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Poems On / About HEAVEN  11/28/2015 1:39:53 AM
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Heaven If Seen From Heaven

Heaven if seen from heaven
would have fields strewn with gold
flowers would be glittering damsel
dragonflies, stars, hour upon hour.

Where rivulets mingle into bays
angels would comb, golden manes
clothes unclad wash their men
and be forever eternally glad.

But this being earth not heaven
wages of sin are multiplied by seven.
Heaven if seen from heaven
would be little more than...?

An out sprawlng maiden,
coupling on a meadow bed in Devon.
Mark Heathcote

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Unrest Soul: Curious Heavens

Would there be emotions in heaven
So two hearts can live as one
Would there be kisses in heaven
To be as romantic as a first
Which always lie somewhere
In the middle of a sentence
Would there be sex in heaven
For sex is one of the ways to expressing feelings
Would sex organs be used in heaven?
Law of use and disuse better kick the bucket..
Because nothing is going to be
...Like sex in heaven..
Vinz Poetry

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Stairway Of One

Heaven looks over us, watching our mistakes and
goodness at the same time.

We look upwards and pray for the courage to walk
pathways to God, straight and narrow, so we may
see Him in heaven one day on our final moment
here on earth.

Clearly, heaven-sent joy fills us with hope, as
we struggle day to day, climbing a stairway of
our own towards heaven one day.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Oh My Wayward Star

Oh my wayward star
From the heavens above through the night sky
I seen you fall to earth in a blaze of glory
Blinded by your beauty Consumed by desire
On my stead I stole you away fast and far
Knowing it foolish of me to temp the gods
You perfect child of heaven man cannot posses
I kept you as a jewel in my earthly crown
All hailed you with reverence and adoration
Now comes the time, Heaven beaconing
I am Powerless against heavens pull
To fate I relinquish this precious jewel
Though my crown still shines bright
I will not soon forget that fateful night
Now I must look to heavens heights
To see the star that brightened my nights
Cody Moore

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Poems On / About HEAVEN