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Poems On / About HAPPY  7/4/2015 8:38:52 AM
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Loveing You

Love is your strongest feeling, your wildest dream, your biggest fear that never leaves, but when love comes like an enternal stream. All fears steer clear away. Feelings come swift and fast and you dont know how to act but i see that all i need is you with me. My wildest dreams become a reality, all bad things disapear and everything unknown becomes clear. At that moment i realize all i need to make me happy is you with me and i can see what will be and that makes me so happy
chandler cooper

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Im Happy

im happy yeah i said it im happy remember it cause it might be the only time you hear i say it what is this is this a new feeling my heart finally started healing but still kneeling stealing aint cuting myself anymore score im not at the door with four my arm bleeding no that was before this is the reincarnation of 084 now let all the evil leave me 087 is dead and aint coming back any time soon
Jose Torres

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Feeling Better Since Athur Is Better

Feeling better that Arthur is getting better. And there is hope for him. To make a come back gives me the hope and news I am happy to hear and it makes me feel very happy. written and Posted 4/28/09 Deciated to forever true lovr Arthur
Susie Sunshine

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Joeanna Happy Birtday

You are special and different in so many ways. No one can ever take tht away.Happy birthday to you amd many more. You are blesed with two beautiful kids. Your should be special. Filled with everyhing you could ever dreamed about. Wishing you many happy birthday wishes and I hope they all come true. With all my love Susie writtem and posted July 15 2009
Susie Sunshine

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Poems On / About HAPPY