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Poems On / About HAPPY  11/22/2014 6:51:35 AM
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A Cup Of Tea

A full cup of tea
On my table
Saying me to be happy
As we are for others
Made by someone
With someone and
May be die with some others,

If in each sip
People will be happy
And refreshed than
That's the honor of GOD
To make the world happy

Where a sweet and happy smile
Is the biggest treasure.

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The Poem Of A Happy Old Man


The poem of a happy old man
I sit warming myself in the sun
On a Jerusalem winter day
It has been cold for a while now
And it is good to be warm
I have nowhere special to go
I will soon go home to my work desk
I take occasional sips from a coffee
I am happy today in my old age
There are no great problems at the moment
Thank G-d I have lived seventy years
And I am still fairly alright
The sun is warm
The city is beautiful
I don't have to go anywhere
I am happy now
Just sitting here
And watching the world go by
Shalom Freedman

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Happy for No Reason

I traipsed along a dirt pathway.
I skipped through the,
Outcome of today.

I took a happy spill,
For no reason than,
I was too happy.
I was happy till,
There was no day left.

I swam funny and screamed,
A wild and silly scream.
It spoke of the airy,
Happiness I felt.

I felt happy for no reason.
Vera Sidhwa

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Happy Is Happy

on life(crown
and valium)
happy is happy:
judge me if you
like i would care)
people dont know
what happiness
is: smiles and laughter
take many forms
they are of the moment
(free from stress
walk in my worn shoes
(miles on
manic feet)
and tell me
if youre tired(youll
sleep like a baby)
ive found new shoes-
ones with gel bottoms
now im running through life
and meditating)
happy is happy:
judge me now
kel davis

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Poems On / About HAPPY