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Poems On / About HAPPY  8/29/2014 11:26:25 PM
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I wanna wake up happy each and everyday
to smell the floral blossoms that the breezes blow my way
to hear the chirping birds singing in the sky
to hear thier rustling feathers as they quickly fly on by
to wake up to the sun happy and shining bright
to know as I wake up that everything's alright
I want to wake up happy each and everyday
to listen to the world live on in it's usual way
listening to the cars on a near by passing street
and when I do wake up I wonder who I'll meet
Will I meet an angel who would guide me on my way
I want to wake up happy just like I did today
Laure Howard

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I wish you a very happy New Year
because I can only wish but I can not

make you happy unless you yourself
want to make yourself truly happy.

Happiness is certainly a seed of wish
which need to exist there embedded

within your own self, within your heart
which need be nourished by pouring

little moisture of love, care and hope
which you derive from others in turn

by making them happy by your deeds
to allow it grow into a happiness tree.

Palas Kumar Ray.All rights reserved.
Palas Kumar Ray

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Walking on a dream
Floating above reality
Imagination roaming
Dreaming of better days
The world in my head
Ever after
No greed
No hatred
No war
For your family
For your friends
For your sister
Your father
Your brother
Your mother
Something to live for
A world for each other
Not for yourself
No poverty
No sickness
No disease
All these moments freeze
Freezing somewhere in time
Forgiven and forgotten
My world is free
Moments of bliss
Moments of men, woman and children safe
Nothing to hide from
No need to run
I am happy here
Happy here in my mind
Happy where the world is kind
Happy here within my head
Until I awake
And my dream is dead
Jessie Mahoney Bathis

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I worry, you tell me not to worry, be happy
there is nothing to worry about
but still I keep on worrying
it's easier to worry than be happy

i'm not really sure
I know what it means to be happy
is it a red sunset on the blue horizon
a child smiles and lauhgs
the fresh smell after spring showers
or wathcng her walk

a litter of squirming puppies
a babe at the breast
a flower in bloom
a flock of birds overhead

happenings and sweet cliches
I don't think I can know when I am happy
without telling a story
but I know when I'm not
shimon weinroth

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