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Poems On / About HAPPY  7/24/2014 9:17:49 AM
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To be happy

To be happy some need lot of things glamour and success love money
and wine but for some it is present in their beloved eyes.
To be happy some need wealth luxury and heaven after dieing,
but for some it is present with their love in this life
To be happy some need to live in heights,
but for some it is there in their home with their family and faith in god,
To live happily is not bounded in words but it is art of living
making a person happy and winner in life.
hemu gupta

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this feeling

This feeling i feel'
It is something thats real.
I'm so happy about us'
so happy about trust.
so happy that we both feel the same,
Days without you, I wanna go insane.
your everything I need,
all that i feel and see.
Forever we shall be,
happy together and free.
Nothing could ever change my mind.
cuz I know what we have is strong <3
Janey lala

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We love you Great America
the kindness you give worldwide
like firework fill the free sky
flash bright hope, happy smiles
drive way darkness, thanksgiving to you

We love you long America
everything you do is so nice
that I want it more and more
make me happy, happier,
happiest would be
anhhoa nhat

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Loss of interest

Sad, anxious, empty mood; feelings of hopelessness

Guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness;

Thoughts of death or suicide

Life is just to hard

But death

Death is easy

Death is simple

Theres many ways to die

Knifes, guns, cars

Building, drowning, ropes

And many more

Its not hard to commit suicide

Its just hard to live life

Dont get me wrong

I dont want to die, life is just getting to hard

But one day you'll wake up

And I wont be here anymore

Dont be sad

Just be happy

Happy, cause I'll finally be happy

Without the pain and sadness of life

Happy in death
Tammy Baby

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Poems On / About HAPPY