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Poems On / About HAPPY  7/24/2014 7:58:59 AM
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Walking on a dream
Floating above reality
Imagination roaming
Dreaming of better days
The world in my head
Ever after
No greed
No hatred
No war
For your family
For your friends
For your sister
Your father
Your brother
Your mother
Something to live for
A world for each other
Not for yourself
No poverty
No sickness
No disease
All these moments freeze
Freezing somewhere in time
Forgiven and forgotten
My world is free
Moments of bliss
Moments of men, woman and children safe
Nothing to hide from
No need to run
I am happy here
Happy here in my mind
Happy where the world is kind
Happy here within my head
Until I awake
And my dream is dead
Jessie Mahoney Bathis

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So happy to find the way back home
So much happy than the day before
So happy to find that there is so much more.

So much happy to know that i had
known you before.

So in my way back home i will learn
and share with other the true that
will set as free.

The way back home is to love you
as me for there is no separation
between you and me.

And in that way back finding that we
never left home.
flariza bazu

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I Almost Wish My Heart Was Breaking

I feel fine today,
Somethings wrong,
Im happy?
This feeling is strange,
I feel like vomiting,
Why am I happy,
Ive cryed so much,
I almost wish my heart was breaking,
I feel odd,
Never felt so happy before in my life,
I want my heart to break,
It has been broken so long,
It pains me to be happy,
I almost wish my heart was breaking,
Samantha Guinen

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Day 1

Happy days!
Days of fun
Days of shine
Days of sun

Happy days!
Days I won
Days I earned
Today has just begun

Happy days!
Days I dread
To wake up
With a burning head

Happy days!
For which I wait
With furnished fear
And hollow hate.
Bob Axell

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Poems On / About HAPPY