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Poems On / About HAPPY  9/16/2014 10:29:43 PM
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Birthday Wishes

On this great day of your life,
you may get
Blessings from your parents,
Gifts and compliments from your friends,
Greetings from your relatives
but let me be the first one to wish you
'Happy birthday.'
May this day bring you some
Millions of golden memories.
Years after when you think of this day
Let this day's vivid remembrance
Be also accomplished with
My heartily wishes:
'Happy birthday, happy today and happy everyday of your life.'
krishna kumar

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When you're happy
You celebrate, but
When you're not happy
You don't at all because
This is something normal
And spontaneous anytime, Anywhere and everywhere, Celebrations are a must
Unless there is a reason
That prevents someone
From doing so anytime,
All people global celebrate
And go merry marking
When they need to be in
A situation where people
Can express their feelings And their emotions anytime, and Happy people celebrate
Their happy occasions.

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Happy is the moon
spreads light
For the lonely traveler
at the road
Happy is the sun
Who reveals field
For the life to hold
From the doubt
Of night
Happy is the hand
Who Sweeps tear
Of orphan
Child's face
Faithful heart
Who spares life
Where staged war

Within love

no condition
Attitude of life
sallam yassin

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the first agreeement on marriage

first and foremost
we agreed
whatever is there is there

no expectations no demands
be content with what i have
and i shall be contented
with what she has to offer

nothing compulsive
or obsessive

one must always keep that
personal happiness

be happy first
pamper yourself with yourself
then share

since if you are happy
i can be happy
and marriage by itself
can be a happy

i guess this works
on our 15th anniversary

no wars except
the pacts of peace

love, love, love
just do it, don't need to
say it.

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Poems On / About HAPPY