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Poems On / About HAPPY  8/1/2014 8:50:48 AM
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Today's Prayer

Today's Prayer

Today's I am happy
probably Today I am happy
tomorrow I will be sad
But I am always happy
In my very own way
You see, today I am happy
Because I have my friends around me
Tomorrow I don't know
What it will be
So I live for today
And I will for tomorrow
No matter what that day will bring
Good joy is what I expect
In my family
For no matter what we are always together
In life or in death
While awake or asleep
Whether in the state or cross sea
At school or in bed
By: Travis Casey
Travis Casey

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Wishing you a very good day,
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday,
I'm sure you smile and grin today,
And a lot more smiles everyday,
Only today is your special day
Until next year the same day,
I wish you again Happy Birthday!

Copyright Philo Yan September 13,2012
Philo Yan

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Happy moments

Happy moments,
This is that happy moment,
This is that great feeling,
In all that I do,
I realised that I grew up,
I never wasted a single moment,
Since in all good life's definition,
I found that the glory is my happy moment,
Those sad moments are all gone,
Those times that I used to cry in agony,
I realised the brilliant feeling that I had,
Happy moments that changed me,
Made me perceive that the beginning of gladness is coming,
And whatever that I do,
There will be a greater reward for me as the son of a King
Maxim Muyu

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to my dear wife.
Wonderful was the day
you entered my life
Happy Mother's Day
to my daughter's mother
for she is my friend and my lover
Happy Mother's Day
to my sweetheart
with her clear blue eyes
and caring heart
made me love her
right from the start
Happy Mother's Day
to my soul mate
there is no room for debate
how I love her so

Jim Milks

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Poems On / About HAPPY