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Poems On / About HAPPY  9/1/2014 1:30:47 PM
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Summer, Summer bright and sunny
I love to see many bunnies
Happy place it brings me joy
Happy place it brings me joy

I love how it makes me happy
And it doesn't make me sappy
It brings joy to everybody
Happy place is Wonderbody

Wonderbody is so sunny
That's why I love many bunnies
It is night so the bunnies are gone
I must go home and run along
Gabrille Achtermann

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i love the way you smile
your eyes are beautiful
your dark and mysterious
you see me as a person im not
your my best friend in the entire world
you helped me when i need someone
you stayed beside my side and pick me up through that dark hole i was falling through
im glad your happy with her
i want you to be happy
with whatever discion you make
i dont regret kissing you
i dont regret annything
i was happy
i havent been happy like that in a long time
batman, i love you
no one or anything will change that
jalisa curtin

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When you're happy
You celebrate, but
When you're not happy
You don't at all because
This is something normal
And spontaneous anytime, Anywhere and everywhere, Celebrations are a must
Unless there is a reason
That prevents someone
From doing so anytime,
All people global celebrate
And go merry marking
When they need to be in
A situation where people
Can express their feelings And their emotions anytime, and Happy people celebrate
Their happy occasions.

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Happy March!

Happy Birthday and
Happy March,
Especially to the one who has my heart ? and
Is always on my mind.
Although he turned thirty-one
And I am only twenty-three
I know he is the one,
As I always feel glee.
I wish him love,
I wish him happiness,
I wish him health,
I wish him success.
One day we might celebrate together,
For now a poem will do.
Happy birthday and happy March to him,
I hope all his wishes come true.
Alexa Castillo

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Poems On / About HAPPY