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Poems On / About HEAVEN  8/3/2015 3:38:06 AM
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Dreamt Of Heaven

I dreamt of heaven last night
and heaven was you.
Your smile was as angelic as an angel.
Your eyes sparkled like the stars.
Your touch was soft and gentle as a cloud.
And your kisses left me breathless as if I was so high in the sky there is no air left to breath.
This is how I imagine heaven to be and this is you.
That is why last night when I dreamt of you it was like
I dreamt of heaven.
Lore Me34

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Heaven Knows....! ! ! !

Heaven Knows...
The day we met a perfect union was sealed. from our first kiss to our first date our love had been revealed. before the world, they saw a pair with a love that was true. and when i looked into your eyes it was a confirmation to my heart. i knew how much i loved you.

Heaven Knows...
I've searched for love, comfort, strength & joy because my life has brought pain many times. so am thinking when god made you he must've had me in mind. He's blessed me with a precious gift. you're angel in disguise. you are everything i need & more. Am proud to say that am yours & you are mine.

Heaven Knows...
There's not a day that i don't think of you. your love stays on my mind. there's not a day that i dont want to give you more of me. you're the love of my life. my heart, my soul, my joy, my strength. i think of you in every smile, in every tear. In every verse i write, in every word that i speak, in everything i do. baby, you are the only one in my life who's love i've ever felt so true...

candy i4u

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Heaven Is Open

heaven is open to every one
sinner, cursed, those lucks blessings
father calling you in heaven came all
he guide us by his holy spirit
he gently calls you into your presence
held you in his hand, crafted into your perfect plan
let us stop sinning for our father in heaven
he will restore this world into paradise
and let every one knows that there is only father in heaven
father forgive us in this world we are in
ahmed kakembo

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Heaven, Heaven,
Oh its so big
the walls of gold are so thick,
The clouds are white
and the light is bright,

Heaven, Heaven,
Oh its so great
everyone has one date,
The good always rise
which GOD sees in his eyes.
Philip Edward Grech

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