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...S/Haiku..Commonwealth 3.Gold

Haiku Gold for

You, buy Toyota motor

Make you jump sky high

Haiku Gold for

You, take fish oil vitamin

Swim like Thorpedo

Haiku Gold for

You, eat plenty Delhi curry

Make you run soooo fast.
Ken e Hall

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3 New Haiku

Wet leaf in a pond
Ants abandoning sinking ship
Shore line yonder.

Tsunami brewing
A child wading in the puddle
Escaping tadpoles

Ornamental pool
Floating red plastic bucket
Eerie silence
oskar hansen

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Whisky Haiku

her face
in my whisky
the moon floats

Grand Prix, The Klostar Ivanic Haiku Contest (In English 2010)

Croatian translation by Marinko Spanovic

njeno lice
u mom viskiju
plovi mjesec

English Translation of the judge's comment:

I would like to put down some thoughts about the haiku which I gave the Grand Prix. This haiku is very formative and dimensional; one can build the WHOLE WORLD upon it. One can read it and listen to it from all sides and experience it in countless ways without using up any of the TRUE BEAUTY AND LOVE...

- Marinko Spanovic
Chenou Liu

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1. After Basho's Famous Frog Haiku

after basho's frog haiku
the garden pond
speaks more volume

after basho's frog haiku
each sight of the amphibian
the echo of a splash

after basho's frog haiku
every splash at the pond
eddies to the centre of my heart
john tiong chunghoo

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