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Poems On / About HAPPY  10/7/2015 7:32:04 AM
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Rain is wet loud and cold
My favorite season no matter how old,

Happy or sad perfect for you
Happy or sad its perfect for me too,

Today I'm happy and hope you are too
Because the rain was brought to me and you
Ishu Shankar

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If You Really Love Me, You'D Make Me Happy

If you really did love me, you'll at least try to make me happy; as i would for you
Sure, you'll make me mad, or upset, and sometimes i would to you
But, if you really love me, you'll apoligize and really mean it
I would do it for you, because i love you, and i want you to be happy, as you should for me
Because you love me, and you should want me to be happy
Takiyah Penny

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Happiness in one's life is a great thing
Since all are searching ways for happy living
But what is actually happiness and its feelings
I think the definitions and situations vary

One's happy feeling may not be another one's
One's way of getting happy may not be a nice one
That feels to a second person in some times
As one's loss is always ends in one's gain
which actually makes the definition, happiness

In childhood getting a new dress of our choice
Is the greatest happy thing I thought
when I became old enough to purchase
It was not at all a happy thing but a choice
When I grown as a student in voracious reading
I felt it happy in getting a good book of classic
When my awareness and standard of reading grown
It was a great happy event when got a world classic

The happiest event I felt when I got less miserables
Of the great novelist of every time Victor Hugo
The hunchback of notredam was also felt great
when the chances of reading them made me happy

The classics of my regional language Malayalam
Made me so happy while I got chances to read them
Pottekatt, Thakazhi, Uroob and Kesavadev
Their novel made me so happy while I read them.

It was so happy in my life event
when I got chances to read world poetry
Now as a reader I am so happy in my feeling
In getting chances to read in this columns
From the eminent poets of world over
Which I see as the happiest event ongoing.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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At No Extra Cost.........

Sun thought, to himself.......
Poor moon probably doesn't know
That he shines because of me
That's OK. Let him feel happy
I too am happy,
Seeing he is happy
Jayatissa Liyanage

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