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Poems On / About HAIR  4/19/2015 4:01:58 PM
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Embracing Age

Strainds of grey hair they dye
Behind youth they try to hide
In a bed of denial they lie
they look at age with false pride

It's hard to think that nowadays grey hair is rare
Let me tell you something I wish to share

From old age I won't hide
I will embrace it and show of my grey hair with pride
Rayana King

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Hair is frizzy, they have gone crazy
so hard, so brittle they make me hazy
what to do about these unruly hair
they are such a constant worry
messy hair for which they are sorry
for them I wrote a small poetry
as they are in the end my crowning glory
Warrior Writes

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Tangled Hair And Twine

She gifted me a lock, of her tangled hair wrapped in twine.
'Twas to mark the pages, in the books I read or write rhyme.
In the night, to my face, I hold her twine and tangled hair.
With my eyes closed, I can smell the sweet Balkan air.
Verse upon verse, I ink my rhyme through the pages.
Song upon song, of how I will love her through the ages.
Surely never again, will I meet a lady of her kind.
I will always keep close, her tangled hair wrapped in twine.
Dustin Lambert

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Where The Real Man Is

mirror, the man looks
and arranges his hair
looks, and arranges his hair

a flood of admiration
seizes his emotion

the real man lies between
the time he looks, and
arranges his hair
john tiong chunghoo

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Poems On / About HAIR