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Poems On / About HAPPY  7/3/2015 1:10:18 AM
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Della And Dan

Della and Dan had a big fight- -She caught him cheating- With her best friend one night- Della told Dan to get on his way- -And he'd better be gone before the break of day- Dan said goodbye- And slammed the door- Della told never- To come back anymore- Della never re-married- And neither did Dan- She was a happy single girl- He was a happy single mam.
Joy Thacker

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Dnt Judge Me

When m quit or tansd, people think its my ego, wen i try to simple n mannerd, people think itz my attitude, and if i say no or dnt want for anythng, people called it my proud, ..when m scared n look down, people calle it m stubborn.wenevr i try to explain or reason, people call it my argument.n wen m sad n hurt n need sm1 to wipe ma tears den people say let her be she needs privacy.i fight my life bt keep smiling for others to be happy.they think shez alw rocking n happy... Do nt judge d person if u cant.
dr.Neha gupta the POEMLOVER

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Be happy Don't worry! Don't worry Be happy! Be carefree Don't worry! Don't worry Be carefree! Be glad Don't worry! Don't worry Be glad! Be safe Don't worry! Don't worry Be safe! What is important Is to be Carefree. Carefree Is eternal And for ever and Ever.

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What can I say I'm happy.....funny how it occurred to me....my work matters....family is safe.....and friends who are caring....we all need a reason....to wake up in the morn....thank God that I have many....even a grandchild not yet born.....what can I say I'm happy.....goals and dreams that drive me too....and the healthier I get....the easier life is....maybe even able to go dancing soon
Lauren B Called

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Poems On / About HAPPY