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Poems On / About HAPPY  11/29/2014 3:39:15 AM
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He is back

He is back
Back in my arms
I have him
I waited
He came back
I am happy
We are happy together
He is back
I love him
I am happy
Glad I waited
I got him back
We are happy.
pamela nikkole white

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Day 1

Happy days!
Days of fun
Days of shine
Days of sun

Happy days!
Days I won
Days I earned
Today has just begun

Happy days!
Days I dread
To wake up
With a burning head

Happy days!
For which I wait
With furnished fear
And hollow hate.
Bob Axell

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I'm trying my hardest to stay happy
I'm trying my hardest, I swear I am

But I fear that I'm failing
And this, I don't want you to notice
I'm trying to hide it
But I don't know if I can

I don't want you to know
that I'm failing
I don't want you to know
that I can't seem to stay happy

I want to be happy, for you
I want to show that I can be happy

And, I guess..maybe I just want
you to be proud of me

So I'll keep trying
But I fear I'm failing
mathew brogan

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happy is what the heart desires
happy is unique

the world isn't happy
it's violent
it's pain

happy is lost to most
found by a select few

the search for happiness
will delight or destroy you
corey latham

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Poems On / About HAPPY