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Poems On / About GREED  7/31/2014 8:28:32 AM
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Best Poems About / On GREED
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All around its greed
More more more I need
If I have one I need more
I am not satisfied anymore

Not in my dream, I would share
Greed overtook me and I stopped to care
I am no longer satisfied with anything
Feel like owning everything

All the money in the world
Still greed tells me more and more
Where I will bury all these wealth
I have lost myself that’s the truth

Help me …to me they plead
Greedy I am to see them plead
What will I do with all these money?
Still more more more I need

Maybe I will have a coffin of gold
Stacked inside with paper money
Where will I take these after I die?
With open arms and in coffin I lie

No more can I hold anything
The truth to leave behind everything
Still I am filled with greed
More more more I need
jibin joseph

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The murder most foul

The meanest murder minus of machete,
Overwhelming greed blamed, sole bleeding knife;
Who held the knife? Manic men of market?
Fair lady herself—too much freedom rife?
To save her skin she this defence did make:
Infidels do breed their own tragic ends—
Oft making markets seem a sad mistake;
But here she used her own barest of hands.

No darling; not in fear, ye died of hate,
In greed of growth I guess, guilt-edged progress,
And yet, ere ye fall to thine destined fate,
I blame less Lady Greed, more her excess.
If bleed ye must ye shall bleed not in vain,
Should greed be girdl’d, rein’d in to restrain!
This sonnet is in the form of allegorical satire
on the goings on of global market meltdown. The
sonnet’s structure takes its inspiration from Sir
Walter Raleigh’s ‘A secret murder hath been done
of late’.
- Sonnets | 08.11.08 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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Greed Or Fame Isn't Everything

Tempted not by greed
for wealth attained by
false means
one maybe
guilty about it later.

Blinded not by fame
for what's in a name when
it's short-lived?

If greed and fame are within one's
There's no point for anyone
doing a good deed at all
Life will be
meaningless if no-one puts his
heart and soul
to achieve something which he can be
proud of
The world will be full of
And that's bad

So why crave for greed or fame?

Better do whatever deed is
meaningful so as to
and appreciate the beauty of

Neither greed nor fame is
glamourous forever
Concentrate on doing a
good deed to
praise for
a good deed a day
will go a long Way.
Toshie Nohara

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Greed is such a simple word
Yet rob so many of what they heard
The more you give the more it takes
And does not care even when it aches
Since no one checks what you make

It presents itself with such discreet
You may be mistaken and think it is neat
It demands very little at the start
Just wait until it settles in your heart
And dictates how subtly you can start

The more you get the more you want
And you find you can’t wait to start
You begin to cheat when others retreat
And learn to carry it out on the street
Not knowing you are aiming for defeat

When greed gets sweet you get in more deep
Makes you such a thief you can hardly sleep
You try to be wise with your smart compromise
Little do you know that your boss in disguise
Knows your scheme and planed otherwise

Business he knows seldom will grow
When greed sets in and gives it a blow
Wisdom demands to weather the storm
Confront and disarm before any alarm
Deal with the issue and avoid any harm

Shame on your name brings you pain
Greed can only give you earthly gain
Check out your motive before you defame
You have given talent kept it from stain
Ask for forgiveness and settle the claim

All rights reserved
Gladys Brown Prince

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