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Poems On / About HAPPY  6/1/2016 2:25:26 AM
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The Book I Wrote Is Deciated To Those I Love And Lost To Death

The book is about my life. It poems and there are about my life. My mother and my husand and forever friends and my sister and my niece. I am so happy I can't wait. It's going to be available on line in August. That is so exciting. I am so happy I want to cry. written 7/20/08 Posted 8/1/08
Susie Sunshine

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There Is Hope

Feeling now that Arthur is getting better everyday. And there is hope for him to make a come back. We should never give up on hope. If we belive enough that he will gett better. Then you have to believe. I am happy to learn to hear he is getting better. I am very happy. written 9/5/08 Posted 9/27/08 Deciated to Arthur my true love
Susie Sunshine

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? ? ?

Even if I seem hard to talk to, we still have 2 path to choose, you love me, but the the love i have isn't as strong as you, Its always hard to express how one is feeling so I just play on with the cards God is dealing, I hate it when you cry, I cant be with you but I try and try, to keep you happy and tear free, I just hope us not being together doesn't keep you from being joyfull and happy just like me
Somario Campbell

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Della And Dan

Della and Dan had a big fight- -She caught him cheating- With her best friend one night- Della told Dan to get on his way- -And he'd better be gone before the break of day- Dan said goodbye- And slammed the door- Della told never- To come back anymore- Della never re-married- And neither did Dan- She was a happy single girl- He was a happy single mam.
Joy Thacker

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Poems On / About HAPPY