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Poems On / About HAPPY  9/1/2014 6:22:15 AM
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Happy is being elsewhere

A chinese lady once told me
'Happy is being elsewhere'

I couldn't figure out
if she meant
that somewhere else is happier

or if she spoke
and meant
that she wasn't happy
with her current situation.

Either way,
Happy is being elsewhere.
Erica Francis

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Happy, is what ought to be

What ought to be is a happy me.
Yet l cannot seem to get that part out.
l wish l could,
therefore you would see,
that l am what you want me to be.
is what l ought to be,
cause that is what is
expect'd of me.
lf only l could fill your wishes
of who l ought to be.
Then happy you
would be,
not me.
Jodilee Duke

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All the happy faces in the world,
Remind me of you, you make
Me happy when I am sad,
You must have this spell over me,
That I am naturally happy when,
I am with you we are both happy,
We belong together, were made
For each other but you know that
I even exist, so im left with no one,
No one but myself
Sandra Wiebe

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Happy is

happy is seeing someone smile
and making you smile
it sounds like a laugh
from a little kid
happy taste like fresh cotton candy
that melts in your mouth
happy feels like a warm blanket
that will keep you safe
it smells like grandmas
freshly baked cookies
happy is as bright as the sun
and as warm
Amber Hatfield

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Poems On / About HAPPY