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Best Poems About / On HEAVEN
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Heaven Do Collide

When all the stars in the heaven do collide
wont outshine our love
cause an heaven was made every time we kissed
like love lost and love found
we were all we had for each other.

But all the stars in our heaven did collide
and the Gods became envious
so our kisses turned to ignorance
and our ignorance turned to fights.

and the heavens we made every time we kissed
did shower over us.
abu tarek md tahsin

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My Door Is A Lamp

One day You ask: What are you up to?
- I work for lattices
And concoct doors for lamps.
The door to heaven will be split,
My doors shall turn into gates
Encircling my heaven of Old.

Radiation picks up from Hell,
Heaven closes its gates,
And my doors open and shut
To let Me only enter
My heaven and Paradise.
Naveed Akram

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God To God

God to god
Heaven to heaven
Thank you god
For heaven and heaven

Filled my hand
With barn and band
Band of love
Like a cove

Wait for hours
World move on
You have the power
Give and gone......
Yatin yadvansh

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So You Want To Write A Poem

So you want to write a Poem

The shock of seeing God surpassed the other trivia I'll mention in due time. What's disturbing is what transpired between us. Well, it's not exactly sweat we talked about, but more what was implied in transpiration. The more I thought about it, the superior doubter I became. When we spoke, He was up in Heaven and I down on Earth, which after a while gave me a crick in the neck requiring the ingestion of a dozen ibuprofens to calm down the muscles holding up my collarbone followed by some stretching on a lounging chair. We spoke at length about poetry and how inspiring

it must be and how the language ought be if not esoteric then sufficiently intertwined to slip by the IBPC jury. Now, looking straight up what flabbergasted me most was not His dangling feet on the side of the parapet dividing Hell from Heaven but the glaring sight of His grimy sole. Well, He was unilegged on account of… Oh let's forget those details. I knew he was a fisherman and the ocean soles were different than the soles of earthlings. I'm telling you that at that moment I could care less regarding that other business about the ethereal soul. For me the whole affair was a sole-searching

mission with but a sole corollary: God is human as I am and that I was as good a fisherman He was. Now that's a fishy tale if you've heard one and it doesn't stop at that because stooping down God looks me straight in the eye and farting loudly says, Now, Boy, go get me some paint to match this swatch book by Pantone and unless you fulfill my wish you can't enter Heaven until My fluff is painted the color purple of heavens. Upon hearing that final verdict I nearly peed in my pantaloon but the worst was yet to come when He ordered me to write my color scheme in Pantun form.

I sheepishly answered, I didn't know diddlysquat about pantoon or pontoon on account I was no marine engineer but that didn't matter to Him as long as I acted like a mother fucking baboon and wrote this poem.
Alex Nodopaka Augฉ2010 AD Something
Alex Nodopaka

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