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Poems On / About HAPPY  5/3/2016 1:17:55 PM
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Im Happy

im happy yeah i said it im happy remember it cause it might be the only time you hear i say it what is this is this a new feeling my heart finally started healing but still kneeling stealing aint cuting myself anymore score im not at the door with four my arm bleeding no that was before this is the reincarnation of 084 now let all the evil leave me 087 is dead and aint coming back any time soon
Jose Torres

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Another Mushmish In My Life

Another pretty Mushmish (little kitten) who looks like the late Mushmish passed away by some way, We got saddened by the sudden death of Mushmish, but God today sent us another kitten who looks like, We got happy by getting another little kitten, Sandy, the little female kitten, got happy by the coming of the newcomer into her whereabouts, Both united together to have a pretty couple to be, All neighbors welcomed the new Mushmish happily, Life got brighter to us and to little kitten Sandy by the coming of The champion little kitten Mushmish, so We have another Mushmish in our life happily.

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Poetry And Poems

Enjoying pretty hearts and even sad hearts Make poetry for all hearts because All hearts are greatly hearts happy or sad, I write poetry to let the whole world Enjoys what I have inside me, There are a lot of things in my life and around me, I want to tell all people about them, Satisfaction is my aim and to let readers Enjoy my words and my thoughts, In poems, good or bad, We can convey a lot of things To all kinds of people Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, To please people means to make them Happy with what you have anytime, so By my poetry and throughout my poems, I can turn a bad behavior into a good soul.

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I Am Not Happy

Even I am not happy, then I have my own reasons Simply because there will be an ugly war In the near future anytime, so Please do not blame me if I am not happy anytime, Anywhere, and everywhere. _____________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About HAPPY