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Poems On / About HAPPY  12/20/2014 12:35:31 PM
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My Happy Poem

Happy and more joy
I love my life and Abraham Hicks.
I love my children and husband.
My life is so great, and I am so happy.
SO happy anyone looking coudl just puke.
I am so happy and I love and appreciate life and everyone in it.
Anna Miller Gigpcom

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Happiness is such a great thing
Some people are born happy,
Some achieve happyness,
And some have happyness thrushed upon their souls

It is everyones right to be happy
Everyone deserves to be happy
One day YOU will be happy
Emma Hill

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He is back

He is back
Back in my arms
I have him
I waited
He came back
I am happy
We are happy together
He is back
I love him
I am happy
Glad I waited
I got him back
We are happy.
pamela nikkole white

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happy enough to jump
up into the sky
all over bouncing around
sad for so long
now you're all over the place
jumping around
scaring people cause they've never
seen you like this
butterflies making you want to fly
flying high
never wanting to dropp and land
happieness the greatest feeling
happy will never leave me
flying high
head up high
dancing and jumping
finally letting go
reaching for the sky
reaching past your limits
flying high on being happy
flying so high
ready to give way
letting loose into the sky
letting loose not caring
wats going to happen
cause i'm happy
Erica Olson

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Poems On / About HAPPY