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Poems On / About HAIR  9/23/2014 3:21:49 PM
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Best Poems About / On HAIR
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Hair Spa(m)

For the first time,
Pursued the spam of the name board “spa”,
Persuaded the spa’s men to have a spa
For no threat of hair fall,
“Let’s trim your hair, according to
Your capital’s standard, ” one cracked a joke;
Or else “wave” or shave and “weave”!
Ignorance of innocence
Rings the bells of her man, to ask wave or weave;
Unsolicited query.
The “N” of no burned his throat.
“How dare she”, to wave my property before the spamen
“ For what” sparkled immediately,
‘no more hair on marble floor,
under your feet
no more hair in Sambar,
inside you,
no more itching hair in between us, happy!
“Have pig tails, for this time”,
’if it on marble
, in your lunch box,
in between me and my destiny? '
“What if”
He retorts:
For the first time he thought only about himself.
Aswathi M P

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My Hair Just Hung Like That

My beautiful hair just hung like that.
It mattered that others' looked neater.
But I was like the rockband people,
Who realized where genius lay.

It lay in dishevelement of hair for sure.
The unrulier the more evolved the musician.
His synergistic flow from his hair to his guitar.

Flow of music,
Flow of hair,
It's musical relationship
Of orderly then disorderly harmony.

Guns n Roses and Linkin Park.
Their non-hairstyle created syncopated notes.
For whatever their musical stories told,
There was no reason to straighten their hair out.
Vera Sidhwa

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Gray Hairs

When our hairs turn to gray
This is what I want to say
We can sit by the front yard
Everyday we can laugh hard

When our hairs turn to gray
We can watch the whole day
Our grandchildren giggle nonstop
As they jump, skip and hop

When our hairs turn to gray
With our glasses by our nose
We can still sing our song
That we used to sing along

When our hairs turn to gray
We can still hold our hands
Watch the rising and setting sun
Husband, isn't it fun?

Graying hairs, wrinkling skin
It's alright this we mean
We will stay in love and true
How we do it, there's no clue

We will age gracefully
We will live joyfully
We will make them envious
With our love we live most.
naida supnet

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A Girl With Hair Like Yours

A girl with hair like yours
Was standing on the bus
She hurled me back into
A sudden swirl of us
I couldn't push straight through
I couldn't turn away
We kissed down by the shore
In cold and salty spray

A girl with hair like yours
She turned on all the lights
She broke down all the doors
Invaded all my nights
She told me she was mine
then caught a flight to Spain
I danced around the gym
With you and Don McLean

A girl with hair like yours
Made everything less clear
I set sail for her shore
We walked down every street
She said she couldn't stay
She said she couldn't leave
then never said a word
Until we couldn't breathe

A girl with hair like yours
She soothed me ‘til I bled
We'd walk that extra mile
Wherever darkness led
We crossed the oceans wide
And flew too near the sun
I thought we'd reach the light
When you were twenty one

A girl with hair like yours
was electricity
She lit some ancient fuse
With nails and chemistry
She broke into my veins
And left my heart in flames
We burned in darkness when
Our love was innocent
We danced across the bay
While Harry Nilsson played

It wasn't so spectacular
Not blonde or black it's true
And neither this or that colour
Just curly brown and hanging down
It got me wanting you
jim hogg

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