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Poems On / About HAIR  7/2/2015 12:18:01 AM
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Best Poems About / On HAIR
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Hair, tossed and tangled seamans crown,
the waters' angry all around,
while sea rages, spits-and soars
ship rocks and rolls, ..super star aboard?
does grammas hair look more silver than before,
or is flour in her hair, -and I'm imagining more?
reddish curls on the play ground boy,
who pulls our hairs -his angry ploy!
I love the hair on daddy's head,
(I'm glad that he and mommy wed)
tho spots are bare.. there's room for more,
I will buy him some at a hairy store,
baby's hair, oh! smells so sweet, I kiss her head,
- then I repeat!
Mommys' hair is long as rope,
my brothers' hair is gone from dope,
neighbors hair has icky smell,
like cigars and gasoline.. oh well.
my dolly's hair is shiny bright,
..it matters when I bed at night!
and grammpas hair I can't ignore..
says he lost it in a war..
and teachers hair, looks like a nest,
the place where all the birdies rest,
My sisters hair is wild and furious,
I watch it bounce because I am curious,
so my best friend.. whom I adore,
got sick...and now it's on the floor.
my bird who speaks to me has said,
'MY hair's the feathers on my head'!
and then my dog, who's a rare breed,
said 'I am bald' so hair - who needs?
oops- mommy's voice floats thru the air,
To tell me, - time to wash my hair,
I'm hiding now up in the loft,
she knows not, that I've cut mine off!
Anne Gable

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Want More Hair?

I'd love
I think
more hair
more hair
like a big
old grizzly bear
more hair makes
you manly
more hair
makes you tough
more hair feels
like carpet
more hair keeps
you rough
more hair
for pretty ladies
to rub their faces on
more hair for
guys to jealous of
and more locks that can
be flung
I think more hair would be awesome
but I wouldn't wanna overdo it
because too much hair would make
me like a little furry blanket
and I couldn't cover both of us
just you and that ain't fair
more hair!
John W. McEwers

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Hair The Musical...After 50 Years

It hit to me as I watched Hair the Musical last week how the times really are a changin'
One look in the mirror and the lyrics to Hair I must be rearrangin'...

(Sung to the Tune of Hair...with my apologies)

I ask myself why, why was I such a hairy guy?
I was hairy noon and nighty night night, but now my hair is out of sight
My hair is gone, where did it go, don't ask me why cause I don't know
It's not for lack of bread, that my hair is dead

Now my head is bald, my hair has been recalled
My scalp is shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
There's no more hair up there, BALD, I look like a cue ball, BALD?Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy.

Bald, bald, bald, bald, bald,
Bald, Bald, Bald, Can't grow it, or mow it, everybody knows that I'm bald??No longer does it fly in the breeze or get caught in the tees, there's no home for the fleas cause I'm bald.
No home for the fleas, no hive for the buzzin' bees
Where are the birds, there ain't no words for the barren, the ruin, the wasteland of my:

Bald, bald, bald, bald, bald,
Bald, Bald, Bald, Can't grow it, or mow it, everybody knows that I'm bald?
They call me slick, chrome dome, shiny, bowling ball, Buddah, Baldilocks, and shiny
My head is smooth, glossy, polished, shining, streaming, gleaming, flaxen,
Lustrous, glistening, satiny, sunny, sheeny,
So much abuse and wisecracking, all because my hair is lacking. ??Oh say, can you see the shine? ?If you can, then my hair is gone??Bald, bald, bald, bald, bald,
Bald, Bald, Bald, Can't grow it, or mow it, everybody knows that I'm bald.

No one will be ga-ga at the go-go when they see me in my toga
My toga looks like crap without hair...
If I had a wig I would wear it, Halleluha I swear it, Halleluja Mary loved her son, why don't my mother love me? ??Bald, bald, bald, bald, bald,
Bald, Bald, Bald, Can't grow it, or mow it, everybody knows that I'm bald?
Jim Yerman

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I Love My Hair

I love my hair
I always toss it around in the air
As if without a care!

I love my hair
Once I caught the super hair bug
Caught it whilst I slept on an old rug
The super lice were playing scratch, scratch, and scratch
While my fingernails were playing catch, catch and catch
Finally my hair was shaven as there was no cure, no other drug
I wore my head on my shoulder for a while with a distasteful shrug
Hiding underneath a cap with obvious bald patches that seemed to match

I love my hair
Long, golden plaited and brown
Enough to move heads around in town
People just want to come near
And stare! Stare at me! Who is that alien from elsewhere?

My hair is beautifully plaited in strands
This kind of hair fashion is high in demand
So many different styles to experiment with and expand
Today a woman needs to look good, do you understand?

I talk to my hair with oils
I say today I need you to curl
And when I style you,
Stay in place, do not spoil!

I wash my hair twice a day
Maybe when I am old, it would go grey
But for now the beauty is here to stay
I hope so, I definitely pray!

Beware all, take care
I love my hair, I love my hair
Don’t touch! But you can stare
You can stare at how I wear
My beautiful hair!
Try and out-do me if you dare!

I love my hair
I like to show it off
Around me do not sneeze or cough
Or with you I can be horribly tough
Around me do not sneeze or cough
If you don’t want to know the meaning of rough
I mean it, this isn’t a bluff!
I love my hair!

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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