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Poems On / About GREED  3/4/2015 6:13:53 PM
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COMPENSATION/ Poem by Mahendiran. Vai
We need our food but you need your greed
you wheel your need but we reel our paw
we mood our hunger but you be, , a hunter
you read our need or weed your greed!

we see your fee it's low than the plea
bee is a work but you pee on it see!
we mood our hunger but you be.. a hunter
you read our need or weed your greed!

you are.. a mow we are.. a bow
see law.. your hand we stand on the sand!
we mood our hunger but you be, , hunter
you read our need or weed your greed!

me lord you are sleep we are here sheep
we lose our sweat you goose your nut
we mood our hunger but you be, , hunter
you read our need or weed your greed!
Mahendiran v..

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To Mat Hyuin

Fell greed begot by man, by men in numbers
lost control of themselves, became wasted
needed to fill the fell void, the darkness
in twisted desire, seeking without thinking
thinking without caring, without compassion
grinning to grow beyond the individual
striving towards a green light called dollars
Dollars become numbers, become control
Control our lives, take away our spirit
Numbers, so contemplated, become control
green light turns greed to control
lost our spirits in the mathy green light
gave it up for control, for responsibility
lost the spontaneity, lost the caring
gave it up for a better life, they said
then turned the better life into making math
math was numbers in green light,
copulating with greed, carressing greed
taking greed and growing, losing sight
perpetual motion of growth, of stagnation
where the dream shrivels and dies
where the germs grow and grow, and infect
now the whole pond smells, stinks of filth
no more insects grow and fly away
only the germs grow now, without compassion
devouring, eating, less and less they became
trying to fill up, ate one another to grow
became empty and wondered why they stank so
lied, told one another it was a good smell
and they could grow without thinking again

In Loving Memory: Mat Hyuin
Father, Sister, Mother, Brother - Lost to us before his time
Poet Dragon

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I sit and stare at what weve become
What is society doing what has it become
Can we blame our goverment
Or should we blame ourselves
Constantaly buying everything we see on the shelves
We as people get so greedy
Do you need your fancy car?
Do you need your big house?
But do you know children are dying?
Its because the lack of money that were supplying
Am i lying?
No now im crying!
Brothers and sisters come and speak
Greed is whats making our country week
The hardships we face
Those gratatious events
When will it end?
What will it cost?
Will my tears suffice? !
People we can be one
share what we can
For when you look at history
Greed has done no good
Greed will end your tides
Greed is the shine in your eyes
Greed is what seperates me between you!
nicholas casillas

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Limited is the need,
Unlimited is the greed,
Engaged in misdeed,
I ignore your bleed.

Two pieces of cloth and a piece of bread,
Can keep me alive, I'll not be dead,
Shelter of a roof not touching the sky,
I can walk with feet don't need to fly.

But I want the greed,
How dire is the need,
Of a peace making deed,
See the painful bleed.

Peace of hearts and peace brains,
I should have it, no refrains,
Unlimited is this need,
And limited is my greed.
Akhtar Jawad

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Poems On / About GREED