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Poems On / About HAPPY  11/27/2014 7:04:27 AM
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I rather not set a rule
when I want to be happy
I rather not set a rule
when I need to be happy
I rather not set a rule
but use words as tools
To make someone happy
Now I am happy!
Philo Yan

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what to say
hey why u stressin
dont take it out on him
he's just helping
oh no, now look
he walked away
he dont wanna stress man
i mean women
just trying to help
happy wife happy life
happy man happy life
its give and take
goes both ways
don't believe the hype
it goes both ways
if u stressin its your problem
if he is helping
why u stressin
come on man
give the guy a break
you want love
give it
and it will come back
does that sound right
what do you think
aint that simple
thats up to you
smile sunshine
keemusabi tzu

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I worry, you tell me not to worry, be happy
there is nothing to worry about
but still I keep on worrying
it's easier to worry than be happy

i'm not really sure
I know what it means to be happy
is it a red sunset on the blue horizon
a child smiles and lauhgs
the fresh smell after spring showers
or wathcng her walk

a litter of squirming puppies
a babe at the breast
a flower in bloom
a flock of birds overhead

happenings and sweet cliches
I don't think I can know when I am happy
without telling a story
but I know when I'm not
shimon weinroth

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All the happy faces in the world,
Remind me of you, you make
Me happy when I am sad,
You must have this spell over me,
That I am naturally happy when,
I am with you we are both happy,
We belong together, were made
For each other but you know that
I even exist, so im left with no one,
No one but myself
Sandra Wiebe

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Poems On / About HAPPY