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Best Poems About / On HAIR
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We Washed Dirts Of Heart Mevlana’to The Disciples Of Heart Religion’

We used to walk around carelessly, who we were,

In your route, we were footprints Mevlana,

Our necks are much more thicker, than hair for love,

We came to burn, with it’s fire Mevlana.

We recognise your route, as ours Mevlana,

We took unwariness away, from heart Mevlana,

Our necks are much more thicker, than hair for love,

Tendency was towards to the darling, we loved Mevlana.

Mirror was the eye of comrade, we saw Mevlana,

We closed the note-book of heart Mevlana,

Our necks are much more thicker, than hair for love,

We died for the sake of love Mevlana.

Soul never be without darling, we found Mevlana,

In the dervish lodge, we were slaves Mevlana,

Our necks are much more thicker, than hair for love,

We washed dirts of heart Mevlana.

With admission, we sweared off Mevlana,

We helped to the ones, who’re in trouble Mevlana,

Our necks are much more thicker, than hair for love,

We’re burned by the fire of love, became mature Mevlana.

Poem: Can AKIN

Translated by: Nilufer DURSUN
Nilufer Dursun

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Lucy's Locks!

She sits so proud upon her bed, she looks at me and nods her head
'Your late' she says 'where have you been? I'm 93 not 15'

'Don't have all day to wait for you my days are numbered, so much to do'
'My hair's a mess please sort it out unless you want to hear me shout?

She thrusts a brush Into my hands to comb her long Grey hair
which falls with grace upon her back 'Now dear, please take care '

'Now roll my hair into a bun but gently does it please
Oh that horrible nurse Sadie how she likes to tease.'

'My head is sore for hours when she attacks me with my brush
she is always in a hurry and always in a rush '.

No time for Lucy's long grey locks which she wears with pride.
so everday I'd tend her hair untill the day she died.

I do so miss dear Lucy her stories made us laugh
she only wanted to be heared just wanted one last chance
to share her life, her tales of love oh how she liked to boast
But brushing Lucys long grey hair is what I miss the most.
Tracey TEE

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Hardly Cool

White women flip and flop their hair,
embarrassing black ones whose hair is curly,
while white men in the showers stare
at black men they consider to be surly.
The straightness of one’s hair can make
a person who has curly hair upset,
and showers cause men to mistake
the attitude of strangers who are wet.

What bothers others about you,
especially if you’re a difference race,
is often not the things you do
but just the fact you have a different face.
White and black may feel they’re quite
entitled to be prejudiced and foolish
and see the world as black and white,
but this is hardly cool, or even coolish.

Maureen Corrigan reviews Lena Williams’ “It’s the Little Things: The Everyday Interactions Under the Skin of Blacks and White” (Harcourt) (“The Perception of Race, Real or Not, ” the NYT, September 4,2000) . “White women go around flipping their long, straight manes in public, which annoys surrounding blacks, who are sensitive about their hair, while in the locker rooms across the land, white men cower in corners when black men undress.” The book is influenced by Deborah Tannen’s “You Just Don’t Understand, ” which ascribed misunderstandings between the sexes to different male and female linguistic styles. Corrigan disagrees with the book’s conclusions, citing Orlando Patterson’s observation that Afro-Americans are quintessentially American in their values and traditions and have as much intragroup heterogeneity as the many European-derived variations of white Americans.

gershon hepner

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Dreaming Of Hair

Ivy ties the cellar door
in autumn, in summer morning glory
wraps the ribs of a mouse.
Love binds me to the one
whose hair I've found in my mouth,
whose sleeping head I kiss,
wondering is it death?
beauty? this dark
star spreading in every direction from the crown of her head.

My love's hair is autumn hair, there
the sun ripens.
My fingers harvest the dark
vegtable of her body.
In the morning I remove it
from my tongue and
sleep again.

Hair spills
through my dream, sprouts
from my stomach, thickens my heart,
and tangles from the brain. Hair ties the tongue dumb.
Hair ascends the tree
of my childhood--the willow
I climbed
one bare foot and hand at a time,
feeling the knuckles of the gnarled tree, hearing
my father plead from his window, _Don't fall!_

In my dream I fly
past summers and moths,
to the thistle
caught in my mother's hair, the purple one
I touched and bled for,
to myself at three, sleeping
beside her, waking with her hair in my mouth.

Along a slippery twine of her black hair
my mother ties ko-tze knots for me:
fish and lion heads, chrysanthemum buds, the heads
of Chinamen, black-haired and frowning.

Li-En, my brother, frowns when he sleeps.
I push back his hair, stroke his brow.
His hairline is our father's, three peaks pointing down.

What sprouts from the body
and touches the body?
What filters sunlight
and drinks moonlight?
Where have I misplaced my heart?
What stops wheels and great machines?
What tangles in the bough
and snaps the loom?

Out of the grave
my father's hair
bursts. A strand
pierces my left sole, shoots
up bone, past ribs,
to the broken heart it stiches,
then down,
swirling in the stomach, in the groin, and down,
through the right foot.

What binds me to this earth?
What remembers the dead
and grows towards them?

I'm tired of thinking.
I long to taste the world with a kiss.
I long to fly into hair with kisses and weeping,
remembering an afternoon
when, kissing my sleeping father, I saw for the first time
behind the thick swirl of his black hair,
the mole of wisdom,
a lone planet spinning slowly.

Sometimes my love is melancholy
and I hold her head in my hands.
Sometimes I recall our hair grows after death.
Then, I must grab handfuls
of her hair, and, I tell you, there
are apples, walnuts, ships sailing, ships docking, and men
taking off their boots, their hearts breaking,
not knowing
which they love more, the water, or
their women's hair, sprouting from the head, rushing toward the feet.
Li-Young Lee

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