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Poems On / About HAPPY  9/1/2014 1:30:22 PM
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The Poems Made Me Happy

The poems made me happy-
They made me dream
I had done something with my life-
They made me feel that perhaps
There were a few readers
And that one day somehow
All I had dreamed
Of literary glory and fame
Would be mine.

The poems made me happy
They enabled me to continue in the delusion
With which I had gone through my life-

In old age
I am still dreaming I will get there
What a happy fool I am-

And now just now I have written another small confessional poem -
And made a fool happy once again.
Shalom Freedman

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Happy Is Happy

on life(crown
and valium)
happy is happy:
judge me if you
like i would care)
people dont know
what happiness
is: smiles and laughter
take many forms
they are of the moment
(free from stress
walk in my worn shoes
(miles on
manic feet)
and tell me
if youre tired(youll
sleep like a baby)
ive found new shoes-
ones with gel bottoms
now im running through life
and meditating)
happy is happy:
judge me now
kel davis

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to the girl with the flaxen hair,
bless her face, her heart & her highly polished teeth.
Happy Easter to the girl with devil may care,
her over-protective parents & brother called Keith

Happy Easter to the girl who takes for granted,
I've spent far too much time & money on you.
Happy Easter to those whom I've neglected thus far,
just find some nice bags & I'll buy the glue
Jason Jackson

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i love the way you smile
your eyes are beautiful
your dark and mysterious
you see me as a person im not
your my best friend in the entire world
you helped me when i need someone
you stayed beside my side and pick me up through that dark hole i was falling through
im glad your happy with her
i want you to be happy
with whatever discion you make
i dont regret kissing you
i dont regret annything
i was happy
i havent been happy like that in a long time
batman, i love you
no one or anything will change that
i love you
Jalisa Ann Curtin

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Poems On / About HAPPY