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Best Poems About / On HAPPY
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Something To Love

Is there something to hold, care, cherish or even love something or someone?
Is it really that important to love? Can it be something that can be kept forever in your heart, or could it be just a burden to your life? …..maybe I’m the one mistaken. Maybe I’m the one who feels this “love” stuff. Maybe when I think about you, I feel peaceful. When ever I see you smile or even look at you it makes me happy that you are happy and my heart pounds like drums in a parade. When I’m near you or very close to each other my heart raises and won’t stop beating fast…cause is because I like you or even love you. When I started to like you, I didn’t know if as a friend or something else. Love is something I can’t really understand very well but if there’s a day or year I would know I would stay the way I’m. if I told you I love you I would die in peace.
But if there was a day were we could meet and love each other my heart would be happy and calm. It would be calm because knowing it is you my love….we would be tied lie an undone bond. My love and heart will always be for you and only you….thank you for being with me thank you. T_T
Andres Gonzalez

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A New Start! ! ! ! !

Today is a new start. no more pain just happiness. it time to be happy.
i am happy with u. u r my love my life and my wife. today is a new day to let go of the past and look at the future. today we be happy and be one love. today is our future and our love. today we r one and today our new day begins.......
love u queen kitty kat.

by, louis sheffield.

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Heart Half-Empty

living like this isn’t very easy if you’d ask me, I’m hiding the truth and I’m hiding MEIt’s never easy to pretend like you are happy but deep inside your heart is empty, I’m longing for acceptance actually..hoping they’d understand that this is the REAL ME, but i know they are righteous yes i know that they’ll judge me, i know they’ll only turn away or they’ll condemn me. But deep inside me it’s real to see that i’m only human and i want to be free.

Things in life are not always what they wanted to be, It’s not always the way up but sometimes it’s the other way around. there’s two side of the pole and the magnet will turn around. People are not perfect though we try our best but it’s not right anymore to deprive yourself, you should be happy and you should feel free. everything would end eventually.

But for those people who have accepted me as me, For those people who embarrassed the mistakes they see, For those people that never quit on ME..thank you so much for being there for me, it’s the way it makes me feel today…

Karen Montegrande

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It's Valentines day for lovers, and new fresh relationships...
A time to express your heart, or rekindle a love, or grow a stronger friendship...
It's a time to show and appreciate the one you adore...
A time to hold hands, kiss passionately, look Into the eyes of your lover and say you want more...
Happy Valentines Day to the one who makes me smile when I think of you...
Happy Valentines to you and so happy I met you...
Rick Valdez

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