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Basho's Haiku

The following series of haiku are based on Matsuo Basho's famous The Old Pond and frog haiku.They are my interpretations.Basho invented the haiku form.I just read the article titled Masters of Short Poetry (November 15,2008 Providence Journal Books) about him on the home page and found this challenge in his poetry section on PoemHunter where several poets have written their interpretations based on translations.All of the stanzas in my tribute haiku are written in the three-lined 5-7-5 syllable format.It reflects how I feel about Matsuo Basho's inspirational poem.I thank him for inventing this short poem style.

Matsuo Basho

master haiku creator

frog old pond splashing

The croaking frog leaps

under the lily covered

pond splashing bubbles

Silently bubbles

follow the path leaping frogs

trail in the old pond

Frozen pose Zen frog

release then leaps under pads

the old pond's secret

The fourth haiku in this series is dedicated to a pet Zen frog we had named Prince Phroggy.This tiny species will strike a suspended pose and freeze motionless in the water for several minutes and then release itself suddenly from a Zen meditative state and swim very rapidly.If you keep several in an aquarium they will perform the frog version of synchronized swimming.

A green flash splashing

diving from lotus blossoms

wary eyes peeking

The old pond draws thoughts

What happens under water?

Frogs play happily.

Many green frogs jump

into the murky water

ancient pond absorbs

Ancient pond song shared

by little green or bullfrogs

needeep ribbit splash

Why does the frog jump

into the old pond's waters?

To avoid the pan.
Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

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Four April Haiku

April and dull days
My love has gone missing
A field of bluebells

April and drizzle
My love has gone missing
Azure is the ocean

April and cold wind
My love has gone missing
Cobalt is the sky

April and sunshine
My love has come back to me
Anemone and roses.
oskar hansen

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4 New Haiku

September drizzle
Sombre green olive trees weep
Dripping foliage

Sighing plethora
Rain on a Sunday afternoon
Heavenly peace for some

To be obsessed
With a gal who rejects you
October deluge

Disconsolate leaves
On manicured lawn of opulence
Golden oaks lament
oskar hansen

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4 Seasonal Haiku


Snows only purpose?
To make my garden look good
Four months a year


Shadows and light
In an unseemly embrace
Foolish April Dance


In the middy heat
Mules seeks shady carob trees
Man seeks the beach.


Morning sadness
Rain trickles down the window
Grey October sky.
jan oskar hansen

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