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Poems On / About GREED  2/7/2016 2:13:29 AM
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A Tall Throat

Greed lives in the
World ancient and new
It was greed for amala
That gave the dog its black nose
From touching the hot type
It was greed that
Blinded the antelope's eye.

It was greed that balded
The goat's knee
From squating to steal
In a farmer's barn
Greed is the bane
Of my country's development
From the affluent few
Reaping from our humming rigs
Of oil installation
Onshore and offshore.

It is greed
That kills a crowd
Of excited people
About a loaded tanker
Of motorized spirit
Swallowed by flames
In an accident scene
And greed is
Always at last a regret!
Tony Adah

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Predators 10 Words

The human herd needs the predators of war and greed.

http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predation
#war #10w #human #greed #predator #competition #beryldov #herd #adaptation #wikipedia
Beryl Dov

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The Global Village

The Global Village Has been Pillaged by the seeds of greed planted deep beneath the religious belief in Gods name this thief feeds the need to be believed as it deceives the sheep that follow the leader that blinds and binds
behind the seen and we believe what we see on screen yet muffles the screams of our brothers and sisters that don't believe what we believe I can't believe it any more this monster we have created is the whore that take our trashed for pleasure and we always want more and more with out faith and filled with fear you can't even hear your own voice say things you don't believe due to fear of what I don't know and I don't care to know this greed that pillaged our Global village and causes war for my only creed is to plant the seeds of love to feed my brothers and sisters needs
Paul Cutting

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Inn Greed E Ants

INN Greed e ants
colmb hair meant for wetter whether you think they see it or knot they see it on the road toad up ahead lay dead pretend to be a british finch in the grass upon my ass the pack lays heavy the band of gypsy he sings away down the pick of the day the old song sounds sweet upon the morrow we will meet i can tell you kiss the sky when you walk angels cry men sigh women faint children only smile that knowing smile she will finally cave inn be my aunt its just pretend kiss me mother kiss me friend everyone raeding something about the government intelligent testing how did they miss me a genious in my old age become a great poem makeing man an elder statemeant quaker become religious no further use for cannons set loose upon the intergnet in a drove he makes his very creative prose posing for the news they ring the telly thinking it was me eye keep thinking back to what the christians practised in the old days they met together for Church they practised fellowship it is a lost art gone forever with the Apostles the people today who pretend to have the Lord drive big fancy gas guzzeling limo cars and reach for a drink of whiskey much too often spending money the way some people spend time the only way to live is to overcome your personal grief of life are you listening to me people the hate you have for the past the hate for the present the hate for the future has to be overcome by living one day do not talk to me of next year but what will we do tommorrow when this day is over will it be the same against the race of men intent on self destruction of the homo sapien race eating there world in there haste to bury all of us who only wanted to live and to love mother of god there is no end to worthless salvos of destruction this was only a listing of the INN Greed e ants.
Charles Hice

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Poems On / About GREED