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Poems On / About HAIKU  7/29/2014 9:44:40 AM
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3 new haiku

Wet leaf in a pond
Ants abandoning sinking ship
Shore line yonder.

Tsunami brewing
A child wading in the puddle
Escaping tadpoles

Ornamental pool
Floating red plastic bucket
Eerie silence
oskar hansen

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Snowflakes Haiku

The Ice Queen dances

weaving her magic spell of

white lacy dreamscapes

Awakening Spring Haiku

A soft white blanket

falling upon sleepy earth

beneath it Spring sighs

Winter Scene Haiku

Bright crystal flowers

captured by the fir branches

sunlight makes them glow

Snowflakes Haiku was selected for the Poem of the Day on the Electronic Poetry Network 12/22/08
contact ccolon@shreve-lib.org
Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

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Sea Haiku

low tide...
can I pick up anything
she left behind

Published in World Haiku Review, April 2012
Honourable Mention, Vanguard Haiku
http: //sites.google.com/site/worldhaikureview2/whr/home/whr-april-2012/haiku-3-vangaurd
Chenou Liu

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haiku in colours

van gogh
in the field
etching haiku
onto canvas
each stroke
a colourful haiku
for posterity
eleven brothers vie
for attention
the fortunate ones
coloured bright yellow
the rest resign
themselves to fate
bow humbly
and live in the others' shadows
eleven lucky blooms
worth more than a hundred millions
they do not fit into my pot
but in my heart they blaze in glory, always

van gogh's genius pours
from eye to eye,
heart to heart
igniting the artist's passion
in each of us
once in a while, i too feel like
etching haiku in colours
encapsulating that extraordinary moment
ideas in wondrous colours, shapes and dreams
so that they too would turn out to be loving works of insanity
john tiong chunghoo

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Poems On / About HAIKU