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Poems On / About HAPPY  9/4/2015 3:56:42 PM
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My Fairy Tale

My fairy tale has no happy ending no handsome prince no spell that put me to sleep no one to save me in the end. My fairy tales doesn't have step mothers from hell or fairy god mother with glass slippers no cats that talk me no my fairy tale doesn't have that. My tale has crack heads with crack babies, school shootings with broken hearts and girls giving up dreams for idiots. Yeah this is the fairy tale i grew up with is the only happy ending is the one when you leave this world behind either though death or by motivation.
qualisa thomas

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For You I Will

</></>My Love i give you all of me you deserve my love for all eternity your kindness touches my soul when i think of you i feel at peace i feel happy i feel whole you are so dear to me your love is worth more than gold although you give it for free there is nothing i wouldnt do for you i always want you to be happy you are a delight and the prize that is in my eyes whatever you ask of me you know i will give you give me joy and hope a reason to live and i love you for nothing is impossible and for you i will.
Tyreesha Smith

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Happy Birthday Daddy

daddy yesturday was your birthday and I did not get too say happy birthday to you why because you are not heair with me anymore you went to heaven where you will stay forever and till god needs you to be reborn I miss you with all my heart and soul I cant wait to see you again you left me at a young age I was only 7 years old the day that I said goodbye to you happy birthday to you daddy
alicia pike

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Just To See You

as the moon rise when sun down you are all I dream about. Until the sun rises again. I was always thinking of you. Being around you, even if it was a risk in having my secret go out. Seeing you smile as big as the sun made me happy. The pain doesn't hurt as long as I could see your happy smile.
vivian mao

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Poems On / About HAPPY