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Best Poems About / On HAPPY
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Now Your Gone

Now your gone
You never looked more beautiful than the day we had to walk away from eachother the pain hurts so much but for some reason I'm happy wen I c you is it cause I'm happy were done....no its not I wish it were that easy...or is it because one day I now you'll be happy....I hope one day your happy....or is it cause I know you'll find someone to love you better than I did...than I could...ya... that's it...I know you'll find someone n the thought of that kills....but I know you'll b happier with out me...as my nights grow long...cold...n dark...I think of you...ll always love you babe cause your my forever na day....ill never forget.......my one my only my whole world....you gave rain or shine hunny.....n now.. your gone! ... I wish youda stayed....
Terry Vanee

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Out Of The Cool Night

As we have been wondering throughout night, we are always happy and thankful to see the daylight. As this breeze blows upon my face I will always remember this happy place. Into the peaceful valley below, I am coming out of the hill tops covered with snow. When I feel the sun upon my face I know this will always be a most happy place.
Living the live of the sage of old times and seeking the wisdom of those of the past, I hope that the knowledge I gain is going to last. As I roam through the valley below, I know that indifference’s will come and it will go. But many a time we must believe in the past, we know things like this are not likely to last.
But feeling the sun and breeze upon my face, I will always remember a very happy place. For I am reminded of the valleys pure wonders of delight, I am glade that forever that I came out of the night.
Barry Moyer

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Smile when you're happy and let the feeling show because this life is rushing by and you just never know, when things may come closing and drawing to a end, so smile at you're honey or smile at you're friend. Share a little happiness with everyone you meet and never wear a frawn even when you find defeat! . ''Happiness'' is contagious when it is spread just right around all kinds of different people it can bring delight! . A ray of hope in the darkest of situations and a minute of peace with a happy glow, you'll be suprised because you were not expecting that smile to appear the way it did, so very unexpectidly as sometimes they do. ''When'' their is people spreading smiles and cheer right in front of you! . ''No'' one likes a crouchy person looking in their face, alway's in a gloomy mood and never ''ever'' happy! . ''Drop'' that frown and that ''nasty'' additude and give the world a smile, bring happiness to you and those who are around you! . If you are depressed and drawning in denile it is probably because you forgot to smile! . ''So'' smile be happy change that (Addidude) don't act crappy and don't be rude, ''because''
the moreal of the story is that frowning will bring you snothing but shitty feelings and nasty friends, smiling is the way to go because it brings goodness and happiness for you and a friend and a wonderful feeling that won't ever end! .
Nicole Magincalda

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I Am Happy Because...

I rather die than not being an intellect
I have the power to make my life happy or sad
Right now I am happy
Happy because I am completely changed
Happy because now I won’t be humiliated
Happy because I have pledged to keep my dignity
Happy because I have chosen my way
of success, fame and money
Happy because I promised myself
Would not break my dear one’s heart
Happy because I have oathed to
Love my small family
For that I have vowed
A heart full of love
That is how much I love myself now.
Mahfooz Ali

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