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Poems On / About HAPPY  10/23/2014 12:55:59 AM
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Happier World

If wars can be ended,
If communalism can be stopped,
If bribery and corruption exist no where,
Then the world would be happier.

If every child has parents,
If every stomach gets food,
If there are no beggars,
Then the world would be happier.

If every place has greenary,
If there are no deserts,
If everybody is a believer,
Then the world would be happier.

If every country is developed,
If every community is united,
If all people are sharper,
Then the world would be happier.
ziesha paul

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Happy is

happy is seeing someone smile
and making you smile
it sounds like a laugh
from a little kid
happy taste like fresh cotton candy
that melts in your mouth
happy feels like a warm blanket
that will keep you safe
it smells like grandmas
freshly baked cookies
happy is as bright as the sun
and as warm
Amber Hatfield

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christmas is wonderful

Christmas is wonder and specially brings joy into you
It comes right from your heart and let peace be with you
Is a time for love and fun feel the sun shine and bright
Feel the star light twinkles all night and the moon light
With warmth and Orange light
The sun brighten loved family and friends
The star twinkles happy healthy and strong
The moon warmth house protects and secure
GOD blessed your daily food and water
Freedom and peace

I wish you Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Happy healthy and peaceful throughout
see fee lee

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I worry, you tell me not to worry, be happy
there is nothing to worry about
but still I keep on worrying
it's easier to worry than be happy

i'm not really sure
I know what it means to be happy
is it a red sunset on the blue horizon
a child smiles and lauhgs
the fresh smell after spring showers
or wathcng her walk

a litter of squirming puppies
a babe at the breast
a flower in bloom
a flock of birds overhead

happenings and sweet cliches
I don't think I can know when I am happy
without telling a story
but I know when I'm not
shimon weinroth

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Poems On / About HAPPY