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Best Poems About / On HAPPY
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Shooting Star Can Be Happy Too

I can be happy too if I don't watch the news.
Whales washing ashore. Some rapist murdering a whore.
Kids being kidnapped and animals being killed by neglection.
This entire earth is one big infection.
I HAVE WORKED WITH THE BEST OF THE WORST, PEOPLE THAT ARE CURSED, THEY SAY THEY GO TO CHURCH! HOW CAN I BE HAPPY TOO, I CAN NOT EVEN WATCH A MOVIE BECAUSE IT IS GORY EWW! THEY SHOW RAPIST RAPING, THEY SHOW MURDERS MURDERING, IT IS OK TO SHOW PEOPLE HAVING SEX ON TELEVISION AND WHO OWNS THE FCC? HITLERS WANNA BE? WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD? INSIDE I HAVE ALWAYS STAYED ME, THAT LITTLE GIRL. But that is why the poems you read from me, bleed, bleed, bleed.....from this world I can not get what I need. I need normal happy people in my life that love and I can not find one any where, so I put my guard up....I have tought myself how not to care. So far I have had one person in my life that was good and she is dead ans one other, he is dead. That leaves me with no one, because all of the peole that made me laugh and made me happy are all dead. My husband does not do too bad. I love him so, I am sure it is some of this earths population that have put him off balance, we can not run from you, we can not hide from you. There is no where to go. When I was young I loved you all so, even strangers. The last 10 years showed me the real dangers. How sick twisted minds can be so unkind and they know who they are. The shooting star will be there with St. Peter and he ain't gonna let you in either. So get ready for Satan, that is where you are going, too late to change your ways. I will be standing there at those Pearly Gates. You are not getting in, because of your sins. Like I said you know who you are, it is me, the shooting star.
Paula TH

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I Am Happy See Me

I am happy see me
See me here I am happy.

Ask me not how I become happy
Ask me not what is happy.

It is a feeling
Feel me
I am within You.

Feel yourself
How happy you are.

That has no beginning
That has no end.
gajanan mishra

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When I Was Happy

When I was happy,
I was able to smile
I was able to show myself for who I really am
When I was happy
I was able to be myself
I never would have let myself fall in so many areas
Why is it that now I can’t?
Why can’t I shine the way I used to?
Why don’t I succeed anymore?
Why don’t I fly high anymore?
How was it that you were able to change me with something so simple as a smile?
When I was happy
Why didn’t I think what that smile meant?
Why didn’t I do what I had to when I had the chance?
When I was happy
Why didn’t I see the truth?
When I was happy
Were you happy?
When I was happy…
Was I truly happy?
mithzi silva

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9 Months

Nine months it’s almost one year, I’m so glad that your still here. To keep you here I’ll give you a life of joy and fain, I’ll do my best to give you a life without any pain. I’ll show you a world where the birds sing well, and no matter what happiness will always dwell. Where there is no clouds of tears, and where you never feel fear. You are my baby gurl and I want nothing but the best for you, and to ensure that happens there’s nothing I wouldn’t do. You’re the one who was made for me. You’re the one who is meant to make me happy. Thank you for loving and holding me tight, don’t worry mami I will always treat you right. I’m glad I have someone as wonderful as you by my side, if I never met you I probably would’ve died. I get a smile on my face when I see the love in your eyes, I’m so glad that our relationship has no lies. Oh mi amor without you my life is not worth a dime, I’m so happy I got you because mami damn you fine. I love it when we kiss and I feel those sweet tender lips, I also love it when we “Dance” and the way you move your hips. Mi amor you’re the best thing in my life, and I wish nothing but the best for my wife. I wish I could give you the world in a plate, actually I will because it’s never too late. I have you by my side and I give you what I can, but one day I’ll give everything including a big rock on your hand. Our love is pure and filled with happiness and joy, Happy Nine Month Anniversary from your one and only boy.
Reaper G...

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