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Best Poems About / On HAPPY
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For Cathie #2

In life i just want to make people happy, not because they’re upset with me, just want everyone to be happy- that’s how everyone should be.. just to believe there is someone there for them, always, through thick and thin to care and belief that they’re beautiful inside and out. Everyone possesses beauty, beauty of a unique mind and soul; unique features and perks- even if they can’t see them themselves.
But, this is a paradox.
What is my real reason for doing this.
Am i happy? … i should be.

Maybe i just get carried away in thought and well, words.
Maybe that’s why people say i can write- i just let my mind open and write every word on the page. Does this mean i have soul- or am i just too honest.
Is honesty really the best policy.
Even if your honest people still ask questions; as why you wrote that, or who it’s really for. Then i have to say they’re just words, just a name, just an interpretation.. maybe they really are.

When i try to make people happy; individuals happy- “you’re beautiful, gorgeous, i love you, you make me happy, your smile is what i dream of, i just want to be yours, be with you..”

i feel lonely… really thats just how i feel, most of the time.
I just want someone to be with, to cuddle, to make me feel whole; because i just feel empty really- like there is something missing from inside me.
Then you talk to me and i think, that must be you, you’re missing, you spoke to me, told me to be happy.

When I write, I’m writing for you, i want you to hear my message, i want you to know you’re beautiful and that your beauty is what carries me through my life, its what i write about. For me, you are everything. The words to a love song, the notes to the melody of my life. You are the air i breath, my oxygen.
You are every colour of the rainbow, every rain drop to fall on me, every tear i cry, sight i see, the nature that surrounds me.
When i worry it’s fear i might lose you to everything. The fear you won’t be there when i wake, you’ll disappear and then what can i do…
…with nothing to live for.

To you i hold eternal love and all my beliefs.
With you i can walk into tomorrow.
Matthew English

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Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother!

May you be my brother

Every time I am born.

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother

You are my Hero,

and my inspiration

You have made me proud Sister

in the entire Universe.

May you keep making me prouder.

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother

You have given me the courage,

to dream the most impossible,

and given me the strength,

to fight the greatest disasters,

and win the battle of my Life.

May all the Sisters have a brother like you.

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother

You have granted me the opportunity,

to leave the hell,

and live in the heaven,

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother

You stole your dreams,

To fulfill your families need.

Yet you reached the top of your aim.

Your victory is a lesson for the ones who,

Give up on their dreams.

Happy Birthday to you! !

Happy Birthday Brother

You have given a little Girl,

a beautiful life,

Without you,

Which might have been just a dream.
Pratisha Karki

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15th Anniversary

Time has passed, now to celebrate,
A loving partnership that's so great!
Fifteen long and strong years,
Many Happy Laughters, Many Sad Tears,
Creates loving precious memory,
Happy Happy 15th Anniversary!
Philo Yan

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Happy People

Are you happy with your life?
I hope not.
I hope nobody is happy
with their life.
I hope people are happy
with experiences in their lives.
But I also hope people are saddened
by experiences in their lives.
I hope there are things that make them
and so on,
and so forth.
I hope no one is happy
with every aspect of their life.
That would mean being happy all the time.
It would be horrible to be happy
all the time.
It would be boring to be happy
all the time.
Being happy all the time would make me so
I hope every person experiences every emotion at least once.
To live without doing so would be a shame.
How could anyone be happy
without knowing how it feels not to be so?
Casper Anderson

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