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Butterflies Haiku

wing over cherry petals -
shadows embracing

Editor's First Choice Haiku
Blue Berry Haiku,1, June 2010

Editor's Comment:

MPH: We love this haiku for so many reasons. First, we admire the use of "wing" as a verb, since the actual butterfly wing, a noun, and its shape are essential to the themes and imagery of the poem: the shape of the wing and its shadow and of the petal and its shadow are shown by the poet to be so similar, akin, as the shadows meet under the cherry tree in a sweet embrace. And, in the same way that the shadows match and embrace, so, too, the letters and sounds of the poem do in an aural and visual alliteration.

The relationship between things and their shadows becomes an interchangeable simile for letters and their sounds: the r's and s's in all three lines, and the ing's and long o's in lines two and three. Of course, the theme of the essential one-ness of all things is another layer in the poem, the plant and insect here shown by the poet as one in that fleeting moment in which their identities cannot be separated, in that moment when the two merge on the broad face of Spring's renewed earth.
Chenou Liu

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And More Haiku

Old man
Spending his night
Finding a dream

On lapsed path he walks
Blocked veins and dry blood
Black& white flowers

Ancient man
No future only vague hopes
Spiked roses
oskar hansen

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Three New Haiku

Notes of music
Fell into the ocean

Rain upon the sea
Softly lamented the loss
The conductor died.

After great sorrow
Gigantic waves crash the shore
oskar hansen

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Haiku Meiosis

Mars admires Venus
rising phoenix like to surge, merge,
in gene I us
(30 March 2005)

Haiku Light through Light
Light through light evolves
upon revolving planet
as darkness dissolves

(24 March 2005)

Haiku Rich Ter
Quake loco motion,
ocean soon am I
wake lo! commotion

(24 March 2005)

Haiku Pillow Words

Pillow wor[l]ds place lisp
through dreams' double meanings
will o'wisp case crisp.

(24 March 2005)

Haiku Odors Rove
Summer Orange grove,
heat, blue skies, bees buzz belling,
subtle odors rove.

(24 March 2005)

Haiku Freedom versus Haze[ag]itation

Freedom flickering,
shadows call walls' bluff, recall
FREEDOM's thicker ring

(23 March 2005)

Haiku Curiosity
without which no cat could see
true way clear to be.

(17 March 2005)

Haiku Wishy Washy

Wishy Washy I
train brain, strain grey cells' refrain,
ever seeking 'why'

(16 March 2005)

Haiku Into Autumn
With wrinkles outfaced
open eyes greet the autumn,
mind never straight laced.

(16 March 2005)

Haiku Paintinted

Cold sunlight, gold, streams
through shivered panes, soul pained through
absence from his dreams.

(15 March 2005)

Haiku Motions
Going through motions,
I counter deception's drains,
high, dry emotions.

(29 December 2008)

Haiku Body language

Body language loud
translates inner silences
unique within crowd.

(13 March 2005)

Haiku Ready to Unlearn

Accept the unthought
grasping at straws till ready
to unlearn torts taught.
Society is fraught
with distortions brainless 'bought'
revised as a tanka

(21 May 2009)

Haiku Scene yet Unseen
Midnight Metro scene:
subtle population change,
on reflection, seen.

(25 February 2005)

Haiku Unwholesome
The wholesale warehouse
bears broad spread upon bare board
wanting, want, espouse.

Tawdry tinsel shed,
beast and beauty wed despair
in lacklustre shed.

(19 June 2004)

Haiku In Vino Veritas

One drunk's loud carouse
falls on deaf fears few afford,
none numbed feelings rouse.

(19 June 2004)
Jonathan ROBIN

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