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Poems On / About GREED  2/9/2016 6:36:28 PM
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The Transitional Blight

Do you feel a crisis nowadays
yes, the one I didn't in my age
and at once comes the reply
resources have all gone dry
and I can feel the change indeed
this generation and its greed...

GOD gave them gifts abundant
yet short their needs, redundant
now love's no more the first emotion
as longing challenges the notion
So I condemn the change indeed
this generation and it's greed....
prashant shaurya

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Hooks in our psyche floating free
Waiting for our greed to grab them
Fishing for fools in the consumer pool
That's the job of the Ad-Men

If I could steal the bait off hooks
I would do it in every river
I'd tie the lines to crannies and nooks
And watch the baiters quiver

Let truth let out its barbed string
Keeping all greed at bay
Let the jingle singers sing
Let the facts have their say
Kishore Asthana

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Reality Of You...

The heart is of such fragile make
in wants and love it has no refrain
the head can temper, but only so
and can do nothing really to stop the pain

the pain of hearing you just wont do
I've decided that part of my life is through
and picket fence and man all I need
but your my friend, despite your greed

your greed of wanting me for a love
even if you try your best
and hold my image close to your heart
Its time to realize you were never a part

a part of what I wanted in life
your love was nothing more than a vice
and I turn away at last to that
and walk the straight road, your heart my doormat.
natasha headstrong

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Enter Greed

A progressive society,
Is one in which its people are productive.
And all aspects of their deeds done,
Is towards the uplifting of the entire society.
Not one selected segment but for everyone.


A people focused on greed in a decadent society,
Develop selfish interests in deceit and evilness.
Create divisions within themselves.
And seek to punish others without limits.
Resulting in their own ignorance accepted.
With a repetition of it kept inflicted to digest.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Poems On / About GREED