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Poems On / About HAPPY  11/28/2015 3:28:59 AM
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My Life

life is such a beautiful thing but its hard for me to live in this life because is not easy like everybody think it is every since i lost my mother my life had change i wish life was easier for me i miss my good time i love life but i don't think life love me i wish-my life my life was easier for me pleas god help me and my life but i live life to be happy when i resized its going to be hard for me to be happy
milouse dacius

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Just Listen

listening is important.so important that if you just miss one word, your lost forever and never can return.could you be ready for the sound of their voice saying something that you have been wanting to hear? you thought they would never say those three words, the words that might save you from yourself.to stop the lonliness deep inside of you.to stop your heart from shattering and never returning to normal.to make your life happy and wonderful instead of gloom and miserable.so take their hand and be happy, be free.and never look back at where you once were......
Chelsea Pace

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Thank You

We all take things for granted, we dont even notice, how we get all we wanted, without thinking, we eat everyday, theres people all over the world starving of hunger and we have computers to chat, man thats wack we shouldnt be doing crack or any drugs, we should grow for the poor leave it in front of the door, and walk away, happy that we made someone else happy. But no we will keep using the computer and continue ignoring them all. Who cares if they fall adn die, it isnt us and it isnt our lives
Michael Buchanan

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God Could Have Mad Such A Beatiful Little Boy

He seems to be the joy of all our lives. It's had to believe he came into our lives. And made us feel so happy and special. He is the joy of all our lives. He makes us happy when we ware sad. So Jagger is the one made his way into the world. And we all will always be grateful for that. written 7/3/08 Posted 7/3/08
Susie Sunshine

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Poems On / About HAPPY