazing the skies with final fires before submitting to a blacken pearl scattered fields of dreams, casting black hollow shadows of doubt and loneliness upon my cold soul that not immaculate made was me that has forgotten beautiful me.

I steered upon street lights that resembled long and forgotten stars that glistened.

The moons pale dance across oceans of memories. I was lost in the stars upon glorious dunes of silver dreams.

What supreme magic of unknown bounds of emotions tangled with all sense that not immaculate made was me, yet still remains beautiful me.

What happened to my smile and the gentleness that forgotten innocence my cold cheek that bites the bitterness of winter, harsh judgement of cruel hate that punished the last warmth in my heart.

Frozen is my greed and jealousy forsaken by the misunderstanding of true passion, but I have my greed in the humbleness of forgetfulness of immaculate me that lost beautiful me.
Melvyn Mohan

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Poems On / About GREED