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Poems On / About HAIR  5/25/2016 6:08:16 AM
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Fur Mites After Ogden Nash - The Termite And Harry Graham Ruthless Rhymes

Some fur mites hop from hair to hair,
we seek them here, there, everywhere,
that's why we might flee from this day
flea-ridden wraps men trap as prey.
Jonathan ROBIN

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Gray hair because I've been here awhile.I've seen love ones come I've seen them go.I'm stilling standing strong and alive.Wise like a ancient budiest fragle as if a peice of glass.

Take care of me when you come across my path, handle with care.I have humor and elegant grace.Since wisdow took its place i have wrinkles on my face.

Soft skin just as a baby bottom.Gray hair like a racoons in the wild.This grandmother has been here before.Growing old goes along way.Children just let wisdom take its place
lucinda bryson

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Your Golden Hairs

Do you know, your golden hairs speak the events of thousands of years. A simple glance of it gives solace to one's ocean like sorrows. Its curvey shape speaks about history's mistakes. So one can correct oneself by looking at the curves (of hairs) . The golden color, which creates mirage for butterflies, takes one to histories mysteries. Histories mysteries can be unfurled with the pace of time. But your mysteries- not difficult but impossible to find. Its length tells about the depth of knowledge, we gain from history. But, in romance, your fathomless depth, which spreads like the limitless sky can not be touched or even seen if tries with utmost devotion and great spirit. Enhances your beauty its shape and size, unglamourous looks the queen with the crown on her head, standing by your side. Its blissful and gorgeous look pours beauty on you. For which- your presence makes the rose bare, pale and browny. And brings the beauties of beautiful girls to sad demise. Its softness and fragrance brings awesome feelings in oneself, which he never likes to lose for thousands of years and hundreds of irths. Keats says- a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. But i say- you are the sagacious creation of god whose beauty and romance will last for ever, ever and ever.....
Gouranga Kar

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Emerging A Generation

Keep knowing this, rather
I was born. before the birth of my father.
And my hairs turned into white
Before growing my hair and other.
.., Rahman .., Henry

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Poems On / About HAIR