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Poems On / About HAIR  12/21/2014 12:49:44 AM
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two distant worlds

who does not like to put some
yellow daisies on your black glossy hair?

you become so beautiful with a chain of yellow
daisies in your hair

where i can possibly touch them and caress them
and how would you know that this is more than just putting a chain of
daisies in your black hair?

you shall never know and that is good enough for me
for i am the simplest man that puts those chain of yellow daisies in your hair

no prince charming for you, nothing special
just another common friend putting those usual yellow daisies in your hair

when our hands touch by accident
how would you know that i have become a forest burning?

this burning fire that is softly killing me
how would you know? your world is open and mine is closed.

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The mere thought
Of stroking your tousled
Hair, tucking it behind
Your pristinely sculpted ear
Fires my bones
Like how the sunshine is
Jaded in the locks of your

That ebony river
Sprawling across your back,
Landing upon your forehead -
Symmetries and aesthetics
Purity of the rivulet,
I run my hands through
And disengage them, now
Sodden with the sweet water
Of your nightly hair.

Your hair: the fragrant fume
Bellows across the entrancing room
Where you sleep while I am awake.
And in my slumber, I dream of
Your hair and how it tangles
In a choke-hold like how a vine
Solders itself to the walls.
Windsor Guadalupe Jr

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Silently She's Combing

Silently she's combing,
Combing her long hair
Silently and graciously,
With many a pretty air.

The sun is in the willow leaves
And on the dappled grass,
And still she's combing her long hair
Before the looking-glass.

I pray you, cease to comb out,
Comb out your long hair,
For I have heard of witchery
Under a pretty air,

That makes as one thing to the lover
Staying and going hence,
All fair, with many a pretty air
And many a negligence.
James Joyce

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Pull Pull Pull (A Trich Story)

It's what's on my mind
Just another hair
Just one more time
Pull pull pull
Now my hair is gone
Bald spots her & there
Its just that feeling I've longed
Pull pull pull
I want to stop
So I try to get help
But it's just so hard when you feel the hair pop
Cati Walthall

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